28 June, 2015

Today: 28.6.2015.

Doing: studying all day long (can't wait till this academic year ends)
Mood: actually in a pretty good mood, a bit tired
Favorite person: still Matt
Thinking about: final exam on this year of college (that's pretty much all I think about these days)
Missing: more time! I need 4 days of weekend minimum
Loving: music, Pirate Bay
Hating: being stressed out
New discovery: Highway Trio - another new band from X Factor Adria (link below)

15 June, 2015

Awkward P (part two?)

Hello :)
Every now and then, I like to post something personal so this blog wouldn't lose it's main purpose: me telling you some things I don't really like to talk about. This is one of those posts. There was "The awkward "P"" post and I wrote about how pissed I am when period is an excuse for everything. Now, this is a bit more personal post and I hope it'll help young girls. Read it even if you don't think it's for you. Maybe you'll understand somebody else. So, I'm 20 and a half years old and this is my first month that I actually have normal period. All these years, 6, I think (I can't remember when I first got my period, is that weird?) I've been struggling with it. There was too much blood and too much pain. I took painkillers and it was pretty much OK, but I was concerned about all that blood. Everybody was saying that all women have it different and it's all normal for a young girl like me who is still developing. After I turned 18, I thought things were about to change. They didn't. I know years don't matter here, but I honestly thought that I matured, that my body matured. But no. I don't have to describe to you how awful it is to know that much blood just came out of you. Even though this may seem weird, I didn't feel like a woman. Whole that time, I felt like a little girl, very much concerned and nervous about that time of the month because I knew what I had to go through. Again. And again. And again. I was using up to three packs of menstrual pads, when my mom is using only one. I was weirded out and, I could say, scared. Now, in the year of 2015, I can finally say that this is my second normal month. And since this change came out of the blue, I'm also a bit confused and I'm only waiting for the good old times to come back (you can hear the sarcasm here, right?). As with everything in my body, I can't be sure that this will continue to be normal, maybe it's stress related or something else, but I'm enjoying this. What I'm trying to say is that you wait. I honestly have lost the hope that I'll ever have normal period. But I do now. At least for the last two months. If you're really worried and scared go to your gynecologist and ask him/her everything. It's better to know what can you expect. Anyhow, I hope this helped you.
If you want me to write more about this topic, or any other, please do comment and rate below. Thanks :*
Every picture related to this is disturbing. :/

10 June, 2015

Marriage keeps you closer?

Hello :)
Now this is a topic I've been thinking about a lot lately. I've been seeing many couples married and not and how their relationships are working when things go wrong. I know this guy who had been seeing his girlfriend for maybe 7 years or so... They never got married. They lived separately for a long time because she has a child and, I guess, it didn't seem practical. I don't really know. Anyhow, seven years is a long time go get to know somebody. We honestly weren't expecting marriage now but they acted like they were and even referred to each other as husband and wife. And now, about a year, a year and a half ago, things gone wrong. He lost his job, he could barely support himself (and his dog). What surprised me is that she left him. Just like that, after seven years. Now, I do not know all the details but I know that came out of the blue. Sure, loosing a job in my country is a really big problem (as everywhere) and with the lack of money, problems just got bigger. They fought a lot and eventually it became so bad that they broke up. I'm wondering now if things would be different if they were married. I personally think that you shouldn't stay with someone if things aren't well between you just because of some paper. But I also see that married couples try harder to make things better. They (mostly) fight for each other. I wonder would they have stayed together or not. I see my parents. Things haven't been easy for them either and I honestly think if there weren't for me and my brother and if they weren't married, they would most probably break up. I'm not saying that either staying together nor braking up is good or bad. It depends on situation and people involved, but it's a fact that even that little piece of paper keeps people together.
What happens?

05 June, 2015

Movie review: Saturday Night Fever

Hello. So this will be a new thing. I will make movie reviews since I have watched many of them and I have a lot to say about some of them and, honestly, my friends don't want to listen to it all the time.
My first review will be Saturday Night Fever. I'm sure you've heard about it but here is some basic info. It is a 1977 American dance film starring John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney as leads. As the main plot is around dancing, the movie soundtrack Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees is well known.
And now on to the plot. I won't go too much into the describing plot, I'll focus on the impact it left on me. So, the movie is based on Tony Manero's life. Once he walks into the disco, he is the king. He is the guy everybody wants to be or everybody wants to date. He has his guys and one girl (Annette played by Donna Pescow) as his closest friends and they are seen as some kind of gang. The thing is, Tony has some family and job problems and everything is not as great as it may seems to other people. Luckily, there is a dance contest coming up and Tony knows he can win. He decides to dance with his ex-girlfriend Annette who is still madly in love with him and will use any opportunity to be around him. As they start rehearsing, he is quite rude to her although she is not taking no for an answer when it comes to dating him. After few dances, Tony decides to change partner and chooses older Stephanie Mangano. She refuses him few times and then decides to dance in the competition. Later we see that Annette is deeply hurt by Tony's move and gets drunk and possibly drugged. She decides to sleep with every member of their gang. Even though she said yes at the beginning, later it turns into raping her and Tony is just standing by. That's basically the plot in short.
Honestly, I didn't like the movie. It is known as iconic movie of the 70s but the story is stupid and disgusting if you ask me. He left one of his oldest friends for a girl he met two minutes ago. It wouldn't be such a big deal if he talked to her first. He just showed up and said they're done dancing. Fine! And then that raping scene... What the hell? OK, everybody was drunk but she was supposed to be their friend. A person would think that her crying would be a hint. But no. And he was supposed to be a good guy underneath that bad boy look, he was supposed to be a voice of common sense in that group and protect her but he just sat there in the car. And after it asked her if she was proud of herself. All in all, I kinda hated the movie.
There is a sequel to it called Staying Alive (1983) also starring John Travolta. This one was directed by Sylvester Stallone.
Movie poster

Today: 4.6.2015.

Doing: it is national holiday here so, logically, I went to work and then I studied -.-"
Mood: tired as usual, depressed now at night (also as usual)
Favorite person: Matt and Maggy
Thinking about: Wes
Missing: if you asked me earlier I would say the times when the hardest lesson in school was 2+2, now that turned into somebody to hold
Loving: darkness
Hating: being alone in a crowded room
New discovery: Pirate Bay is back!!, 9 Control - new boy band from X Factor Adria (video below 0:20-3:24)