26 July, 2015

A plan for change

I finally finished my year of college and you would think I would have all the time in the world, but still I haven't posted anything in 10 days. It seemed a lot longer, but I guess blogger doesn't lie.
Anyhow, the summer has started and I have really big plans for myself. I can already see myself disappointed at the end of the summer, but I'll try my best to make the most out of it. Beside getting my nail designer licence and my driver's licence, there are also two more areas where I'm changing. First one is my room. I don't know if I told you, but I have a really childish room. There are dolls and teddy bears everywhere. And they are my family and I can not get rid of them. So, I have to redecorate my room to look more age appropriate and still have all my childhood around me. And I figured it out. I started from the closets. I got rid of a lot of clothes I don't wear and I bought a lot of organizers so my shelves and drawers look really great and I don't have problems with finding my stuff anymore. In the following week or two, I'm planning on reorganizing my book shelves so I would be proud of my room and I would enjoy spending time in here. Since I don't have many friends over, they won't notice this difference, but they will notice a change in my wardrobe. As I changed in the past year or two, my wardrobe did not send out a good image about me. I'm buying stuff that fit me perfectly. Mentally and physically. Having a job gives me an opportunity to dress a bit more professional, but not having a dress-code there gives me an opportunity to wear whatever I want and that is just great! I love that I have more and more pieces of clothing and footwear that I can proudly wear.
Since I have a lot going on in my head these days, I imagined this post to be a bit different than it turned out but I don't mind. But I will add all stuff that helped me change in really short time for a small amount of money so maybe they will give you an idea.
Organizers: all from IKEA, I found it in Croatian store: jewelry organizer, shelve organizer (I made a fence from this so I could put more stuff on the shelve), another jewelry organizer, a perfect box for storing all my bags.
Clothes: I could find those pieces I bought, so I'll just say I bought jumpsuits, heels, sandals, a dress,..
And that's it.
Shopping bags, never enough!

16 July, 2015

Lifetime wishes

Hello :)
Everyone has those few things they'll like to accomplish or have in their life. As soon as possible, but important is to put a check mark on it. I started a bit about his in my My regrets post. Here is my list (order is not important):
  • Dior bag. It doesn't really matter to me that it's Dior, I just like the design. But I have to admit having a Dior bag sounds tempting. At least I'll know this bag will live forever. Average price of these bags is around $5000 (new collection).
  • Michael Kors bag. I could just copy the text above because my reasons are the same. I love the design of his bags. Average price for these bags is $400. These bags are cheaper than Dior's and I have to say prettier (to me).
  • RayBan sunglasses. I've been in love with RayBan for about 10 years now. As soon as I found out what RayBan is, I knew I wanted their sunglasses. They have top quality glasses for decades and they also have variety of models so you can't say you couldn't find anything for yourself. Average price for these glasses is $200.
  • Get driver's licence. Car and motorbike. I'm actually pretty close to getting it but I can push myself to sing in in driver's school. I was going to get it done this summer, but the way my summer started, I honestly doubt that I'll have my licence by the start of the next year.
  • After accomplishing previous, I would like to buy a BMW (series 1, 5 doors, white) and Kawasaki Ninja (I know both are kinda old models, but they're my dream).
  • Get nail designer licence and open a small salon. Nails are my big love and I want to do nails professionally (aside of college and, in the future, my real job). The course I've been planning to take costs around $450. I also planned to do this this summer. We'll see how it goes.
  • A tattoo. OMG how I want a tattoo. I actually want few of them, all small and meaningful to me. I don't know how much would all of them cost me, but I hope I'll found out soon. Tattoos I like can be found in my "Tattoo" tab.
  • To lose weight. This is not something I can pay for (I could if I were a celebrity) and I can do this any time, but I'm lazy and scared of God knows what and embarrassed... I just have a lot of excuses so we'll leave this for a while.
  • To learn how to play a piano and guitar. My father was a musician in his days and he still plays the guitar. My brother also plays guitar since he could hold it and I... I don't. Since I really love to hear both guitar and a piano melody, I would like to play these instruments.
  • Visit New York. My dream city. More about this can be found in my "New York" tab.
Of course, I should fit somewhere in here the wish to finish college, get a job, have a family, etc etc... Not that those are less important but they are regular wishes, I think.
P.S. All pictures show exactly what I want (bag designs, glasses type...).
Dior bag (Lady Dior), airplane tattoo, RayBan (2132 New Wayfarer), Kawasaki Ninja green, BMW, guitar, piano, Michael Kors large bag, Michael Kors small bag

09 July, 2015

Brief review

Hello you all. :) Missed me? I hope you said "yes" to this one. :)
Since I haven't been posting anything lately, I thought it would be a good idea to write a brief review of everything that's been happening over here. The last "real" post was on June 15th. So, what happened since then?
  • I bought my own furniture. More about that in posts to come.
  • I finished my second year of college. Yaaay me!!
Although you may expected a long list (I kinda did), that's pretty much all because I haven't seen the light of the day in about a month. I've been studying and I can proudly say all my hard work has payed off. As usual, I bought myself a little treat. As a big fan of nail polishes, I bought myself 4 new polished that I'm dying to try on. You'll be able to see my new (and old) creations, as well as reviews, here, Other than that... Do you remember Mr. M. from the beginning of this blog? Well, he told me that I annoy him. That was sure great to hear. There's a story behind that and it's not that interesting so I won't be telling you that, but I do wanna say that that wasn't that rude how it sounds here. Also, a lady in the store told me I was fat. Thank you lady for making me even more uncomfortable in my skin that I already am. In front of my friend. Thank you Mr. T. (also from the beginning of this blog) for changing the subject, pretending you didn't hear that. What to say? Surprisingly, I don't feel bad at all. Not today. Happiness is strongly with me today. Again, yaaay me! Now that summer officially began for me, all I have to do is make plans to meet all of my friends. That's my only concern. I also have to go to work, but that's not a problem.
Now that I read this, it looks like just a bunch of random thoughts but that's the best way to meet me, right? Anyhow, it's my post and I can be weird for a day. :)
Write to you soon :) :*
Feel the happiness !!!!!!!