31 August, 2014

Turkish enigmas

Hello :)
You already know that I absolutely love TV shows. Especially romantic ones. I'm also a big fan of Turkish shows but I don't know much about their culture and rules of living. That's why I can't understand some things I see. These things caught my eye quite a few times in the shows I watched before, but then I didn't have this blog and I couldn't write about it. Before I write anything, here are some things I would like you to know... I'm not trying to offend anyone with this blog, I'm only trying to understand. And I would really appreciate if someone from Turkey would comment on this. These questions are constantly on my mind while watching their shows. That's why I would like someone form that culture and country to answer my questions. If anyone else knows anything about it, you're very welcome to comment too. Here are my enigmas:
  1. What's that white drink that is so popular? Apparently it's some kind of alcohol.
  2. Why can't blood and alcohol be shown on TV? Every time someone gets hurt (shot or cut) they blur the wound and all the blood. And almost every glass of alcohol is blurred too. It's TV and a made up show. It's not real, and if it were, that's reality. Every other country shows it...
  3. Why is kiss on the mouth such a big deal? I'm watching this one show at the moment so I'll sum up the story. This one guy dated one rich and pretty girl. They were going out all the time, kissed on the mouth all the time, held hands, slept together... They were, what we all call, a normal couple. And then they broke up, he found another girlfriend. I'm not sure if that's important, but she's poor. Anyhow, she was afraid to hold his hand in public for a really long time. Other than that, they kissed on the mouth, I think, only two times. So, it's not that she just doesn't do that, she's ashamed and afraid. Once she tried to kiss him and he asked her if she's sure she wants to do it... I would get if this was a conversation about sleeping together, but this I don't get. And it's not their first kiss so she would be nervous... 
  4. Why is honor such a big deal, too? Of course it is, but they would rather kill someone than admit that they failed at something. One family had to move out from their house because it was too big and they couldn't afford it anymore. They said they can't show their faces anywhere anymore. Seriously? It is that important?
  5. Why do some women wear hijab (is that the scarf around the head?) all the time, some only when going out and some don't at all? I watched this show where women from the same family obviously had different rules. Or is it just a matter of habit?
I really hope there will be someone who will answer my questions because they're really bothering me... Thanks in advance.
Bye :)
Questions without answers....

29 August, 2014

Summer over - take two

Hello :D Missed me? I sure missed writing :)
Since I haven't written in four weeks, I'll make this a planning post. I'll tell you where I have been, what I have done and what I will write about in my next few posts.
Summer is kinda over here. Be aware that I consider summer only time spend at the seaside. So, I've spent four weeks (after those two weeks with my friends) at the seaside with my family. Everything was great. I would love it more if I had any friends there, but it wasn't so bad. There were these guys for a week and a half there so, for a week and a half, I had company. And since I've known those people for almost my whole life, I can't complain about them. Thanks Tommy, Lea and Allan for keeping me company. And for the car. And for taking me to a concert with you. And especially I thank Tommy for that ride in the dark on the bridge. ;) Other than that, I had a hard time spending lots of time with my father but everything seems better when you're swimming in the most beautiful sea there is. Spending the summer with my mother and father in my twenties isn't so fun, but I will never give up summer just because I don't have friends there. My parents are kinda boring and lazy so there were only few things we did: solving crosswords, swimming, watching TV and eating. But sea is sea! I also realized that I came out of my shell. It is actually just a small step, but I feel like I concurred the world! Talking to people I just met is a huge step for me. Yep, you know I'm socially awkward. Not much, but the nervousness is visible. Next on, I got a job. It practically fell into my lap. A father's friend called, and I'm starting on Monday! I only hope I won't mess up something with the cash. Otherwise, I'll pay with my small paycheck. I think I should get something more than a $100. It's OK money for a small work and little working hours. It will keep me busy and I won't lose all September on nothing. So, I'm looking forward to it.
And now a bit about my future posts. I promised Gossip Girl reviews. And I'm going to do them, but I'll mix them with my other posts so there won't be ten reviews because not everybody watches shows I like. And I'll make one post about Turkey. About something I see on TV and that really bothers me. Actually I have few questions about that country. That's what I'm sure of I'll write. Other posts will come as the time goes.
Best regards my readers :)
Summer sunset. Summer is over.

02 August, 2014

3, 2, 1 - Fight!

Do you like watching fights on TV? They have never been my thing. I can't understand why would anyone want to get their face smashed thousand times. I get that it is interesting and great to be in shape so people choose some sport like that. And it is absolutely great to learn self-defense. But to do it professionally... I think it's crazy and stupid. But that's just me. People find some strange satisfaction in it. Look at Cro Cop for example. I love him. I'm proud of him, but I think it's time to stop. Anyhow... Just yesterday I realized that we all fight. All day, every day. We don't get our faces smashed nor we kick somebody else's, but we fight. Emotionally. We fight with ourselves. Our minds, hearts too. And I personally think those fights are the hardest ones. Sure, I'm not going to say physical fights aren't hard and terrible. But when you think about it, bruises and broken bones will heal. Eventually. And yes, most of the times physical fights have some deeper issue, if you don't think about professional fights. But still, those wounds will heal. Wounds on the heart will take much more time to heal. There's nothing like a broken heart. And it is proven that a broken heart actually hurts. You feel real pain. This time I'm not just talking about a broken heart in a romantic way. Everybody can break your heart. Father, brother, friends... You just have to think if they are worth breaking your heart. And then you fight. You have this ongoing fight in your head while your heart pulls you to the other side. It never stops. Only few are lucky enough to know which one to follow. And these are the big stuff. But we fight over little ones too. How many times couldn't you decide whether to buy black or brown bag. It's nothing, I know, but it still makes you wonder. It makes you choose. And to do that, you have to fight yourself. I obviously have deeper issue here, so I ask you: Does it ever stop? When will I stop fighting? Normally, I would say to somebody to confront it and deal with what ever it's bothering them. I can't do that. If only would I start listening to my own advises. But no. I'll just wait in silence for better days. Don't forget that we always fight. Goal is to win without casualties. Sounds stupid? Think again! I really hope you're one of the few I mentioned before. It's funny how I want you all to have a great life and I don't even know you. Heart is a miraculous device, right?

Try to survive, will you?