30 September, 2014

Virgin territory

Hello :)
So, I watched this, apparently, new show on MTV yesterday. It is literally called "Virgin territory". What is it about? Duh! Virgins... I watched maybe about ten minutes of it and it was awful. Disrespectful. There was this girl, she's 19 I think and she is, you guessed, a virgin. And the whole show is about her and her friends (I think they were her friends, or maybe hosts of the show) finding her a guy. They pushed her to the club, and convinced everyone is the one! For starter, like the club is a great place to meet anyone... For a long relationship. She didn't find anyone. Not really important, but the way they talked about it... They made her being a virgin at the age of 19 something weird. Like it's so not normal and she shouldn't be like that. I'm not sure if they didn't think she was cool enough or they thought that being a virgin is a disease... They took something that personal and made it a TV show. I'm sure they didn't force that girl to be there, but the topic itself is terrible. I watched it, like I said, for only ten minutes but you could clearly see the message behind it. If I wasn't perfectly confident about my virginity at my age of 19, I would be so depressed. They have put too much pressure on young girls. Not everyone has to lose it on the 16th birthday. It's my personal opinion that it's best to wait for someone who is worth it, for "the one". But, again, it's everyone's personal choice. I didn't get what they were thinking... Let's say some girl who felt that pressure went out and lost something she can never get back. I know this may seem to you as a stupid topic and totally unnecessary to write about, but then I think you're wrong. I also have to say that writing this made me proud of myself. Being able to rise above the peer pressure and being myself in this situation. In the situation which is this important. This is something that a girl should decide by herself, with the right guy. Every girl has that choice to do whatever she wants with her virginity, but I think this kind of pressure is just wrong.

Just what we all need....

27 September, 2014

Cheap presents

Hello :)
I've been thinking today why do people get offended if they get a cheap present. It's still a present. And if it's good, what's the problem? We have few web sites in our country which provide cheaper services. You can get sometimes more than 60% off if you find the right offer on it. And there are various offers: from hairdressers, through ski vacations, to painting your room. I personally think that who ever thought of this is a freaking genius. They get more publicity and customers, therefore more money, and people get everything they want in a cheaper version. And now people get offended if they get something from one of those sites. And I don't get it. If you want to give me a full treatment at the hair salon, I won't mind if you pay $50 or $20. I would actually be happier if you could get it cheaper. I've heard few people talking about Christmas presents and they are only praying that they don't get anything from those sites. Seriously? If you like the present, you should like it no matter what the price tag says. Right? I guess people think that if you get them something cheap, you don't like/love them enough. Which I think is a total bullshit (sorry for the expression). Of course we all like to get big and great presents, but I am almost equally happy if I get a chocolate or a new bag for example. It's the thought that counts. It really is. When it comes to presents, don't ever forget this! I started this because I have a feeling that I could actually get something from these sites, so I wanted to emphasize that there's nothing wrong in paying less for the same thing. I once took my friends to lunch to a restaurant (a pretty fancy one if I may add) but we bought an offer from one of these sites. And we had a great time. There was no awkwardness or anything like that. We agreed on this and, if anything, everybody was happy to pay less. More and more I see people buying something like this because it just makes more sense.
"Accept every present like it's made of gold."
Mini present...

21 September, 2014

Leave a comment

Hello :)
I've been looking at my old profile pictures on Facebook just a few minutes ago and I saw a big difference between then and now. I don't know exactly what changed but I don't get any comments anymore. Don't get me wrong. I'm not some kind of attention freak and I really don't need everybody's confirmation, especially not for a profile picture. If I already put it there, it's kinda obvious that I like it. But I've seen that I have tons of great comments on the previous pictures. It's always great to hear something nice about yourself. We'll say that "like" is also a sign of approval and proof that somebody actually likes what they see. Now, what I don't get is what changed... In my humble opinion, I'm prettier now than I was two, four or more years ago. That's maybe the only reason I started this. And then I looked at myself. I too usually only "like" pictures, but I almost always comment on pictures of my dear or best friends. I usually like them all, but I honestly think that all my friends are beautiful so I don't mind saying it. And I kinda imagine the expression on their faces when they read something like: "You're beautiful!" I mean, I would probably smile from ear to ear. And I used to do it, while back when I was getting comments like that. As I said before, I won't die because people don't comment or like my pictures, but I'm just curious what has changed over the years... Of course, I like watching my old profile pictures for one more reason. Other than seeing "pretty, nice, cute, beautiful" on the right side of the picture, some of those comments are written by people I used to love and hang all the time with. I don't even talk to these people anymore. There weren't any fights, we just grew apart. And that's why I like, from time to time, open my album, list all the pictures and read something that will remind me of what I used to have. I'm not blaming anybody for it. They changed, I changed I guess, school lead us in different ways... That's how it goes. Anyhow, people comment! Not because people are egoistic or attention freaks, but because it's always nice and great to read something good, a compliment.
Goodbye everyone
Comments. Comments everywhere.

20 September, 2014

Happy, because I can be!

Hello :) Sorry if I neglected you, I have a good reason.
So, there are bunch of free concerts here near my town, so I've been going there to listen to my favorite bands and singers. They are also the most popular ones in my country and region. And it's great that we have that every year. Thank God I finished my year of college almost three months ago so I'm free as a bird to do whatever I want. Of course, I suck at organizing my time. I said I would use this free time during the day to go and buy a Christmas present for my mum since I already know what I'm going to buy and once the college starts I'll have no time. But, of course, I didn't do anything I planned. I have to go and visit my friend that just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. And I can't make time for that either. I go to a concert every night, and I sleep through half a day, get up, eat, and start getting ready for the next concert. And I've been doing that for a week now. It's terrible. But this is once a year event, so I'll make the best out of it. That's also why I haven't been so active lately. Actually there's not much to say either. I am happy. Satisfied. That's all that matters, right? I ran into some dear friends yesterday. I always love when I see him and his girlfriend. Now, don't make some crazy assumptions,  he's like a big brother to me. And I did not friendzoned him, I promise. I don't know if anyone noticed, but my eyes glowed in the moment, I'm sure. But other than that, I saw few more friends that I haven't seen in a while and that was great. Memories. Good feelings. Other than being pissed at myself for not managing my time properly, I'm really happy. Peaceful. Calm. I love it!!!
Stay well, bye :)
I choose to be happy. Because I can.

09 September, 2014

It's not PMS!!

As you can guess by the title, I'm pissed, annoyed, angry and a bit sad. And it's not because of PMS. Let me tell you a bit about my day. So, I went to the grocery shop with my mom in the morning. As we were going home, I reminded her about our trip to the mall when we get home. I told her yesterday about it. She didn't agree but she didn't disagree either. So I just brought that up to see if she made up her mind. She said OK. I left out that the mall is half an hour by car from my home. So I could have used the ride too, but there's a free bus, so I won't make such a big deal out of it. When we got home, she went to sleep because she worked the night shift. After few hours, when she woke up, she suggested that we go to the mall herself. But not immediately because she was hungry and wanted to have some lunch. Fine, I can wait for an half or a full hour more. And I did. Two hours. Then I started getting ready. She didn't move from the couch. Ten minutes before the time that our bus leaves, she's still not ready. Why? She decided not to go. Seriously? She couldn't have said anything earlier? The problem is that she always does it. She says we'll go anywhere, she stalls, and then the evening comes and we just go to sleep. I got so pissed that I had to call my friend (thanks D.) to calm myself down a bit. And I did. But only for maybe 20 minutes. As the bus left off, I started over-thinking everything. Our conversation from the morning came to my mind and then I crashed. We were talking how when I'm home she doesn't have the problem to sleep. And I really let her sleep because I know how much she likes it and how tired she is. But God forbid that she sleeps while my father or brother are home. I get the brother part, since he's home only for the weekends. But the best reason she gave me about my father is: "I have to give him something to eat." I mean, really??? He's not a baby, there's always something in the kitchen. And if we're playing that card, what about me? When she sleeps, I make my own lunch. End of story. And this conversation went on and on in my mind. I came to a point of crying in the middle of a full bus. But, thank God, these were silent tears. My eyes were wet, my teeth were pressed against each other, but I think nobody noticed anything. Sadly, I'm used to this kind of crying. And why did I put this title? Because I ran into a friend of mine, and she saw I'm pissed and immediately asked: "PMS, huh?" No!!! Not PMS, people!
My mood exactly.

07 September, 2014

Time of the year: Need money

Hi. I'm back.
It's that time of the year when I need more money. I was planning on working this month so I could earn about $500 but the company has two bosses. One was thrilled with me and said that they need someone for the job. Unfortunately, the other one found out about it two days later and they fired me. This is not actually important for the story but I wanted to emphasize that I really tried to earn my own money because I want lots of things and I'm uncomfortable with asking my mom every day for something. I do that because I don't have any incomes, but I really ask only for the necessary stuff. Anyhow, I made a list of everything I want, preferably in this month. I would need $700, if I remove something it would get to $600. It's whole lot of money, but these are the stuff I really need or want for a really really long time. I'm not counting all my accessories and stupid little things that I buy every day. That's why I was really looking forward to this paycheck. On this list I have: a visit to dentist (I want to whiten my teeth), pierced ears, a radio and a CD player, winter jacket, boots... And now, if I ask my mother she will be a bit upset but she'll give up eventually. But I don't want that. And there's my aunt that likes to buy me stuff and she's looking for my birthday or Christmas present so I could ask her for something smaller. And there's my (the best) brother that is also very generous, with a big paycheck... And I don't feel right taking their money often anymore. What to do? I made this list on the clean big sheet of paper so everybody could see it. Maybe I'll get something for my birthday. That's my only hope. I kinda hate autumn and spring (that's my favorite season) just for this reason. I need change of clothes and shoes. Don't get me wrong, I don't buy boots and jackets every year. But it really turned out badly this year and I have to buy everything at once. I hate it. Any advice? I'm going to give up all things I don't really need right now, but all of it will come sooner or later. 
I hope you have less money problems. Stay well, bye :)
Empty piggy bank :(

04 September, 2014

Songs that touch my soul

Hey. :)
It's world wide known that girls are, in general, more emotional than guys so many things can make us cry. Also, it's known that everybody is different so this may not go for all the girls (or guys) out there. However, I'm going to tell you what makes me cry. Other than almost every romantic movie I see. There are these movies and songs that always hit my heart and I, most of the times, can't help myself. I start crying. Not necessarily because of what I heard or saw that moment, but that triggered something in me. Half an hour later, I'm crying over my embarrassing moment in the second grade. And there's nothing I can do to control that. So, eventually, I just stopped fighting it. If nothing, tears are good for cleaning your eyes. Other than movies, songs are the second best thing for triggering tears.
  1. Song "Don't Speak" by No Doubt makes me think about the guy that I sat with in the elementary school for the last two years. It was no secret that I had a huge crush on him, but, stupid me, I denied everything when somebody would ask me about it. Anyhow, after the school ended we stayed in touch for a very short time and now we only see each other on the big gatherings of the entire class every few years. Let me just remind you of the beginning: "You and me...We used to be together...Everyday together always...I really feel...That I'm losing my best friend...I can't believe...This could be the end ..." Every single verse I just wrote describes exactly how I feel about him. And yes, it's weird since we were together every single minute for that last two years and since it says that he was like my best friend that we parted away, but unfortunately that happens.
  2. Song "Cvijetak žuti" ("Yellow Flower"). Other than really peaceful and kinda sad melody, there are sad lyrics about a flower dying because the winter is coming.
  3. Song" Zeko i potočić" ("Bunny and the Creek") is about the snow covering the creek and the bunny is crying because he can't find the creek.
  4. Song "Kad se prijatelji rastaju" ("When friends go apart/say goodbye") by Jasmin Stavros is really what the title says. Everything will exist, but there won't be friends after goodbye. This song is always on some reunions or the last days of school/graduations etc. If you don't cry at that in my country, you have a heart of stone.
  5. Song "Zora je" ("It's Dawn") by Neda Ukraden is a great love song. It's dawn, he's not there and she can't stop loving him. She wants him back, she's dreaming about him, and he's not coming. She cries.
  6. Song "Broken Strings" by James Morrison and Nelly Furtado. Just listen to the lyrics. Everything will be clear. "It tears me up, I try to hold on but it hurts too much..."
  7. Song "Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley. Just one of those songs that I have to listen from the beginning to the end. And I have to spend the whole time thinking about everything. "Because I love you too much baby..."
Rose on the music. The dream.

02 September, 2014

GG review: The Van Der Woodsen's

Hey ya all :)
Serena. Eric. Lily. Those are the main members of this family but we also connect William, Serena and Eric's father, and the whole Rhodes family to them. The Van Der Woodsen family is one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan. They are rich, powerful, well-known and are trying to keep their reputation at the high level. At the first look, there isn't anything that family can't do or have. But the reality is different. Every member has some secret that's pulling them to the bottom. Being raised in such world, Eric and Serena learned from early ages how to manipulate for what they want. Lily tried her best to raise them without that but having her own problematic past and family, they had no chance.
  1. Lily. Head of the family since she divorced her husband Will. Personally, she's one of my favorite characters. She's always classy, everything is well-put together on her and around her. She does everything to protect her family and to keep the peace around them all. Always very elegant and everything she does, she does with a smile on her face. One of the strongest and most stable persons there. And those moves... I loved how elegant she was while doing something regular and on daily basis like putting on her glasses or tucking her hair behind her ears... (No, I'm not in love with her.)
  2. Eric. Not so interesting character but he really fits in the family. Being different and a little bit nicer than other people there, he's trying to get away form all the drama and games his friends and family enjoy to plan. Nice try Eric, but even you fell under that pressure in the end.
  3. Serena. Of course, the most important member of the big Van Der Woodsen family. Every girl wanted to be the "it" girl like her. No wonder when she is stylish, smart, beautiful and very opened to everyone and everything. She goes after what she wants and that's why people like her. That shyness she sometimes shows with the guys is the cutest and that makes her even more desirable. She was the first one (if you don't count Lily) to accept the poor Humphrey's family member - Dan. She showed them all that money isn't important. Soul is. And love. She had everything I want: beauty, money, courage, power, boyfriend/love (Nate in my case)...
P.S. This is my favorite look from Serena. It was all white party if I'm not mistaking.
Serena, Eric and Lily.