07 December, 2013

I need help! NOW!

Hi my readers :) How are you? Everything O.K.?
You know, if you have a problem that you cannot share with your friends/family or somebody else you know, you can always talk to me. My friends say I'm a very good shrink ;). Any problem. Any time. I'm here. I figured, if I share all my thoughts and problems with you, you can do the same with me. Anonymously, of course.
According to the title of this post, I'm in no position to give any advice but this has nothing to do with me as a person. I'm just so stressed and scared. I have a test today (yes, we actually write tests on Saturday, and I have no feeling it is Saturday because I'm up from 6 a.m.) I haven't studied at all. You know how it is... When everything is more exciting than stupid school and physics. I put all my hopes into fact that we can have formulas on the test, but I'm not really sure if that's gonna help me. If you don't know how to use them, what's the point of having them? This is my last big test before Christmas breaks. I really need to pass this, but I won't. I made peace with it, but I'm still scared. I know I should be studying right now (I have 2 more hours) but I just can't. What do I do? Help me. Calm me down. Now! I spend my "study time" on Facebook telling people how I don't know anything instead actually doing something useful. Is it only me? It's not, I know. You all are lazy as me, right? ;)
I know this post is a bit different from others, but, as I said, this is my blog - my life. I'll write another one in the evening, more in my style. (Now I'll really need to write something as I have already announced it.)
My book is about this big ;)
Hahaha I really do. :D

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