26 May, 2015

Today: 26.5.2015.

Doing: went to college, going to concert later
Mood: tired and rested at the same time. weird.
Favorite person: friends (Tess)
Thinking about: a boy... ^^
Missing: free time, my mom
Loving: this Oreo chocolate I'm eating
Hating: the fact that everything is expensive and salaries are low
New discovery: A Man Who Saved the World - Stanislav Petrov (movie here on wiki and imdb)
Listening to: like everybody else these days, Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (winner of Eurovision 2015) - he was one of my favorites (along Serbia, Israel, Germany, Montenegro and The Netherlands) but he was a bit higher on that list so I'm really happy that he won (great performance!!)

17 May, 2015

Weak or strong?

I don't know if you read yesterday's post (it's the same date as today because I wrote it late after midnight) named Today: 17.5.2015.. If you did, you know that I was a little depressed. (For the future record, I use the word depressed when I'm feeling a bit down. I know it's an actual disease or medical diagnose so I wanted to clear it out that I do not have a diagnose. I just have my ups and downs. I'll move on now.) As it usually goes, I started over thinking everything. And then I stumbled upon a thought if I'm strong or weak person. They say a strong person is defined by how many tears and bad days can they camouflage with a fake smile and keep on going. In that case, I would be a strong person. I don't have that many bad days but when I do, they are so strong and overwhelming. It usually happens in the evening, late at night...What do I do? Wipe of my tears, go to sleep, get up in the morning like nothing happened. I put on a smile and I go live another day. On the other hand, a strong person should be able to pull them selves together, not to think about others, concentrate on themselves and work it out. A strong person wouldn't hide their feeling. They would confront their problems. So, according to this, I'm weak. Most of the times I know the reason why I'm feeling down and why I'm crying myself to sleep. Now, that a day has passed and I'm feeling just O.K., I wonder if I'm ever going to find out what a strong person is when it comes to feelings like this. (We all know strong people who get up after a loss of somebody close to them or something like that. God forbid.) Can you tell me? What am I? What are you?
Which way to go?

Today: 17.5.2015.

Doing: nothing!, having a day off of life, watched 4 movies so far
Mood: tired of everything, depressed
Favorite person: nobody.
Thinking about: love
Missing: happy feelings
Loving: how I did nothing today and don't regret a single second
Hating: growing up
New discovery: movies: Crazy Stupid Love, Beyond the Lights (no matter when they came out, I just saw them today for the first time)

08 May, 2015

Busy and happy

How are you all? Missed me? :D
A lot has happened since I wrote my last legit post. Let's start at the beginning, of course. My college is going great. Even though I failed the hardest exam on this year, I can say that I'm doing really good. I'm taking care of everything else, I'm doing my assignments on time (I try to), I'm finishing two of my courses earlier so I'll have extra time to study and extra free time. Also, I'm on of the best on the most important course on this year, so I can't complain. Further more, I'm going on my first trip by airplane. I am scared and excited at the same time. I can't really explain exactly what I'm feeling, I'll tell you more when I come back... What else? I've lost some weight, so that's great for me too, right? I'm going to go to the gym also for the first time. We'll see if I'll die the first day. (My workout condition is terrible. The word terrible is not even strong enough. Haha.) Anyhow, I'm gonna see how that works... I also got a job few weeks ago. I actually started for real just two days ago, but I've been there for two and a half weeks now. The paycheck is... not great. I'll stop there. But I'll get some working experience and it will look great great in my resume. The company I'm working at now is respectable in my country and is connected with the company I'm hoping I'll get real job in. So, that can't be a mistake, can it? Now, that's pretty much it. I took a lot and put it in just few sentences but I hope I'll have more to say after some time doing anything of these things.
I won't say that you have to do these to be happy or have a full life, I'll say that you try. Try everything you want to do. Maybe you'll succeed, maybe you'll like it. Maybe you won't. Try and see.
Have a great day people :)
For any information, questions and suggestions leave a comment below :) You can also rate this post :)
Could it be true?

01 May, 2015

Reading books

Hello :)
The world's book day has passed few days ago so I thought is would be appropriate to write a bit about this topic. I don't know if you are a faithful reader of my blog or you just stopped by. If you were a faithful reader, you would know that I started reading out of boredom while I travel to my college and back every day. I also started reading because I'm attending technical college so I missed reading something. High school provided tons of obligatory books (which I mostly hated because they were obligatory) but the moment I didn't have anything to read, I had to read something. Having a friend who loves books (almost as much as she loves me of course) borrowing and buying my first books was no problem. Now, a year has passed and I have quite good book collection for a "person who doesn't read" (I still don't consider myself as a reader). Anyhow, I read out of boredom and only when I have a lot of free time. I don't do it so I could say that I read and so I can discuss books with anyone. With this book day everybody was saying how people don't read much or at all. There were some polls, statistics... It turns out that more than half of my nation's population doesn't read or reads one book a year. Honestly, I don't see a problem in it. I have to admit that nobody in my family reads and I don't think they are anything less than people who do read. They are not smarter or more stupid. I don't see why this statistic is such a big problem. Whether people want to read or not, it's their choice. If they prefer watching TV, playing computer games over books, that's fine. People who read say that's it not the same and books are much more powerful, but I don't know why everybody should read. I think some people read just so they could say that they do, not because they want to. Furthermore, they also think that people will look at them differently. Maybe some will, but not me. I won't think of you any higher or less if you do or if you don't read. Seriously, I couldn't care less. Also, when I'm on this topic, I think a lot about famous people and their reading habits. Do they actually read when they're asked about it or they just lie so people wouldn't say bad things about them not reading. It bothers me probably more than it should...
Well, that's it. See you soon :*