13 May, 2018

Thoughts I had while watching Fifty Shades Freed

I don't know why I wanted to watch the third part when you all know how I feel about the first two. If you don't know, you can find out in my post Movie review: Fifty shades of grey + Fifty shades darker. However, the last part ended with a proposal, and I'm a hopeless romantic, so I had to see how this will go. Instead of writing a full review, I'll write down my thoughts I had while watching the movie. There will be a short review and my impressions at the end.
Note: Of course, there are spoilers here.
  1. First scenes are a montage of how happy they are and it's too long and it annoyed me. Or maybe the song annoyed me.
  2. Christian is jealous as usual.
  3. He's still into this SM stuff while she's not so sure she likes it.
  4. Anna is super polite to the staff and wants to be a "normal" person.
  5. Sawyer the personal bodyguard is cute and he's probably my favorite character here.
  6. Christian is possessive to the extremes.
  7. Nice car, Christian!
  8. No one could stay this calm during reckless driving like this and it's definitely not sexy. Ending a dangerous car chase with sex is normal, of course.
  9. Was Sawyer still on the speaker during their car sex?
  10. Kissing close-up was too close.
  11. The way she speaks to Christian is too annoying. Like she's either talking to a child or she's scared.
  12. I get it it's their thing, but him punishing her sexually for anything is getting old.
  13. Hanna and Sawyer - yes, please! But nothing happens here because this is only a 2-people movie.
  14. Here's finally the song! Almost 50 mins into the movie and I can hear Liam and Rita - For You.
  15. First really cute thing Christian did was bringing her friends on a vacation with her.
  16. Christian sings and plays piano? OK, now I like him just a tiny bit more.
  17. Of course there's a fight in a club cause someone hits on Anastasia while Christian is there.
  18. He is pissed off that she is pregnant cause she missed her shots, but hey, there are condoms guy!
  19. God, I wouldn't want to stay with him after he said he doesn't want the kid cause she'll choose the kid over him. Of course she will. WTF?
  20. "We leave for work in 20 mins." and yet you just went to wash your hair? I don't think so.
  21. Her giving him a reality check about the baby is really needed here. You go girl!
  22. Of course he's tracking her phone. And it comes in really handy when she gets kidnapped...
  23. Telling the paramedics to be careful with the victim is not really necessary, especially when they're already rolling her bed in a hospital hallway.
  24. So she needs to almost die for him to realize he wants this baby. And of course he cries for the first time in his life now because we need to see he's a changed man.
  25. Oh there's the song, Ellie - Love Me Like You Do, while we're watching a cute montage of their story which, of course, ends with a weird sex SM scene. You just had to ruin this for me, right?
This is Sawyer.
I think 25 is an OK number for this. I actually wonder how you reacted to some of these... Anyway, I'm supposed to give my short impressions of this.

My impressions: Considering the first two, this is a masterpiece. No, but really now...I actually kinda liked this movie. Maybe because I'm, as I said before, a hopeless romantic and I love seeing these character changes, but it's not as bad as the first two. If Christian wasn't so possessive and creepy, and if Anastasia wasn't so scared and weird all the time, this would be an usual rom-com. If you skip the sex scenes, it can still be one, just a bit annoying one. I like the songs I linked, so that's a plus. You can see their love here, but it's so messed up.

What are your thoughts? Any specific thoughts on specific scenes?

See you next Sunday ♥