30 June, 2016

5 things people need to calm down about!

OK, there are some things I see people get really pissed about or go all commando on people who disagree. Well, there are some things I think people think too much about and pull them out of context. Here's my list and explanations why I think we should all calm down.
  • Violent cartoons or games for the kids. I grew up watching Tom & Jerry mostly and, let's face it, it's a cartoon full of violence. I also played Counter Strike, Tekken and GTA and I killed old ladies there to take their money. I blew up a whole block and people there just cause it was a mission in the game. However, I don't think violence is good in any way and I'm not walking around carrying shotgun. I think this is mostly a matter of how you raise your kid. So don't blame it on the media.
  • Saying someone/something is weird. As I write this blog, I often catch myself thinking how to write something so no one would be offended. Sometimes I want to write someone was weird, but I don't because I'm immediately expecting someone to get on my case. If I do write it, I have like a whole paragraph explaining myself. When I, and most people, say something is weird, it's unusual. Example. I've been seeing one black guy at my bust stop for quite some time now. And it's weird. Why? I'm not a racist, but our country is 99% white and it is unusual seeing a black person here. And that's all.
  • Apologizing for something you posted. As a blogger and someone who reads other people's blogs, I see a lot of them apologizing for posting blurry pictures, using flash or not posting enough. Why do we do that? If I post something, it's nobody's fault if it's not good and if I feel the need to apologize, then I probably shouldn't post it. I did this couple of times and then remembered it's totally unnecessary.
  • Saying sorry for not eating something. I'm still a mess about this one, but I really don't eat much and I'm picky when it comes to food. Really picky. Then I go to someone's house and they make lunch or dinner and I have the need to apologize for not eating that. I do feel bad, but now I usually just say I don't eat that and they shouldn't worry about it.
  • Sweat stains. Summer is starting here and it's hot since 7 a.m. Sweat will be visible on any colored shirt, and people can't just wear black and white all the time. Maybe I'm more tolerable on this topic as I sweat a lot (!) so I understand it's hard, almost impossible, to stop or hide sweat. So people, chill. Sweat stains on your or somebody else's shirt will not kill you.
How do you feel about these? Anything you'd like to add?
I felt so nostalgic searching for these...

22 June, 2016

Feel like crying all the time?

Hi. In one of my recent "Today" post (this one to be exact 17.4.2016.) I wrote down that I'm in a good mood, but I felt like crying all day. I told my friends about this and they said it's probably just stress. This would make sense because I'm actually about to make a huge decision and I'm finishing college so that's always stressful. So, some time has passed, I haven't thought about this any more. But today. I got up early as my mum and me went to my grandparents. I was tired, but didn't mind it much. We baked cake and were so excited to surprise them. As we were driving to their place, we talked and listened to music, as always. We drove on the same roads as we usually do. Nothing unusual was going on. Until I heard some song on the radio (and if I remember correctly, it wasn't a sad song) and I started crying. Thank God, it was that silent cry and I only felt tears falling down my cheeks and I felt really nervous and weird. I was also wearing sunglasses so my mum didn't see anything. I wanted to tell her this because I was really feeling fine and happy, but this was so weird and out of my control. However, I felt like I would start really crying if I opened my mouth, so I kept quiet. I immediately thought of what my friends were saying the first time and I tried to think about my current problems or what could be bugging me. I still have the same problems, this time even bigger, but stress would usually mean nervousness, being unable to sleep or eat, or eating too much,... There are my usual stress indicators and what's usually considered normal. This, what's I'm experiencing right now, is not normal. Is anybody out there experiencing this? A helpful advice how to stop it would be appreciated. The weirdest thing is I'm actually happy. And this could be some inside alert because we're not really aware of everything we fell (which is absurd?), but I don't know how to deal with it. This decision I'm about to make. It will define my next 3 years in one scenario and my whole life in the other. And, honestly, both scenarios scare the life out of me. And everybody around me is expecting so much; they expect me to be on the top of the world tomorrow and I'm not even sure what to do.
I have no line to close this topic, so I'll just leave it like this.
What do I do?

16 June, 2016

Do we really need a dislike button?

Since I've been using Facebook, more frequently in the last few years, all I read is how we need a dislike button. Recently Facebook updated their reactions to posts, but people are still not satisfied. "All we wanted was a dislike button." Why? Because you have to let the people to express themselves. But! If there's a situation or a post about mass killing, dead puppy or some other awful and sad thing, you have angry and sad emoji or expression. So, you can express you don't like something through that. Or you can just comment. I know that's not the same as a dislike, but you can find some other expression other than dislike. If you haven't noticed, I'm against dislike button. I really hope it will never become a thing. Last thing we need is negativity. Especially at social media. I see lots of things I don't like, but I mostly keep quiet about it. Like I said before, if I see killing or dying of any kind, I'll put sad or angry emoji. I don't need a dislike. Especially if some of my friends post something, I'm not going to tell them that. And what do we need a dislike button for if we're not going to use it? And if we are, we're most likely to hurt someone. Example. One of my best friends posted a profile photo and it's just terrible. I mean, we don't like it, but he seems to be happy to have changed it. So, am I suppose to dislike that so the whole world would see it? Or so he could see it? I don't think so. And if there are some other videos, like vlogs or something like that, I don't want to dislike what somebody has worked for to do so. Do you get what I'm saying? I don't think it would be a good idea to introduce something like this. There's enough bad comments already out there, but people seem to be more active in the likes and in the comments. You see 100 likes and you won't go through that list to see who and why. But you see 10 comments and you'll read them all.
This post is all over the place cause I wrote it pretty fast cause I just saw this again on my home page, but I really hope you'll get what i'm saying.
Your thoughts on dislike button?

08 June, 2016

Today: 8.6.2016.

Doing: I only went to college, took some exams, now I'm going to study for tomorrow's exam and so on... - it's that time of the year again
Mood: considering I have exams, papers to write and other college stuff, I'm pretty great! and tired
Favorite person: friend Matt - cause why not him again? :)
Thinking about: all the deadlines college posted today
Missing: my brother - I've seen him a week and a half ago, but we spoke yesterday and I kinda wanted him close to me
Loving: the weather - finally some sunny, but not a hot day!
Hating: the fact that my parents won't let me build a balcony (haha)
New discovery: younger people at my college are so weird and they don't know basic stuff we learn
Listening to: Alexandra Stan - Lemonade (remember this?)

04 June, 2016

MWL - Including workouts

Intro post here and others under the label "My weight loss".
As I said in my previous post, I tried this strict diet and it was working pretty well. I felt more active, I had more energy and will to do stuff. Have in mind I didn't eat vegetables or fruits almost at all, so it's not a healthy diet, but it's effective. It felt like I have more time during the day, I wasn't so tired. This gave me a chance to work on myself a bit more. I decided to train every day. I wasn't going to go to a gym or do anything fancy. I chose some workouts I could easily do at home by myself. I chose sit ups since I was always kinda good at that. I practiced my breathing (yes, this does make a huge difference), I was paying attention so my spine would always be straight and my arm in the same position. After a while, I included planking which is honestly so hard to do. I gave it up and started over a million times because I just couldn't stay motivated to do something that hurts so much after only few seconds. I even downloaded workout programs on my phone to remind me to workout every day at the same time, in the evening. It had few basics workouts and, although I did skip some like push ups, I mostly did listen to what it was saying. There are so much apps like this and I think there is no bad one. All have pretty much the same workouts; you just have to find the one that suits your level (mine was below beginner...). Of course, there's always good old walking. I walked so much through my city so that really helped my workout routine. After I finished my diet, I continued this workout routine for quite some time and I was so proud of myself. Unfortunately, college came and I didn't have the will or the time to do something in the evening so I quit (and I'm sorry so I'm coming back!). While I was still doing it, I ate normally, like I did before all of this. I ate junk food, fizzy drinks and all that and I felt just great. Also, not eating after 6 p.m. (at all) is a huge help to your weight loss goal.
You can read all my workout routine, with all the workouts and how much I did them, in my post Summer workout routine.