14 December, 2013

My fashion style

Hi my dearest :)
So far, I've been writing about my "love" life, about something that popped into my mind that certain day. Today, you'll read a bit different post. It's still about me, just about my fashion style. I had the urge to share my closet with you. So, mostly, you'll have pictures to see what I like and wear but I'll explain my very favorite pieces. So, here we go...
1. Jeans! My favorite piece of clothing. You can wear them literally with everything - T-shirt, blouse, high-heels, sneakers... They are very comfortable and they will never get out of fashion.
2. Sneakers! As I like to consider myself more of a sporty person, I'm almost always in them. They are great for long walks (I have the whole country to pass to get to my college, at least it seems so.) and for running (jogging and when you're late). Like jeans, also very comfortable and practical. I usually buy Nike's shoes, I think they have good quality and they last a long time no matter how often you wear them.
3. T-shirt. Preferably black so you can match it with everything but any kind is great for hot summer days. (Yeah, my figure doesn't look good in sleeveless T-shirts.) Looks great on jeans (long or short). Pretty simple look and if you find the right accessories, you can look like a million bucks.
4. Hoodie. My love for hoodies started few years ago when I found out that they are so warm, and that's important in cold winter days, or when you're home all day and you need to feel comfortable. I like them in all colors. I'm always looking for the ones with long sleeves but short sleeves look great too. Preferably also Nike's.
5. High-heels. Now, I know I said that I like sneakers the most but every girl needs a good pair of high-heel shoes. Even just for formal occasions. I have 5 pairs (I think) and I almost never wear them. I bought all of them in a period of my life when it was so popular and necessary to have them and go out in them. Now I'm old enough to get out in sneakers and still feel great and have a good time.
This is my top five. You can see some more pieces of clothing I like to wear in pictures. As you can see my style goes from totally sporty (sneakers + hoodie) through completely elegant and lady-like (high-heels + dresses) to rock (black leather jacket + those studded and black boots). And I like it that way! I can adjust to every occasion.
P.S. In the next post (or a few posts later) I'll present my favorite accessories to you. 
Hope you like my choices. Be happy :)
Definitely my favorite combination !!

This is my style !

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