29 April, 2014

The awkward "P"

Hello :)
Here's a topic that guys can't relate to but they could learn a thing or two about it. Yep, it's period. Now, I'm not here to write about what it is and the other awkward stuff most people are embarrassed to talk about. I'm here to tell you a bit about moods, pain and the regular surviving of those few days. Of course, I'm writing from my own perspective. Every girl is different so who knows how they deal with it. I personally don't get people (girls) who change their moods according to this period of the month. I really can't understand why they would do that. Is it something in the brain? Maybe something's wrong with my brain and nervous system, but I don't have those mood swings. If I'm happy, I'm happy, if I'm sad, I'm sad. Not because of those days, just because of the situation... Some of my friends like to take days few days off and not leave their apartment. I don't get that either. They say they can't go on coffee because of it. Seriously? Are you dying those few days? I can go whenever I want everywhere I want. It has never held me back and I hope it never will. I have to admit I have a serious back pain, but it's nothing a pill can't take care off. So, if you ask me, all those girls are mostly faking it. You can be in great pain, take a pill, wait an hour and you're good to go. I also don't see a reason why they couldn't go for a walk. I walk, run, do push-ups, ride a bike... What ever I do usually, I can do in those days too. I think most of the girls just use this as an excuse for not going somewhere, for not doing something and, the worst part, if they're grumpy and really bitc*y to someone, they can use this and everybody will understand... And how about PMS? I don't have that either. It seems now like I'm turning myself into this perfect girl who doesn't have problems and doesn't complain about anything while having a period, but I honestly don't have any symptoms like that. The only symptom I have is eating. A day or two before my first day, I have to eat. A lot. I eat like a pregnant lady. At least, I have the urge to. Thank God, I learned how to control it and convince myself that I'm not actually hungry. It's actually kinda a god thing because it's more like a reminder that something will start very soon. So, girls... Buy pills, chocolate and suck it up! You can't go another 40 years with not leaving your bed for a week in every month!
Can't take me down !!!!!

26 April, 2014

Just checking in

These past few days have been a total rush in my life and, sadly, nothing interesting has happened. I've basically lived for college and exams for this past week and a half. I am really relieved that I can say it's all over for now. I can also say that I found great friends in my college and I can confirm that now. I'm not one of those people who love everyone after the first time I meet them and I had to get to know these people before I could say anything. I only hope this will not back-fire at me. I also figured who is not worthy of my time. I won't start any drama or silent war now, but I also won't expect anything from them now, except maybe some bad things. Today I also found time to reorganize some parts of my room and I'm proud to say that I finally found some place for books. (Joan is proud!) I also had more time than I usually have on Saturdays because I got up 3 or 4 hours earlier than usual. I wrote another part of my little book. You can read it here (A day out). I have so many ideas but I'm thinking more about writing scenarios than books, but since I only know about this site for writing something like this, I'm trying to convert my thoughts more into stories and chapters for books... Oh, you'll get the picture if you read it. I also have to promote a new post on this fashion blog, so feel free to steal some fashion ideas... I hear Denim jackets are popular...Anyhow, Saturday is almost over and, even though I did today everything that makes me happy, being in an empty flat now makes me kinda sad and lonely. Music that's playing isn't helping either... I guess I'll have to pretend that I have some TV show kind of life to make me feel better. In that case, I'll go watch a show now and I will be with you, hopefully, tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for something interesting to happen.
Bye bye :))
A great day

25 April, 2014

Finally sleep!!

Hello my lovely people who just love to read about my life :)
I'm just keeping you posted today so I won't make it long. For the person who just wants me to go to the friendly gathering, it's moved to the next weekend so I won't be able to tell you about it for another 7 days...
Anyways, I'm in a really good mood today. Why? Because I finally got some sleep after about two weeks of not sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours a day. It was so frustrating and exhausting, but it's all over. For, at least, two or three weeks till the next exams time. Also, I discovered my "love" for books and now I see something I want to read on every corner. I don't have that much money!! If anything, I like going into stores and just looking at those brand new books. The problem is also the lack of place to put them. I have small room and every shelf I have is, more or less, crowded with something. I'm planning on making some room tomorrow but I'll have to see how I'll feel. I have to get up really early and do something but I really think I'll skip that... Who knows. If I go to bed now, I'll get up. So... I won't. Hahah. So, that's kinda it. Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. My day was also better because I got to spent the entire afternoon with my best friend. You should have been there. We triple scored it!!!! :D
Sleeping like a baby :)

22 April, 2014

A (wrong) thing on my mind

First of all, I would like to thank the "Anonymous" (I believe it's a girl) for commenting on the previous post. It really helped and you'll be happy to know that I've already pressed "Going" on the Facebook event so I really can't bail now. I'm going to have fun, I hope. I'll let you know how it went on Saturday.
You know how it is when you have lots of things to do (study!) and you can't concentrate? Well, it happens to me all the time. And most of the times I have one thing on my mind. Him. Any him. But Mr. M. is on the top of the list, of course. I started watching Gossip Girl. So far, I love it. And, of course, I found a boy of my dreams in it. Nate Archibald. He's a golden boy. He seems to have it all: looks, money, popularity, friends, girls... But there is something in him that makes him so down-to-Earth and simple. And that's what I want. Actually, I just want somebody who will love me and appreciate me, but this would probably be the description of my perfect guy. So far I haven't found any flaw in his character. In case you haven't noticed, once I start watching a show, I can't stop. I'm a total addict. I'm "studying" now and all I can think about is: "Will Nate found his girl?" Plus many more questions related to the show. And, like that's not enough distraction, my thoughts wander somewhere and I end up thinking about my former friends, a dress I saw and the new billboard on the street. I'm everywhere but in my room studying. I believe that's because I'm looking for an escape from my own life in those TV shows. And my weird and naive mind (and heart) thinks that I could actually have it all. Just like they do in those shows. And then I wake up. And I'm still in the middle of my room, with a book in my hands and I realize I haven't done anything I'm supposed to. It's so disappointing to live every day like that. I basically know I'll disappoint myself at the end of the day and I'm not doing anything to change that. I told a friend today: "Never regret something that once made you smile." But that's impossible. Sometimes you just look back and you realize that your decision was stupid and pointless. And that's just how I feel every morning when I realize I know nothing and I have an exam to write. Good thing I was up all night pretending to study. So, it's basically a never-ending circle...

21 April, 2014

Party dilemma

Hello :)
I informed you yesterday that I have a dilemma to talk about. Here it is. I'm invited to one party and it's more like a friendly gathering. The problem is I know maybe 5 people out of 20, or more. I don't know how many people is going to be there. Another problem is that the host hasn't invited me. We know each other and we'e seen each other few times over the past week and he didn't say anything. I've been invited by two other persons. And why is this a dilemma? Because I'm four years younger than all the other people. I'm a "little sister" and I don't know if I'm going to fit in. If I was 25 and they were 29, or older, that wouldn't be a problem. At this age I think we are more different. I'm socially awkward as it is, I don't need a large group of older people to prove that. And they all plan to make a barbecue and the rest of the lunch. Which means I would have to get in the kitchen and help a bit. And I'm a terrible cook. I can't even make a salad. And I don't want them all to see it. I'm so embarrassed by that. On one hand I really want to go. But on the other, I have a million and one reason not to go. And they're not stupid ones. Well, maybe they sound stupid to you, but I have my insecurities and I can't look beyond them. And there's also one more gathering of the same style I've been invited to. My best friend is hosting it at her home and I believe it's going to be in the same time. I would chose my best friend, of course, but they did inform me before her. But, then again... You know... Oh God, do you have any good advice? I know you don't like commenting here but I could really use some help...
Thanks, bye
What to do???

20 April, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Hello :))
Happy Easter from your, let me be egoistic, favorite blogger. This is, as you all know, the biggest holiday the Christians have. I am happy to tell you that I spent it with my family, having fun. I, of course, had lots to eat and I'm ending it in the perfect mood. I've been looking for some photos to put in the end and I realized that I never knew why bunny and a little chicken represent Easter... I would get the chicken and the eggs are related but bunny is a total mystery to me. And why eggs in the first place? Jesus raised from the dead. I doubt that he came in an egg. I will never get that. But bunny and chicken?? Isn't that against nature? Hahah. Anyhow, since I have a plan to enjoy a nice evening, I haven't planned to write much. I just want you all to have a great holiday. I wish you and your families all the best.
If you don't celebrate, just ignore this post and I'll talk to you tomorrow. I have a dilemma I want to share with you...
Bye bye
Happy !!!!

18 April, 2014

Stay awake!

It's 0:57 a.m. and I'm on the beginning of my study session. As usual, I started too late and now I won't be able to sleep. That's not a big problem for me. I'm used to it. Just to confirm that I don't need sleep, here's an information from my school trip. In seven days that we spent in Spain, I've slept less than 10 hours all together. So, I think I can function just OK... I'm not saying that's smart or good, but what can you do... I'm lazy and really can't organize my time so I have to sacrifice my sleep. The worst thing is I think (I know) I'm going to fail this. As most of my group. Nobody knows anything and we're just going to see how tests work in that subject. Anyhow, I've been studying for 5 hours now and I really needed a break and I knew if I lay down, I won't get up again. My plan is to read everything there is to know few times and maybe I'll remember something. This plan also includes not going to sleep at all. I'll study till, let's say, 5 a.m., I'll have breakfast, and I'll go to college. Please, I beg you, be smarter than me. Don't do this to yourself because most of the people can't go without sleep as much as I can and it really isn't healthy. I'm constantly saying to myself that I should leave it and go to sleep but I would feel guilty if I did. At this point, I want to know at least for 30% of my test so I don't look like a total idiot. Although, we'll all look like that. I think only two guys have a chance tomorrow (today actually). God give me strength and will to do this. Just tomorrow and than I have a full day off! You know that feeling when you know you're screwed and just want to get it over? I'm there now. I just want that test to pass, no matter if I fail or pass. I had 4 coffees in maybe half an hour and it's not helping. At least I had fun on my trip. This is just killing me softly.
Going to die !!!!

15 April, 2014

A bit of optimism

Hello people :))
Unlikely, I'm happy. I have no idea what's happening and why I'm like this now, but I'm not complaining. If anything, I expected that I would be grumpy all week and stressed out. And I mostly am, but something changed now. And there was also one more happy moment today which was kinda ruined by those annoying people (just a few of them in my group) that surround me in college. I know that my act was very truthful and sincere and the rest of them did it for no reason. Me and Mr. M. had a nice moment today too... Also, two very important persons in my life were happy so I just had to be happy for them. It's weird how I'm happier when I'm in college than when I'm at home. I'm not even stressed there. I'm really happy in my college. I'm doing something I, more or less, like, I have a great group of people close to me and I have fun. When I think about it, that was high school too, but I had those everyday stresses in high school. Every class was a potential F or something like that. In college I have tests every few weeks and that makes it a bit easier to stay there every day. I was thinking how everything changed since I started college, yet, nothing has changed. I started over and I'm still the same, hanging out with the same people. It's great how people actually got to know me without my past and they like me! For most of them (and I'm talking about guys) it's normal to approach me and hug me for no reason, call me on the phone to talk when they're bored... I know this is probably normal to you, but I didn't have that neither in elementary school nor in high school. And I really wanted it! It's that school from the movies where everybody loves everybody, they all hang out... I know it's not real but I still wanted it. And now I won't say I have it, but I'm pretty close. Or I like to think that I am. It makes me happy so I'll stick with that. And now that I wrote this, I'm even happier. I can conquer the world!
Oh yeah, if anyone knows where I can order and buy a "Tekken" notebook, let me know. Or at least, I need Jin Kazama, or Hwoarang.
Bye bye :))
Happy indeed :D

It's devil's number!!

I actually had no intention to write anything today as I really just want to go to sleep, but I saw that my view number is 1666. So first, you have to notice that something bad or evil is going on (if you believe in that stuff, that is...). And, since I already wrote a number, I have to thank you all for reading, coming back for more posts and commenting. I'm also very sorry I'm not that active these days, but, as always, I have tests and I'm really stressed out. I just want it all to go away. 
And, unfortunately, nothing interesting is going on in my life. I can just tell you what continues from before... That annoying chick I told you about is still making those awkward "uuu's" since the guy she's doing it for is still in my class and we sit together. Nothing new there. I mean, I like him. A lot. Like a big brother's brother. If that makes any sense. I have few of those actually. Haha. Mr. M. and I are still OK, maybe a bit better than, let's say, last week or a week before. (And it crashed a bit right now... I'll tell you about it some other time.) Anyhow, everything else is basically the same. College, parents, friends... That's kinda it... Oh yeah, I don't know if you ever watched "Gossip Girl" (I'm not going to start about the show, don't worry), but I was very pleased that they mentioned my country in few scenes in season one (since I started watching it two days ago...). Apparently, somebody actually knows about us. And now I can't stop thinking about this thing that happened with Mr. M. I would tell you immediately what happened but I'm so paranoid that he, or somebody, will read this and I just couldn't bare the drama and all the gossips... I don't really like the way Gossip girl is handling some situations. So, I'm not going to tell you anything now, but be sure that if you stick around, you'll find out.
Goodbye you all :)
P.S. Check it out if you wanna: Royalty Fashion :))
Sounds like my life... :)

13 April, 2014

It's not the same, though...

How many time have you heard "That's not the same!" in the middle of an argument? People use this so much to make their guilt smaller, or someone else's bigger. Yes, there are times when two arguments really aren't the same and someone is more guilty (or right) than the other. But, in most of the fights people participate in, arguments are weak and, basically, the same. Mostly, those fights are either stupid (over some small, irrelevant things) or caused because of the payback. In that case, you're both wrong either way and payback was just a stupid idea. But what I really hate is when people use this when they have nothing else to say. If you say "It's not the same.", you better give me some explanation. This can't just be left hanging. Even if it's not used in a fight, you need to say why you don't agree with it because, otherwise, you will just look... Well, weird. I can say, from my own experience, that anytime I use this sentence while talking to my friends, you can almost always hear somebody raising their voice and the conversation is slightly changing into an argument. Why? Because this shows that you don't agree with the statement the other person made. Every disagreement leads to a potential fight. That's the definition of a fight... When people don't (or don't want to) understand the other side. Why I started this topic? Because I've heard on TV (some show) a fight between married couple or dating couple, I'm not really sure. The point was that they both cheated few times during their long relationship and now it all came to the surface. His secret was reviled first. He was apologizing, she was yelling... And than he found out that she did the same. And the only thing she could remember was: "It's not the same." Than she said how she was alone, needed attention and other stupid excuses. Seriously? How it is not the same?? It wouldn't be if somebody drugged her or if she was totally drunk. That doesn't make it OK (!), but it gives her some kind of an excuse and she could say that it wasn't the same. You have to be aware of the consequences before you do something. And if it's just a ordinary talk with a friend, listen, respect and give your own opinion.
Yes or no ?

11 April, 2014

It's coming...

Hello :)
I was thinking a bit today about all stuff that are waiting for me in near future to do. I'm not talking about watering my plants (which I don't have) or going to the grocery store. I'm talking about all the things I hate but still need to do and those days just have to come. First thing on my mind are, of course, my huge exams next week. I hate to admit it, but I had a week and a half off and I did nothing. I haven't studied at all. So, now, I'm going really fast through my books and lessons hoping that I'll remember something. (That almost never works.) Of course, my long free week is over soon and classes will start in no time. Then... My mother's birthday is coming up and, like every year, we have no idea what to buy her. It's something I'm supposed to take care of and I'm really out of ideas this year. Hopefully, something will come to my mind in the next five days... (Please give me some ideas!!!!) Slowly, summer is coming too. I haven't started working out yet. It's no big deal because I only gave myself a promise four months ago that I will... Really, no big deal. Also, knowing me and my friends, we have to start planning our summer now because we'll never make any firm plans. I just know somebody will fu*k things up at some point. And I know I had some more stuff on my mind when I started this, but I can't remember now... (Of course...) Well, at least I had a great day. I saw my two best friends and that's enough for me. Anyhow, it's gonna be a long night for me since I'm way behind with my studying and I know that I'll lose few more hours doing nothing. Oh yeah... One more positive thing! Mr.M.'s birthday is coming up soon and this will give us an opportunity to share that long look (which we already shared on my birthday).
In the end, I would like to invite you to check out a Royalty Fashion blog (link also on the right) if you haven't so far. And I would like to thank Anchy for a great post Enjoying the enjoyable (link also on the right). 
This is it for today. Stay well, bye :)
Prepare yourself!!!

10 April, 2014

Some new information

Hey hey.
I won't write much today. I just wanted to show this awesome new blog called Royalty Fashion. It's about fashion, buying and combining stuff you have, making the best out of simple clothing items. It's for girls who live ordinary life and want some new ideas and advice for their fashion style. It is also about nails and simple, cheap and quick nail designs. I hope you'll check it out, rate it, like it and keep reading it like you keep reading this blog and I can't thank you enough for it. I'll put a link to the right so you'll have an easy access to it when you finish reading my posts here. So, i'll leave you to discover what this new blog has to offer.

09 April, 2014

Hottest actors

Since I'm a girl, I kinda feel obligated to write a bit about hot guys that we all know. In my future posts I won't forget about guys, so I'll write about actresses, female singers... too. So, consider this as part one. (Order is not (!) important.)
  1. Ian Somerhalder. Because I told you I'm a huge new fan of The Vampire Diaries, it's only fair to put him first. With his 36 years, he still looks better than most of the guys my age. But, not everything is about the looks. His face (eyes!!!!), mime, voice... Everything suits him perfectly! And the fact that he's a member of various charity foundations (fight for animals caught my eye) makes him my number one!
  2. Brad Pitt. He has 51 years behind him and he still makes women turn their heads. Even if I watch some of his newer movies, I still have his young appearance in my head and he has definitely deserved to be in my list. Charities and adopting less fortunate kids make him even more attractive.
  3. Kellan Lutz. Probably the only reason (next to Jacob) to watch Twilight. Smile, eyes, posture, hair, body... He has it all. I was also very happy to read that he's also a PETA member and cares deeply for animal rights. Thumbs up!
  4. Paul Walker. Rest in peace, angel. He had (like all of the above) everything. Fame, good looks, beautiful blue eyes, kind heart... Also a founder of his charity foundation... Is there anything he did bad? I don't think so...
  5. Joseph Morgan. Another face from The Vampire Diaries. If you saw any of the episodes that he's in and if you heard him talk, you understand why he is here.
  6. Channing Tatum. Do I have to say anything? I personally love all of his movies (it's my goal actually to watch them all) and that makes him more attractive for me. And I believe he's even more cute since he got married. The way he looks at Jenna makes him irresistible. I love a guy that has so much love for his wife!
  7. Taylor Lautner. (Look at number 3.) He's so young (only 22) and he still has everything most of the people want. Great job finding something you love and are good at. And his body and smile aren't so bad either...
  8. Luke Perry and Jason Priestley. Older than the rest of the group, but I'm a huge fan of Beverly Hills 90210 so I had to put them here.
  9. Chad Michael Murray. Young and blond. What else do you need? Oh, yeah. And he makes movies I like...
  10. Vin Diesel. He's my secret love. I can't really say anything I haven't said before for all those guys above... Perfect!
Of course this is not all. I still have some more actors in my mind: James Lafferty, Liam Hemsworth, Jean Claude Van Damme, Burak Ozcivit, Cagatay Ulusoy, David Paetkau, Eddie Cibrian, Joshua Jackson, Mario Casas, Shane West, Tom Cruise... There are lots of others but I know you won't Google them all so there's no point in writing them all down...
I hope you like my list. If not, you don't have to agree with it. That's all my opinion...
Here they are.

08 April, 2014

My heart skips a beat

Hey :)
"After 3 to 4 months of having a crush on someone, you either fall in love with that person or become interested in someone new." So, I'm in love? It's been 5 (and something) months since I first started talking about Mr. M. You can look at it in two different ways. First one. It's so cute. He's like my one and only guy I think about and he always (!!) puts a smile on my face. Second. It's so weird. I'm holding on to something I know won't exist and I'm actually only torturing myself. So, which one to pick? I would feel better, of course, if the first one was true, but it is rational to think about the second one. When you think about it, I've spent (and lost) these 5 months on somebody and I keep losing my time on him. It's maybe wrong to say it like that, because I think he's worth it, but, let's be real, this is a total waste of time. And in all this time, I've been shutting out all other guys around me. (Don't get the wrong impression, it's not like there's a line in front of my house.) Like I compare every dress I see to the first one that caught my eye, I'm comparing all guys to him. There's something that pulls me to him even though I'm aware of the fact that we are not that close. I'm just curious how long this will last. Because I catch myself every now and then (I'm not a crazy stalker!!) looking at his Facebook photos and I see him smiling. And my stupid heart thinks he's smiling at me. You know that retard feeling when your heart doesn't listen? Oh, yeah... I'm there! I really don't want to "forget" him, but I know that would probably be the smartest idea... What do you suggest? Any good romance advice? As I read this post (as I do every time before I post it), I realized this could be "I got used to" feeling. Maybe I'm just used to "loving" him... Maybe I have that image in my head and I try to live by it. Who would know....
Bye bye
Five months and counting....

07 April, 2014

I'm back!!

Hey there :)
I'm home again so I'm writing a post. As I expected I had a great time visiting my friend Anchy. (Everything you need to know about the city I visited, you can find here.) I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anchy for taking me in her home for two days. I hope I wasn't too much for you. Haha. I also have to commend her and say that she showed me absolutely everything I wanted to see (even if she was tired to do something). I won't say much about the whole impression cause I've already said everything in post Can't wait to travel. It is even more beautiful when you see it in person. One thing I also loved was bonding time with Anchy (I'm talking about the "boy" topic). Also, we have learned that we should always (and I mean always) carry lighters with us (even if we do not smoke). Why? All hot guys smoke, unfortunately. One more thing: always wait the other day to buy something. I saw a dress in one store for €25. I was going to check it out in my country, and thank God I did. Discount started today and the dress costs only €9. I think that's pretty great. On the other hand, I bought a calendar for €1 which, in my country, costs about €15. Thank God I saw it and I know how to convert from my to European currency. So, this is also a great time to encourage Anchy to go and buy a dress which we saw (and it looks really great on her!). When I look at it now, I really wish I could travel more often. There's something about seeing new stuff, especially if you know you'll probably never see them again. You appreciate it more. But also, you appreciate your country more. At least, I do. I couldn't wait till I get back. I was so happy when I saw our police at the boarder. I love traveling very much, but I love my country more. It doesn't matter if I'm at home, or even in my city, as long as I'm inside the boarders, I'm fine.

04 April, 2014

I'm ready to go!

Hello :))
Finally I am going to visit my friend Anchy. This is the trip I was telling you about in Can't wait to travel post. I'm going tomorrow afternoon and I'm coming back on Sunday. I really hope everything will be OK, although I've heard that it's supposed to rain all Saturday. Hopefully, that won't kill all the fun. Although I'm really excited, I'm also sad because my best friend is having a birthday party and I won't be there. I know this sucks and I'm a terrible friend now, but I've been planning this trip for months now and I really hope (I know) my friend will forgive me. She has to! Anyhow, I'm planning something on that matter but I won't say anything cause there's a big chance she'll read this. Moving on... I also can't really plan my trip yet because I have a huge test tomorrow and, as usual, I started studying today... I'm really behind the schedule but I'm writing this because I needed a break. (Actually I've been writing this in my many breaks. Every break I make, I write few sentences.) So, since studied a bit since I wrote this previous sentence, I can proudly say that I'm almost done studying. I normally wouldn't quit so easily, but I'm to tired to think. Maybe I'll revise something tomorrow (today, actually) morning. Another thing about the trip... I need Anchy to make me some dinner! I know I'll starve till I get there so there better be some food on the table. Or, at least, some unprepared food. We can cook together, although I'm a terrible cook. It's funny how this day actually came. I'm usually always talking about doing something and going somewhere but I never do. This time we actually agreed on something and I'm traveling! It doesn't matter that it is only 2-hour drive by train away from my home, it's still another country and a trip. I'm really looking forward to it. I want my great mood to me on, so I better go study some more now so I'll be sure I did my exam OK and then I'll be able to relax and enjoy the trip.
Anchy here I come!!!
Bye you all :)) (I hope I'll write something there too, but if not, I'll definitely write something when I come back).
Trip !!!

01 April, 2014

April Fool's Day

Hello :)
"April Fools' Day is an informal holiday celebrated every year on the first of April. Popular since medieval times, the day is not a national holiday in any country, but it is widely recognized throughout European cultures and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other, called April fools." So, this is obviously copied from Wikipedia. I would say this is the day that we "celebrate" jokes, laughter and good mood. Anyone who get offended on April Fool's joke isn't very fun person. That's what I think. Of course, you can't cross some lines and get to serious or morbid with these jokes. Anyhow, nobody fooled me today. Maybe because I was in college for only one hour and I haven't seen many familiar faces. Since then, I was at home all the time. Maybe that's for the best. I'm absolutely the most naive person ever. I know I live with my pink shades on, but I don't see the reason people would have to lie. That's why I believe everything they say. Even on days like this. Oh yeah, another reason I don't like this day: I don't know how to fool somebody. I can't say a lie and have a serious face like most of people I know can. So, this day has absolutely no influence on me. Thank God! But I do like a good joke, don't get me wrong. Let me try something... So, I'm shutting down this blog page... I just can't take it anymore. April Fool's!!! (See? I'm terrible at this. Hahah.)
Till the next time...
Happy happy happy!