21 December, 2013

A change of heart... (3)

Hi everybody :)
Him and her. His girlfriend almost left him because of her, his friend. And she found out why. So we continue...
- Tell me what you feel. Tell me the truth. I really need to hear it. Please. – He looked at her with his eyes full of hope that this pain will end soon.
- Gosh... Hmm... I want you to know that you're the first one that I'm having this conversation with and I hope you'll be happy whatever you decide.
- Just tell me!
- I like you too. Like you said, a lot. I didn't want to do anything about it cause you're in a relationship, but now I can tell you... – Shy as she was, she barely said this.
He went for a kiss, but she stopped him. 
- What happended? I thought you said you like me. You're finally getting what you want. I think...
- Yes, I am. But I don't want to do it like this.
- Like what? – He couldn't be more confused. He never understood girl's mind.
- You're still in a relationship. I need you to sort things out with your girlfriend. I don't wanna be "the other girl". Please.
- Now I'm sure that I made the right choice. I promise this will all be over in a day or two. Can you give me that much time?
- Whatever you need to close that chapter...
He leaned towards her and kissed her on the forehead. They stood there for a couple of minutes, looked in each other's eyes and knew everything will be OK.
The end
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Channing Tatum :)) Movie: Dear John. Kiss on the forehead...


  1. I still think you need an account just for the stories. =P If you worry about keeping them short you will lose this case you kind of lost the mood a bit.

    1. Thanks for your honesty. I need that. I'll make an account. Soon (I hope) you'll read my stories :)