09 December, 2013

Zero is NOT a size!

Hello everyone :)
(If you have watched "One Tree Hill", yes this title is stolen from Brooke Davis.) So, today I read something that really made me thinking. "In online dating, women are most afraid of meeting a serial killer. Men are afraid of meeting someone fat." Seriously? You can be that shallow? I know that looks is something you see first on some person, but is that really the only thing you should see? It's not all about the looks, you know? What if you meet a girl/boy online and they turn out to be the sweetest persons alive, someone who really gets you and they're fat? Or, what if you meet someone in person and that person is fat? Your common sense tells you that maybe that person is worth getting to know, no matter their size. But at the very beginning of that "relationship" you mark them as "friends". Same goes for "ugly" persons. And they can (almost) never become anything else. Some poor guy/girl who you hang out with because they're alone. And they are alone because they're fat/uglier. They may be so in love with you, but even them know that something like a romantic relationship will never happen. And they make peace with it. Nothing else is an option. That's so sad. Only pretty people should have someone? Should be happy? How many people, fat people, that you know are really happy? Satisfied with their looks and wouldn't change anything? They may seem OK on the outside, but they're not. Even if they try to convince you otherwise. It's easier to say that you'll have the chance to change. But most of the people don't have the chance and they stay miserable their whole life. Because of just one thing. The society made them that way. So, tell me... If I'm fat, don't I deserve to have everything pretty and slim people have? It's easy to say: I'll change, I'll be slim next summer, I'll open myself to others. But, it's a fact that self-conscious people can't do that. And than you hear: "It's easier said than done." How many times have I said to myself that next summer/semester/year I'll be different. I'll like myself better? That never happened. Cause, you know, this upper story is mostly about me. Everything you read here is about me. I'm usually very good with dealing with this feeling, but even I have times when I just can't take it anymore.
Please don't be shallow. Same goes for guys and girls. We can't all be perfect. "I am funny and smart. I can't be sexy too. That's just too much for one person." ;)
Brooke Davis: Zero is not a size! - OTH (Sophia Bush)

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