06 April, 2017

Things I did before they were "a thing"

How many times were you annoyed just because something is a thing now or it's cool and you've been doing it forever? Yeah. And now you feel like a copycat just because it's a new trend. Here are 3 things I did way before they went global.
  • taking pictures of food
I always love a good meal and if a plate is nicely presented, I want to take a picture of it. With the rise of Instagram, everybody is doing this, but I did it since I first got a phone with a camera. I especially want to take pictures of food if my brother is not with me cause he loves loves loves all food and I want to share it all with him.
  • taking selfies
OK, in my time (feeling old), there were no front cameras and effects and filters so we improvised with mirrors and turning our phones around, but we definitely took pictures of ourselves. Of course, I didn't post it anywhere cause I didn't have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or any other account.
  • wearing chokers
Chokers were popular somewhere in the 90s (?) and they came back in big style. However, I had a choker since I was about 10. I wore it few times in school and people were looking at me like I'm a freak so I stopped wearing it. I honestly loved chokers for about 10 years now and now I look like another victim of trends.

What are your things you did before they were a huge trend? I'd love to know that! :)