28 June, 2014

Pictures of the exes!

Hello :)
I was thinking a bit about relationships and exes, of course. I saw a picture of my brother's ex girlfriend on his laptop somewhere at the time when he started dating the other girl. I have no idea if that picture is still there, not actually the point here. I was just wondering how you would react if your boyfriend/girlfriend was keeping pictures of the exes. In one way, you can't expect of your lover to forget his/her life. The past. You all know that he/she had someone and that won't change if they delete pictures. As a person who loves to look at pictures and memories, I don't know if I would be able to permanently delete some part of my life. On the other hand, there's no need for those pictures if that part of the life is over and you have someone else in your life. Some people can find that very insulting and could be hurt. But then again, my high school is over too. Should I delete all my photos from it? No. So, where is the line between "It's part of my life. Over, but still a part of it." and "I have to look at her/him As in, I miss them.". Is there some number of pictures that is allowed to have? The best scenario would be that you get to keep the photos but the other half should never find out. No! No lies in relationships. At least, not in good ones. A person who is keeping those photos should be totally honest about it and I, personally, wouldn't be that offended if my boyfriend kept a picture of his ex girlfriend. Of course, you don't know how you would react until you're actually in that position. I would like to read some of your opinions. Especially if you're in a relationship. Since I'm single, I don't have first-hand stories, but I like to think that I wouldn't make a big drama out of this "problem".

Great TV show btw :)

24 June, 2014

Don't lead me on!!!

I am so pissed right now. This won't be a long story but I had to get it out. I've agreed with my mother to go shopping today. I took this day off just for this because I know myself and I know that it takes you at least 4 hours to go to any shopping mall in my city. So, I got up early in the morning because it's was arranged for us to go shopping in the morning so we could both have the rest of the day free. But we didn't go. My mum said that we'll go after lunch. It didn't happen either. She took a nap. And now, she's is finally woken up and I asked her if we're going to go, and, surprisingly, she said that we're not going. Why? Because some guy, construction worker, is coming. She knew about his the whole day and she was just leading me on. And now I wasted my whole day waiting for her and she pulls something like this. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time and I get pissed off every single time. I mean, if you knew it's not going to happen why didn't you just say so? God. I hate when people do that!!!!
ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jewelry on the beach?

I saw a picture two minutes ago and I immediately remembered that it pisses me off every time I see something like that. So, of course, I had to tell you about it. So, here it goes... I saw one of our singer's Facebook page. She is posing in a bathing suit. Nothing wrong there. What bothers me is all the jewelry she's wearing. I get that it's supposed to be a photo shooting and she's actually in a studio and all that, but I remembered some pictures of my friends on the beach. I have this one girl on Facebook that is constantly well dressed and I actually admire her for looking that good every day. But she also likes to take a lot of pictures and I saw some of them from the beach. Of course she has a big necklace, earrings so long they are banging into her shoulders, bracelets... It looks good on the picture, I have absolutely nothing against her style. But seriously, who goes to the beach wearing that much make-up and jewelry? Not somebody who is there to swim and have pure summer fun. Those are people (girls mostly) who are looking for attention, who want to be seen. And I totally get it that you want to be seen at your best, but nobody's buying that you're going to swim looking like a Christmas tree with mascara. The only thing you need on the beach is swimsuit, sunglasses and flip-flops. Everything else is just a waste of time and space in your hands. I go to the beach looking like an idiot according to those previously described people. And I don't mind. I know why I'm going there. It's nice to see somebody that good looking walking along the beach but you really can't do anything else. You can't just throw yourself in the sea. And I think that's a shame. Most of us get only two or three weeks of seaside and it's a shame to waste it just standing on the shore and going on coffees. I think you can do that all year... But, oh well, it's just me. Everybody spends their summer how they want it. But it will always piss me off when I see something like this. So, summer has officially begun. How are you going to spend it? Clothes? Accessories? ☺

22 June, 2014

Easy like Sunday morning

Ahoy. I heard Sheldon saying that people before thought this is the appropriate way of saying "hello".
Today is Sunday. What usually was my favorite day became the worst day of the week. When you think about it, your free days are over. Like it's not bad enough that you only get two free days, but you also have to work on those days to prepare yourself for the rest of the week. Putting that aside, I will tell you a bit about my perfect Sunday. I had few of those over the years. Most of them happen, of course, during school break, but still... So, imagine this...
  1. sleeping in, getting up whenever you want
  2. turning on the radio and listening to your favorite music while you do your morning routines
  3. warm breakfast like you ordered it
  4. warm day, sunlight coming through your windows
  5. reading a great book on the terrace
  6. having your favorite lunch followed by a glass of good wine (also on the terrace)
  7. watching your favorite movie/TV show
  8. going out in the beautiful evening for a walk along the shore/river/park
  9. getting a nice long bubble bath
  10. cuddling in and falling asleep
  11. *insert your favorite hobby or person where ever you want
Well, now that I wrote this, I really wish I could have a Sunday like this. I want and need it. Anyways, I wish you all a very happy Sunday. I'll be back tomorrow after my big exam and hopefully I'll be in a better mood. Till then... :)
Just follow these few simple steps to a perfect day!!!

20 June, 2014


Hello :D
I'm in a totally good mood today. And I'm not even going to bit*h about how I have to study or something. I know that lately I've been neglecting this blog a little so I apologize. I started it because I had the urge to talk to somebody, somebody unknown. When this blog came to life, I posted every day. Literally. And how the time passed, I wrote less and less. Well, I hope that's going to change. There are always those periods when I have tests and that's pretty much all I can think about so there's not a lot going on in my life. However, those periods shouldn't last more than a week or two every few months, so I really hope I'll be able to fulfill my duties here. Anyhow, in all this commotions, I haven't even realized how good you all are. Thank you for reading my problems and I especially thank those few active souls who actually gave me some good advice and who tried to solve some of my problems and dilemmas. I also want to remind you that you can comment anytime, on any post. You can even suggest some topic if you have one, or you can send me your problem and I'll try my best to solve it. I need to emphasize that I give much better advice to others than to myself. All in all, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for my 2000 (plus) views. At first it wasn't even important if anybody's reading it. Now I realize that there are people interested in my life. There could be tons of reasons for reading this, from actually caring to reading it so your life would seem better. In either case, I'm glad I can help or provide you with some fun. Also, it would mean a lot to me if you could just press one of those "buttons" in the end of every post (interesting, cool, boring...) so I can get some feedback on what you think of it. It will only take a second of your life.
So, thank you all again. Talk to you later. :*
So we celebrate !!!!

16 June, 2014

Civilians vs. non-civilians

Hey there :) How are you? Everything OK?
This topic is often on my mind and I finally remembered to write it down. I hope I'll hear some of you thoughts about it too. We all unfortunately see terrorist attacks, hijackings, kidnapping kids, burglaries, killing people, hostages, etc. To make it clear in the beginning, these are all bad stuff and shouldn't happen at all but they do. My question is why non-civilians, read military and cops in the first place, are treated better in these situations than civilians. For example, somebody is kidnapped and held hostage. In scenario one we have civilian man/woman (doesn't matter). Police is being notified and they start the investigation, search and rescue procedures... It takes a bit more time. If they're lucky everything will turn out great. In second scenario, we have a cop as a hostage. Suddenly CIA, Interpol, FBI and all other departments are involved. They're bringing in helicopters, special investigators... You see the difference between these two cases? When you hear that somebody is wounded or killed, it is a big deal but everything will be taken care of quietly. If a, let's say, cop is wounded or killed, they immediately yell "officer down" or "officer needs assistant". So do civilians! I'm not saying that officers shouldn't get immediate help, but civilians should too. And there's that if an officer is taken care off, he/she can help the others better than some civilians. But if an officer is so badly wounded or worse, he/she is not much of a help... I also heard, from a reliable source that knows what they're talking about, that if somebody attacks military or a police officer, they (government, I guess) consider it as an attack on the whole country. As a real terrorist attack. I kinda get that, but that still isn't an excuse good enough. Everybody is supposed to be equal in these situations. So, if I'm dying somewhere with a dying cop next to me, I want them to save both of us at the same time, under the same conditions. Is that too much to ask?
I have to write this in conclusion so nobody would have the wrong idea about this. As I wrote above, all of this is wrong and harmful and I'm totally against violence of any kind. I'm not sending some kind of secret message to anyone, I'm not planning on doing anything I've written here about. All clear? Thanks.
Help anybody and everybody!

15 June, 2014

Money must be funny! the rich man's world. Hey. :)
Good mood hit me today so I decided to share it with you. First of all I would like to point out that there's more to me than I write in this blog. You are aware of it, right? I telling you cause sometimes I write something that may sound wrong and, since my friends aren't reading this, I sometimes can't really tell how my words affect people.
Anyhow, my classes are over, finished on Friday. And now I only have 7 exams and I'm done for this year. Wish me luck! I wrote the title, however, to talk about money issues and everything I need to buy these days and I don't have the money for it. I'm not talking about some random shopping because I have "nothing to wear". I have a pregnant friend and you know how that goes... I should go and get something for the baby, for the mother too. Luckily, I have one more month for sure. I think I'll get the money till then. Next, I have a friend's birthday coming up. I think I found a perfect present, I'll have to look further if something catches my eye. I also have these one friend and, since she has been so good to me and helping me in college, I think I should buy her something too. She likes angels and green color so I found a perfect green angel-shaped mini statue. It's the perfect combination. And, just in case you will think that I'm buying friendships, I'm not. She is now one of my closest friends and I think it's nice to show someone that you care. I really like buying presents for my friends. I think I even like to give them more than I like to receive them... What else, what else? Oh, I also can't wait for these two weeks to pass. Exams I mean. But I'm totally positive about it. There are only two of them which worry me and we'll see how that goes. Oh yeah, before I finish, I have to tell you that in stead of paying $20 or more for some pieces of jewelry, I decided to make my own. Hopefully I'll be good at it ;)
Comment below what you like to buy, for whom and why. Also, if there's anything else on your mind, talk to me :)
I wouldn't know ;)

11 June, 2014

Today I...

Today I experienced mood swings like never before. I went from terrified and worried to extremely happy and relaxed to feeling depressed in these late hours of the day. I got up around five in the morning, after just three hours of sleep. Why? College, studying... Do I need to say more? Anyhow, I studied a bit in the morning, I was just revising what I thought I knew. Boy, was I wrong. As soon as I got my five minutes to shine and impress the teacher with my presentation, I froze. I couldn't remember anything. It was a total fiasco but, I guess he was in a really good mood, so I passed. Although he did say something about not taking today's presentation under a consideration. I hope he won't change his mind and I will never have to see his face again. Then my worry mode was turned on because I had one more exam in a couple of hours. After it, I felt kinda good. I think I did just fine. Happy mode on! Until I got home. I spent few hours watching TV with my mom and I felt extremely sorry for that time. I know I shouldn't ever say that, but when I thought of all the things I have to do by tomorrow, I was really nervous. And then I became determined to study. It didn't happen immediately, but I got to it in some time. I was practicing math for exam tomorrow. I had to take a 45-minute long shower to cry. I couldn't stop crying. It all got to me today. And the worst thing is that I have to pass everything the first time! I have a vision and it's not because I want to be the best or anything like that. I have my reasons why I have to do great every time. And it's so hard. So, after 45 minutes of crying, I wiped my hair and my tears and continued studying. There's nobody I can talk to because nobody understands my "pain" and they think it's stupid to cry over some grades. And it is, but it's not like I can control it. I admit I hate math and it's just stupid to me but I've always understood it enough to get a good grade. This time it won't happen. I am disappointed in myself, angry at myself and I feel pity for myself. I'm doing random things now (like writing this) instead of studying. And this is how I go through life. Great. I can feel more tears coming up. My day just couldn't be better. Oh yeah, did I mention I have one more exam tomorrow? I don't have a clue on what we're doing. Great! After all this, I can't not feel stupid. And it is the worst feeling ever.
Have a good night. It can't be worst than mine.
Literally me today.

05 June, 2014

Pay for nothing!

Hi. I, again, apologize for not writing. And I have to announce that I won't be very active these next two weeks because I have a lot on my mind and my exams are coming and I have no time to breathe...
Anyhow, I was thinking today about all the things schools make us do against out will. I'm not just talking about being there, keeping our mouth shut during the class and stuff like that. I'm talking about all those times when teachers said that we have to go somewhere or buy something with our own money. I went to see theater plays and to museums, I had to buy some woods and plastic and some other stuff. And my parents had to pay for all of these. I can't say that these prices were high but it's not like we can throw money away for something like that. The worst part is that I usually didn't want to go anywhere. And I certainly didn't want to paint or cut a wood plank. Over the years these prices were rising and nowadays a normal play is much more expensive. Still, the prices aren't that high but there are some people I know that don't even have the money for that. And it's not fair to them to make them go somewhere if they can't. In case you were going to say that nothing is a "must" and they can't make you go, there's a catch. Of course they won't hold a gun to your head, but! there are always some assignments that you really can't do if you didn't go. There are also something in my college that makes me go because I won't get the right to pass the subject if I don't go. There are lots of stuff and reasons why you can't turn down the offer even if you don't want to do it. But fine. What I don't get is why then the school or college pay for it? If it's something that everybody has to do it should be free. I mean, they should pay for it. It's not some extra assignment if you want. It's a must! So the message is: If you're poor, you can't be educated! And they blame you for it because you had the chance and didn't take it! F*** you government and education systems!!!
I said it all you scumbags!!