22 November, 2015

Today: 22.11.2015.

Doing: Nothing! It's Sunday and I'm enjoying it. Well, I went for a coffee earlier. Gonna study a bit later.
Mood: Good, more than good.
Favorite person: Jasmine
Thinking about: Holiday shopping to come - presents and decorations
Missing: More money, as usual ;)
Loving: Jewelry advent calendar (there's a post about it here)
Hating: Rain. I hate it when I have to go out. Snow please?
New discovery: I have none. Is this possible?
Listening to: Eiffel 65 - Blue (some say it's suicide note, some say it's so sad that everything is blue in his world, but I love it!) I've been loving it for 10 years :)

20 November, 2015

To date or not to date a friend?

Hello :)
So, if you know me or if you've been reading my blog, you know that I enjoy cheesy romantic movies and all moments you see there. One of the most common situations in those movies is when a guy and a girl become a couple out of just being friends (do I need to point out, for example, Friends With Benefits?) Anyhow, this happens a lot so I though a bit about it. My thoughts wandered off and I thought what would I feel about dating my friends. My currently best male friends are Matt and Phillip. I immediately crossed Phillip of the list (I have my reasons why he would most likely be my sister, rather than boyfriend). Nevermind that, I still have Matt. While they make it sweet and romantic in movies, I can not picture myself with him. Romantically. I guess it's great when your lover is also your best friend, but when you start a relationship with someone as just friends, you kinda stay that forever. I know a lot can happen, but once I see someone as my friend, he's, most likely, gonna stay that. I can talk about if he's hot or not, if he's funny or not and I can say he is the best guy I've ever known and he makes me laugh but at some point of us hanging out he'll become like my brother (if we started as friends). And you don't see any romance in your brother. I know most of you will connect this to "friend zone" but look at it from this point of view. If I'm constantly with someone and we have fun and talk about lots of things, he or she will become my friend. (don't deny it, that's how you make friends!) Eventually, maybe, my best friend. And once you get to that, you can not really imagine yourself kissing that person. This could be a bit*h when the other person is in love with you and there are lots of undefined feelings but even if you're looking for a boyfriend and this guy, let's say Matt, is perfect, you'll go pass him and look somewhere else. Of course, this is only me so maybe you'll have different opinion and I would like to hear it (in the comments!). And not to read this in a wrong way, I'm not in love with Matt or even confused about us, I just named him because he's my friend and good example for this story. There are also other guys on this list - my brother's friends. He considers them as brothers. So, they're my step-brothers and nothing will ever happen. (The whole point is not whether I have offers or if I have a crush on any of them.) But, there are those people who you kinda like from the beginning so they're not actually your best friends but crush friends. Now, you can shift from being friends to dating really easy. I don't know how guys work so I wrote this from my point of view (and maybe some other girls, too).
Does this post make any sense? I don't think I really expressed myself right, but I really hope you'll get my point.
Not really...

16 November, 2015

Today: 16.11.2015.

Doing: went to college, saw few episodes of a TV show, gonna study for about 20 minutes (maybe haha)
Mood: was great during the day; this show brings out many insecurities and I'm feeling down
Favorite person: Matt - if I go to college, it's most likely to be him
Thinking about: too negative stuff to ruin your evening (at least, it's evening at my place)
Missing: being a part of a group (it's a longer story, but I'm thinking about NYE)
Loving: chocolate! - I found a big Milka strawberry chocolate in the fridge (you could say I'm drowning my sadness in chocolate, that's OK, right?)
Hating: the midterms are starting (argh!)
New discovery: that I'm loving a color I have no idea how to pronounce or write - turquoise (English is not my native language and I really have difficulties with this one)
Listening to: Maître Gims - Brisé (I don't understand a word, but that melody...)

15 November, 2015

Writing difficulties

Hello :)
I didn't post anything in a week (although it seemed a lot longer) and it felt really weird. We've been adapting my room so I didn't have access to my laptop for 5 days (yeah, nobody remembered to get it of the desk before pushing all the furniture in the middle of the room so I couldn't reach it). Since my life and room are still kinda a mess, I'll just say what my plans are with this blog.
So, I have few on-going series that are still in progress - Gossip Girl reviews, my family and friends , movie reviews and Croatia. (You can find all labels on the right and read posts I've written so far.) There's, of course, my "Read between the lines" series that I'm writing every now and then when I realize some songs are more than you think about them. With this, there is "Today" series of posts which are basically written when I have no time to actually write but I want you to know I'm still here.
There are few posts coming - room renovation, books and reading, more movie reviews, one personal post, and so on, and so on.
** Also, I was thinking about making a list of series that I've watched and you can choose which one you would like me to make a review on. Tell me in the comments if you like the idea.
** When I'm talking about comments, I'm still waiting for your questions so I can do Q&A posts (remember, 5 questions about anything for each post).
And that's about it for this time. Will get to you soon. :*

08 November, 2015

Movie review: Burnt

Hello :)
So, there's this new movie released on 30th of October (this year, of course) named Burnt. As always, if you don't want spoilers, go down to my impressions to see if you want to watch it or not.

Plot: There's this (hot) guy, chef Adam played by Bradley Cooper (yes, I find B. very handsome). Anyhow, he's been a really great and popular 2-star chef (whatever that means). Then he got himself, and others in his kitchen, in trouble by messing with drugs and he basically had nothing left. After some time, he picks himself up, goes to London and he's determined on getting his old life back. He is going for the third Michelin star. He struggles a bit but eventually, without any special effort, creates a team that is perfect in the kitchen. There are few of his old friends but he also picked up some new great cooks. And they are all working, under his wing, for a gay guy running his dad's restaurant and hotel. Now, I wouldn't mention that guy is gay if he wasn't in love with Adam. Adam and his crew decide to make an opening in the restaurant for everyone to know it's his kitchen and he's back. They have a lot of problems at first because Adam is really difficult person and he wants nothing but perfection in his kitchen. This is the issue through the whole movie. One day they find out that the commission (for the third star) is in the restaurant and everything needs to be perfect. Unfortunately, Adam's old friend Michel is still mad at him for trouble in Paris and decides to mess up his meals with too much pepper. Adam is devastated; his life is over. At least it was until they find out that those 2 men weren't actually checking them. They get their sh*t together and work perfectly together until the real commission comes and Adam finally get's his third star. And yeah, I should also mention there's Helene involved. A modern chef and Adam's love interest. She is played by Sienna Miller.

Impressions: They say it's comedy and drama but I would only go with drama. There are some funny scenes but there's a lot more about people and lead character's mind and behavior to call it a comedy. I did not like the beginning due to all the yelling and swearing and throwing things (maybe because it was really loud in the cinema) but it really caught me by the middle and I really liked it by the end. It shows how a chef's job can be stressful, especially if you're a perfectionist. And they have perfect duo of Bradley and Sienna (which I loved in the American Sniper movie that you're gonna get a review on soon).
Kitchen was his home.

03 November, 2015

Four elements

Hello. :)
How often do you think about the four elements: fire, water, earth and air? I won't go into history with this, even though we all know these are mentioned in ancient Greece (maybe somewhere else too). I was thinking the other day which was my favorite. I know there are methods (which I don't actually believe in) to discover your element. I was just thinking about it without any deeper meaning (well, not deep enough). If I could choose, I would be fire. This is, of course, on daily basis. Why? (What am I talking about?) I would be fire. It is powerful enough, but can still be contained. That is something I want to be. This is something I like in people. I want to be powerful, I want to mean something. Not necessarily so people would be afraid of me, but to be heard when I talk. To be seen in a mass. Basically, I want to matter. And fire matters. It is powerful, but actually very sensitive. Fire can be put out with water, sand, foam, by reducing oxygen (probably some more methods). This is also something I want to be. I want to be sensitive. I want to have something that will pull me back to the ground. Cause that's what's making me human. I want people around me who know when to back down. And people who have something that will remind them that they are not at the top. If you take a look at the other elements, in my opinion, they don't have it. They are not what I want to be and what I want "my people" to be. All three of them - water, earth and air - they are just too powerful. Water can't be stopped. It finds every single little hole and ruins everything on it's way. Just look at all the floods. Yes, of course, water is essential for life, but these all are and I'm not talking about that. Earth. It's somewhere in a rang with water. If earth wants, it can destroy everything. Remember earthquakes? Yeah. Air is a bit less powerful, I think. Wind can blow really hard and it can be destructive, but there are always buildings that can't be destroyed by it. I see it like that. There are not many stuff reminding people that they are not alone and they need to take others into consideration. I know I just said wind can be stopped but we can only hide from it. We, people, can not stop it. And it's terrifying.
Now, that's how I think. This is maybe a weird topic but I came to me the other day and I've put a lot of thinking in it. Do you ever think about stuff like this? And do tell me what's your opinion on this below in the comments. Also, you can rate this post. Thank you :*
Earth. Fire. Water. Air.