13 December, 2013

Meet me through the picture

Hi everybody. :D Going good? Great :)
For starters, I need to brag a bit. I've passed all my exams for the first semester (before Christmas). More or less, I did fine. It could be a lot better but I passed, that's important.
Today I won't give you any love story cause I don't have one. I need to stop writing about Mr. M. That love is just impossible. The more I write about it, the more I think about it and it makes everything possible. Everything is possible in your dreams and imagination. Unfortunately, reality doesn't listen to your mind. I, however, won't stop writing some details about "us" cause that's the point of my blog: to tell you what's going on in my life. He's a part of it now. (One detail from today: According to him, I'm a sweetheart. ;) ) I'll have to find other topics for you. And I don't know what you like to read. So... Today, I'm gonna put some pictures together for you. Everything you see in these pictures represents me. Something I do, something I want, something I need, something I live by... I hope this will give you better picture of me.
Yes, I do realize that some of the pictures are very small but this picture would be huge if they weren't. I hope you'll see most of them and what they represent...

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