15 December, 2013

A few pieces of accessories

Good day people. It's third Sunday of Advent (for Christians). Even though I'm a Christian, I promised I would never put my religion is other people's faces. That's my thing. But, that's not my topic today.
Yesterday, I introduced you to my fashion style. Hope you liked it. As I promised, today, I'll present my favorite accessories (I'm so proud of myself that I learned how to write this word). As you could see, my style varies from totally classy and elegant to really sporty and comfortable. (Most of the dresses and high-heels are not that comfortable.) I have a thing for earrings. It all started few years ago when I saw how simple earrings can really lift up your whole outfit (especially if you lift up your hair). Also, there's no better feeling for me than having a bunch of bracelets on my wrist. I think this love started while watching TV show "Rebelde" (Spanish teen show). I also like rings, necklaces and all other stuff you can put on yourself. Picking my accessories is the most stressful thing in the morning but it also brings very awarding feeling when I see myself in the mirror. So, I like...
1. Bracelets. Like you can see in the pictures, I like charm bracelets. I actually only have a few of them (I don't know how that happened.). I like them in all colors and shapes, it depends only on my mood and my outfit for the day.
2. Earrings. There's nothing I wouldn't wear. Big, small, tassel or studs. It's not important to me. They only have to look good with the rest of me.
3. Necklaces. Either big or really small pendant. I don't really like the middle. It's easier to combine. Big necklaces go on simple, one-color clothing and small go on colorful clothing which is, only by itself, a great look.
4. Rings. I have two real rings (white gold and silver) that I wear constantly. But I have a few of modern and fashion ones that look great on my going-out outfits.
As you can see, I can also adjust to any occasion (like I can with clothes) because there are only few things that I don't like (I can't remember one now...).
So, I hope you like accessories too and that you'll like my pictures. (Maybe you'll recognize the "Heart of the ocean" in the last picture used in "The Titanic".)
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Enjoy :*
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