27 December, 2013

Looking better after all

Hi you all :)
I've told you yesterday how my friendship with Mr. M. is going down. I was waiting for time to solve everything. But there are some new events that I need to share with you... He texted me. Out of nowhere. I can't really say that I was jumping of happiness but I was pretty happy to see his name in my inbox list. We're chatting now as before, so, I guess, everything will be OK. I just remembered that I told you (in some previous post) that a single message can change your whole day and mood. It's so true. At least for me. I can honestly say that this day would be so boring and depressing for me if this haven't happened. I'm gonna start to think that God likes me. That can't be, can it? Although, I've seen a new picture of him and his girlfriend. I had to like it on Facebook because they really seem happy and I like happy couples. I was kinda confused should I like it or not, what kind of message I'll send with that like but I did it anyway. You know, you have to realize that almost every like on Facebook means something. If your crush posts something and you like it, it's kinda obvious what it means. But in my situation, I had two options. I could pretend that I've never seen the picture, nobody would know. But I saw it and I know it. So now there was only one option if I really wanna be Mr. M.'s friend. Not liking that picture would be admitting that I'm jealous and I don't want that in my head. So I liked it. I overcame my weirdness and I showed that I can be happy for them. For him. This like will, hopefully, show him that my kisses (I'm not pushy with it, I know my boundaries) in our messages are not that serious, that I like to be in his life as a friend. If you think that I'm kidding myself with this story, I'm not. I don't want to have a confused mind and heart anymore. I love my friends. I'm the best friend someone can have. If they're nice to me. That's all I'm asking.
Now, there are billions of pictures connected to friendship but I've chosen these two. They are so true and I really try to live by them.
Wish you all the best :))
True friendship

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