26 December, 2013

Not a good news

Hi everyone...
Today I have some bad news but I'll tell you all about it a bit later. Now I have to tell you that I'm working very hard on my "book". (You can read it on this link. New parts are "Everything changes under the surface" 1 and 2.) I know this stories are very short and that one chapter in a book has at least ten pages but, to be fair, I named my book "Short stories". I'm actually thinking about making it into a real book. I will see how it will go from now on. I have some ideas but I don't have the inspiration needed to write a 200-page book. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll read my books for school... And now on to the bad news... I knew it! I knew this separation will be deadly for new friendships. Me and Mr. M. are not even talking these days. I know I'm blowing this out of proportions because we talked until two days ago... Yesterday I sent him a Merry Christmas text like this: "Merry Christmas :) I wish you and your family all the best for holidays :* :)" and he responded: "You too :)". I know he's a guy and most of the guys don't get mushy about this and don't send a lot of smileys but he used to do that. Used to... I mean, he has sent a kiss two or three times and one or two hearts. And if he sends that regularly, he should send something for these occasion. After his message I can't really continue our conversation. There's nothing to say... I feel like I'm annoying him. Maybe I am. I'll stop it for a few days. I'll wish him a happy New year. I really hope he'll see that I'm trying to be his friend. And I also hope that he'll never find out about this blog. I would just die out of shame. God, save me!
Just one more information. Santa Clause was generous this year. What did you get? Again,wishing you a happy holidays, enjoy it :*
Long distance friendship :)

Christmas in the air :)

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