• Born in 1995.
  • Single.
  • With dark brown hair and brown eyes.
  • 167 cm in height, about 60 kg in weight.
  • Full time student, recently employed.
  • Living with my family: mother, father and brother.
  • Consider myself a helpful person.
  • Totally a dog person.
  • Love green, red and blue color.
  • Love nails, nail art, nail polishes,...
  • Love flowers (I get that from my grandma.).
  • ...
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I'm here to write about my life for two reasons:
  1. I have to tell somebody and this is the easiest way to share my thought and problems.
  2. I really want my posts to help somebody of you readers!!!
** Ordinary girl going through life. **

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Thank you for coming and reading. 

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