30 December, 2014

It's the other one I don't trust

Hello my dearest :)
I've been thinking today about cheating. There isn't any particular reason for it, movies started it, I guess. Anyhow, you know how always the other person gets blamed for it? Well, I think that just wrong. Imagine this: A relationship between a guy a a girl. Girl cheats oh him and he sees it (or finds out). Guy walks over to her an her lover and he punches him. Or, the other way around: Girl starts pulling the other girl's hair. What the hell? It's really not their fault that your other half cheated on you. What do they care? Especially if they don't know this person was already in a relationship. I know it's easier to be angry at someone you don't know and not to believe that your love betrayed you, but that's the awful truth. We have one case in our family where an older guy was married. Everybody knew that that marriage is nothing, they had no love for each other, they just stayed married for God knows what reason. And, eventually, he found himself a (younger) girlfriend. I've met her and she is a 1000 times nicer than his wife. And after all of this, everybody blamed her, the new girl. How could she destroy the family? What is she thinking? Well, she's in love. And single. What does she care if he doesn't care about his wife? His family still doesn't like her even though they are married now and have a baby girl. (Probably not a baby anymore.) I honestly don't know if I could be with a person like that. Can he (in this case) guarantee you that he won't do the same to you? When he finds someone else, you'll e forgotten. But OK, that's her choice. But this new wife is totally innocent if you ask me. And when they say: "I trust you. It's him/her that I don't trust." If you trust your partner, it doesn't matter what the other person does. Nothing will happen. That's such a stupid line to say. Again, it's easier to blame the third person. But get real, it's the two of you in the relationship. You deal with your problems without anyone else.
Hopefully you'll agree with me ;)

Caught cheating!

27 December, 2014

Christmas time!!

Hello everybody :)
I know I'm few days late, but I can never be too late for good wishes, right? I wish you merry Christmas! I wish you all the joy, health and love in this world. I wish you to spend these days with your loved ones and to have a great time!
Since Christmas has passed, I decides to make this post about presents. I can say that in my case Santa was very generous. (I'm not bragging or trying to make you feel bad. Have that in mind!!)
I won't write much, there are pictures to prove everything. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
First, I got a starter pack for doing nails. UV lamp, gels, powders, glues, sponges... Everything you need to start this profession. You can find more about this in my blog "Royalty Fashion" (link on the right).
Other than that, I got a beautiful New York themed calendar for 2015 which I actually really wanted for so long! There are also great headphones which I'm using at the moment. There's nothing better than watching a movie on your laptop and having the feeling like you're in the movie theater. Then there is this gorgeous golden necklace (not real gold, of course). It has little colorful diamonds in it and they move inside. It is so cool and I think I'll wear it very often! In the last picture, there is optical mouse for my white laptop. It works beautifully.
Everything in these pictures is something I really wanted or needed so I thank Santa Claus once again for loving me this much.
I hope you got some great things too. I would love to see what you got, so comment!
Bye bye

23 December, 2014

Two or three about me

Hello :) Long time no talk... Yep, ten days is long for me. Anyhow holiday break has begun and I'm back!
I don't know if I've done this before so I apologize if I did but this time I really can't remember. My friend Anchy (blog on the right!) did this few times in the past month and I think it's a great idea to do the same thing. Here are few statements about... me!
  1. I'm brunette and I like it that way. My hair is also naturally pretty curly and strong so I could say I adore my hair...
  2. I can't imagine one day without music.
  3. I love buying gifts for my friends so I sometimes more money than I should. But it's worth it.
  4. I admire my brother since I was a kid. Even after he told me to hit the closet with my toes. Today we laugh at this, I wasn't laughing then...
  5. I'm really bad at letting things go. Even if I don't like something/someone anymore, I get used to it/them and I know I will feel emptiness so I convince myself letting go isn't the smartest idea. Even if it is.
  6. I'm totally socially awkward when I meet someone new. After few meetings, when I get comfortable with someone, I can't shut up. So they say...
  7. I like to "create" my life in The Sims since I love that game. I'm usually "hopeless romantic".
  8. I love chocolate. But who doesn't, right?
  9. My (new) favorite color is green. If it's about clothes, I tend to buy red stuff because they look great on me (not to brag, right?).
  10. Even though I'm 20 (almost), I have 4 shelves full of teddy bears that I got over the years. My room looks like I'm five and that makes me kinda embarrassed when I have my friends over but they got used to it (cause I always invite the same ones) and these toys are too important to me to get rid of them.
Hopefully you'll like this. Give me a feedback by commenting below or placing a check mark next to the best description of this post, also below. I'll make more of these since I have more facts about me I want you to know...
Till then, bye :*
Learn something about me :)

13 December, 2014

GG review: The Bass's

Bart, Jack and Chuck. Later, their family expanded and welcomed Lily, with Serena and Eric, and, of course, Blair. With the show being based on teenagers, we can say that Chuck is the main member of this family. He was raised only by his father who always looked only on money and power, neglecting Chuck in many ways. Chuck's mother was dead, than alive to turn out that he was better off without her as she just tried to trick him into giving her all the money and heritage... The name "Bass" really meant something, they provoked power and fame, but also fear. Enemies just couldn't win...
  1. Charles Bartholomew Bass. Popularly called Chuck. He was the bad boy of the Upper East Side. If someone was to blame, it was most probably him. He is shown as the character which, at first sight, cares only about himself and money. In the first two seasons we was kinda like that but we can see him change. One person that he always cared about was his best friend Nate. OK, when he wasn't kissing Blair... But seeing Nate and Chuck's friendship made me seriously want a friendship like that. Especially with Chuck having such messed up life (and personality), he found his solid rock in Nate. He's probably the most persistent character. He knows what he want, but he doesn't always gets what he wants so he immediately thinks it's the end of the world. After all of his ups and downs, he finally settles down in the end and marries the girl he chased all those seasons.
  2. Bartholomew Bass. The greatest villains of all. In most of the show... Bart is a self-made millionaire. He owns pretty much everybody and everything, as he likes to act it like that... Because he made everything from nothing, he expect his son to be the greatest of all. He wants his family (only Chuck) to be tough and to listen only to him, as he is the smartest person there and with a great sense of business. (That's what he thinks.) The last part I can't really disagree with but he is ruthless and he only thinks of himself. And he can't imagine how his son doesn't want to be like that and how someone can leave everything for love.
  3. Jack Bass is the younger and irresponsible brother of Bart. He came to New York after the apparent death of his brother to take control over the company. However, he failed when Lily became Chuck's legal guardian. He is good and bad. It really only depends on his mood. He liked Chuck, wanted to help him, be his guardian, but he soon became another villain who only wanted money and Bart's legacy.
What is sure is that they all have great taste in fashion. Always elegant, in suits, like real men. OK, we'll forget Chuck's first season and his crazy outfits. Also, they all seem to love Scotch (Chuck's a bit young for all that alcohol, isn't he?). 
The Bass family.


Hello :D
I know I've been neglecting you, but I had tons of studying to do these past few weeks, and as much as I love to post something new, I had to get my priorities straight. You understand that, right? Well, it's all over now. At least, I'll have nothing major to do before new year. Where to start? In the past week I had my ups and downs, mostly do to my college experience. Everybody is saying no to worry about exams, they won't be important in ten years. I know exams are small when looking at your whole life but, at the moment, they are one of the most important part of my life. That's why I was going crazy lately, but I'm fine now... Other than that, my family started to tease me about my friend from college and I started to slightly avoid him which I really don't want to do. So I said: "F*** it!" He's one of my best friends, best male friend for sure, and I'm not giving that up. (Yes, I friendzoned him, as everybody like to use this term...) Also... I've been to 4 (?) concerts in a really great concert hall and every one of them was great! Everything was really elegant, people were all dressed up... Me and my friend tried to keep up with them and I have to say we weren't bad at all. It's not that usual that two college girl wear gowns in the night out, so we adjusted our fashion style a bit and we looked dazzling! (Am I modest or what?) As a little girl I watched all those shows were balls were normal and, of course, I wanted to be a part of it. This is not exactly a ball, but it's probably the closest that I'll ever get to some fancy reception. I loved it! Next on... Christmas is close enough to start talking about presents... I only have two more presents to buy and make and I'm done. I'm so proud of myself that I'm not doing it in the last minute. I also can't wait to decorate my flat and my grandparent's house! We usually do everything on the Christmas Eve, as it should be done like that, but I'll try to convince my parents that next weekend is the perfect time to start decorating... So, now that I filled you in with all that was happening lately I can go and rest a bit from my week from hell...
Talk to you soon :)
I just did, didn't I?

02 December, 2014

Starting to love her

Hello :)
As you (must) know by now, I love my brother. And I'm so proud of him. All the time! But there are times when I get even more proud of him, happier for his accomplishments. Today is one of those days. He finished college. He literally nailed it! Even if it wasn't my brother, I could not believe that was only a student. He was so professional, so smart! I can't express how happy I am today. There's literally nothing else on my mind all day. This is huge! If you think I'm over exaggerating, you're wrong! Or you don't have a sibling... Anyhow, today was an awesome day! But I started this with something that amazed me today. His girlfriend was also there, of course. And she did something that made me start to love her. (I'm only starting. She has to earn my love to give her my brother. :D) When the ceremony was over, everybody wanted to congratulate him. And she made me be the first one! It's really a small thing, but this was really nice of her. First, she was closer to him, and second, girlfriends usually run first. She's not like that. And this small thing she did kinda made my day complete. Thank you Mimi. I don't know how will I act if I ever get a boyfriend, but, for now, blood comes first. My brother and be are connected with blood, but also with something much more stronger - unconditional love! As they say, men/women come and go, but friends/family stay. I hope this one won't go, but even if she does, I'll still be here. Always and forever. No matter what. And that's why this act by Mimi made me like her more than ever.
Remember that the little stuff you sometimes don't even acknowledge can make somebody's whole day. One sentence can change everything they think about you. It just has to be the right one...
With these happy and optimistic thoughts, I leave you...
Bye bye
Pride. Love.