11 December, 2013

New developments bring mixed feelings

Hi :)
I'm here again, as I promised. Two posts a day? I must have very interesting life... Well, not exactly but I still like to write about it. I told you that I have some news in my life considering me and Mr. M. Well, that's not completely true. I wasn't lying, though. I don't really know what to think. I have these mixed feelings and I am not letting myself to be confused again. He's in a relationship and I really want him to be happy. I want everyone I know to be happy. That's not a problem. Now, the problem is... We're very good on Facebook, we are constantly talking and everything's great. We're acting like friends. Than we meet in person and we don't talk. I already told you why. (He doesn't talk to my friends, I don't talk to his. I don't even know how it is that we are talking...) And I'm trying to come closer to him just to get to know him. Maybe he's a total idiot and I'm just not realizing that yet. You never know. It's getting pretty impossible to get closer. I sit on the left, he sits on the right. I sit in the third row, he sits in the first one. Nothing on purpose (not even me). We just can't meet anywhere. Who knows if we'll ever talk like real friends. And the other side of me says: he's a great guy, funny, polite, smart and good-looking. And he sends me some mixed messages. At least I think so. But, how the times go by, I'm starting to think that he's like that with all his girl friends. He just likes to be polite and nice with everyone. And that's great. I like those kind of people. And that makes me like him even more. But... I'm not that kind of person. I couldn't even start anything if he's not single. Even if he tries something. Even if any guy tries anything. I know there's a girl out there who likes/loves him so... If he's an asshole (pardon my language), I don't have to be too. And I don't know if I would ever be able to be with someone who cheated on or left his girlfriend for me. That's kinda sweet, meaning he loves me more but he can easily do that to me too. That's a tricky one. Love's unpredictable. Any other way wouldn't be challenging or normal for these days. So, my conclusion is... I'll give it some time. Time will solve everything. And we'll see. No pressure. :)

Mixed feelings :/

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