28 February, 2016

Today: 27.2.2016.

Doing: wasted an entire day and I loved it!
Mood: plain, amused, I don't know - OK
Favorite person: my mom
Thinking about: college, shopping, blogging, movies, books, everything actually
Missing: money, sleep, time,... everything as a normal college student...
Loving: food! (Do I need to explain?!?)
Hating: cold weather
New discovery: Curly Sue was on The Voice? And she's good!
Listening to: Maroon 5 - She will be loved (I just watched The last song)

23 February, 2016

My grandparents - dad's side

Intro post here, all others under the label "Family and Friends".
You've had the opportunity to read something about my grandparents from my dad's side here, here, here and here. Yes, they were the ones living at my place for some time. So, as I have already written almost all I need to write about them, I'll keep this short. They left my father and his sister about 25 years ago and moved to another country. Since then, I've seen them three times. (I was to little one time, so I only remember two times.) My father and my aunt go every few years to their place for just a few days. The rest of the family never goes because we don't feel like it. We do not need to see them. They left and they don't keep in touch. Basically, they're strangers to me, my brother and our cousin. We talk every two months (if!) and I have no idea what to talk about. The call lasts about a minute and it's the most awkward minute. We usually talk about weather (great topic, right?) and what's new (there's never anything new). I don't even like to talk about them. I have nothing to say. I don't know if they're alright or not, I don't know what they're doing,... I know nothing. And, weirdly, I'm perfectly fine with it. I am aware of my father and aunt being sad about this topic so we don't even bring it up. If it's brought up by accident, they know how we feel and that we do not owe them anything. What we have with them is not a family relationship. We're basically acquaintances. What pisses me off the most is them trying to blame all of us for not visiting. We invited them lots of times, to visit, to go to our shore apartment or whatever. They never wanted to come. How is that out fault? And one more reason for them to cross the border and not us is the fact they are retired and they don't do anything. How am I supposed to quit college, job or anything else and just go? I don't want to go, but if I wanted this would be pretty hard to do. So, even though the title is "my grandparents", I wrote about two strangers. And I can't say much about people I don't know. So, here you go. One weird family relationship.
Who are you, again?

20 February, 2016

MWL - A call for a change

Intro post here and others under the label "My weight loss".
So, after all these bad feelings, I decided to go on a diet. It looked easier than actually working out. I was on a diet for six months. I can't say if those were the best or the worst months of my life. First few weeks were a complete nightmare as I was still in school and it was hard keeping my diet on roll. Also, as I was used to eating anything I want whenever I wanted it, cutting back was a big problem. Also, I chose this horrible and awesome diet. It was great because I really did lost weight; it was really visible after some time, but it damaged my body. As I was eating only few meals for the whole six months, my whole digestive system was a mess. It was so confused I had to take pills and drink some extremely awful drinks to get my stomach and my bowels working again. This torture lasted for, approximately, a month or two. Then my organism got used to this food and my new style and it was OK from then on. (Just because I had some problems with it, I'm not going to share my diet with you as you may get even worse symptoms and I do not wanna be the one to blame.) I lasted six months and then I started eating my normal food; like I used to. Some of the weight came back, but so little I'm not even bothered by it. A big motivation for doing all of this for so long was the fact I was going on a school trip right after summer. We visited Spain and I knew there was going to be hot and we were close to the beach. I didn't want to be 'that' girl and miss all the fun because I was self-conscious. I couldn't let my body be in the way of fun. The big fun my whole class was having. Also, after we came back, there was a year of school than the last school dance. The big prom. I was dreaming of me in an elegant dress, possibly with a date (which didn't happen) just having fun and dancing. I also wouldn't feel right being bigger. So, these were my motivators. These things pushed me forward.
What I'll always remember about this period is a compliment I got from my classmates. They said I really look great, I've obviously lost extra weight and my legs look amazing. And they were so surprised because we all know it's the hardest to lose weight and volume on your legs. Me and those girls didn't hang out usually, so I was even more surprised they came up to me with this. What I'm saying, I'll always remember the feeling I had then. I was so proud of myself. I was happy. And that's the whole point.

14 February, 2016

Being single on Valentine's Day

Hello! First of all, happy Valentine's Day everybody!!
So, how's being single on this special love day? Weird and annoying. Why? A week before 14th of February, everybody's asking what are you going to do, who are you spending it with and so on. So, these questions are really annoying, especially if you have no one and no plans and then people get on your case how's that possible? Well, it is. Some people are single. Another thing is seeing all the roses, presents and love quotes with lovely-couples pictures. Now that we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and who knows what else, it's hard not to know if someone is in a relationship and what they're doing with most of their life. I can't say it's not a bit hard for me to see all of this just because I'm hopeless romantic. But! As I grew older I learned some things about me and I love the fact that I got through my whole life without a guy as now I know I'm a complete person and I do not need somebody to live my life. I'm not saying that I wouldn't want somebody now. (Don't mix this up universe, OK?) I get weirded out and kinda sad when I see who is in a relationship (because I know these people) and I'm not, but I snap out of it really quickly. I guess there's someone for everyone. I don't know if you got me right, but I love Valentine's Day and the message of love in the world. I just don't celebrate it as I'm single and it's hard to say I'm in love with life and nature and everything else when you're sleep deprived and stressed out and it's raining.
As for this particular Valentine's Day I'm feeling a bit down but it's not about this day. Not only. It's the fact that I didn't attend a concert I actually really wanted to go to yesterday. And now all I'm seeing is how great it was. It's also about the fact that I have about 48 of only studying as the biggest exam of this semester is coming (and I've been studying for a week now). 
And depending on your mood, pick one. (Of course that it took me an hour to remember any of these...) Let me know which one you chose to listen to! Any other on your mind? Share it below :)

13 February, 2016

Today: 13.2.2016.

Doing: studying! Finals have come and I'm studying 24/7 for three weeks now (that's why I'm absent here...) And I've been to college to take one of my exams (got a B)
Mood: so freaking tired!!!
Favorite person: my brother
Thinking about: how I wanna sleep, how I haven't done my nails in a week, how my stomach feels weird, how I need to make those notes/script faster,...
Missing: sleep! as every normal college student - I'm leaving this exact like it was in the previous post
Loving: energy drinks and sleeping pills (I do not recommend this, I'll be writing a post about it in a week or something. Seriously, stay away from this combination!)
Hating: having to leave my flat and it's raining outside
New discovery: few new concerts are coming up so I have to decide if I'm gonna attend them...
Listening to: Rihanna - Take a Bow (good old days...)

04 February, 2016

My expensive wishlist

Hello :)
I write a lot about my wishes and things I tend to buy, but there is more talking here than actually buying. Of course, the money problem! Anyhow, there is this one list which I don't think I'll ever be able to cross. I call it "my expensive wishlist". I'll list the items and pictures. Some of them I mentioned before so don't judge me. Of course, I'm not counting traveling here.
  • Hugo Boss suit. I haven't been following Boss's work at all. I don't know any designer to be honest. But! I've tried on one of his suits the other day (just for fun) and it is gorgeous. The model, the fabric... It looked like it was made for me. It is one of those pieces you need to have in your closet. Average price would be $600.
  • Dior bag. I love this one model and I can not get it out of my head. Average price of these bags goes around $3000 - $5000 (new collection).
  • Michael Kors bag. Well, don't I know how to pick them. There are few models I like here but three are my favorites and those you'll see below. Average price is $400.
  • New BMW car. I say "new" because in my country rarely anybody buys a new car. We mostly buy pre-owned cars. I don't know much about cars and this could be a shitty car, but I want it. Series 1, 5 doors, white. Price anyone?
  • New motorbike. I've been a fan of Kawasaki Ninja in green color but at this point I would take anything that looks like it. I want this sporty looking bike, like for races... Again, I don't know anything about motorbikes either.
  • Oscar de la Renta necklace. As said before, I didn't know any of Oscar's work either. Till I stumbled upon a picture of his necklace. It is just gorgeous.
Since all of these items are really expensive (for me at least) I don't think I'll ever get any of these but there is always hope, right?
Also, there are probably more expensive things I would like to have but these are mostly on my mind, so there you have it.
Which are your expensive wishes? List them down below in the comment section!
I want it!!!!!!!