20 March, 2017

Things I spend most money on

I've written before about my wishlists and how I love this or that, but there are some things I spend more money on than others. This, however, doesn't mean I'm willing to pay more for e.g. some bag, it means I'll buy more of them. Get it? Here we go.
  • bags
I buy relatively affordable/cheap bags that really last me forever cause I'm constantly changing them and not wearing one all the time. In my eyes, you can't have enough bags. They all differ in sizes, colors and shapes and I love to be prepared for any outfit and occasion.
  • shoes
I really didn't realize this one cause I have quite a lot of heels which I rarely wear, but then I counted all of my shoes, including flip-flops, sneakers, boots, heels and all other models. I had 31 pair of foot wear and since then I bought few more. In my defense, all of these were quite cheap and I would never give a lot of money on something I know I'll get more and won't wear as often. The only pairs that are more expensive are my sneakers I wear 99% of the time and winter boots.
  • sunglasses
I have only one pair of real sunglasses, branded. I told you I've bought my Ray Ban glasses with my first paycheck ever and I was so happy. I had to work whole month just for a pair of glasses, but I think it was worth it. Other than those, I have about 5 pairs of ordinary sunglasses from everywhere.

I think this is it. Have in mind I'm really not bragging here, I just realized this (as I was thinking about buying these cute pink sunglasses) and thought it would be fun to write it down. Also, really, I'm a student and I have no money, my parents aren't wealthy so almost all of these stuff cost around $15 - $20. Really.

What are your weaknesses when it comes to shopping? How many bags/shoes/sunglasses do you have?

12 March, 2017

TVD era has ended!

Hello. For all of us TVD fans, an era has come to an end. I'm writing this just now because I actually just watched the last episode. I've written one other post mentioning this show, but I never really talked about it. I won't go into much detail cause that would seriously be too long. I'm just gonna write down some of my thoughts. Also, have in mind I'm not a freak fan and I forgot some things, but that's OK. Also, this list has no order.
  • As written in my linked post, I was on team Damon since the first scene.
  • Stefan is the ultimate good character.
  • Alaric and Caroline were the weirdest "couple" ever. He was their teacher at one point.
  • Caroline and Klaus were great together. I loved the development of Klaus when he was with her. Also, that note in the lase episode - how cute!
  • Katherine was so freaking annoying.
  • I actually really liked Kai.
  • Lexi and Stefan were great (friends) together. Seeing them together in the end makes me really happy.
  • I missed Tyler.
  • I never missed Jeremy.
  • Jeremy and Bonnie were a weird couple.
  • I'm so glad Matt didn't turn out to be anything supernatural.
  • I'm also glad Matt got to know his history and heritage.
  • Friendship between Bonnie and Damon was just great.
  • Alaric and Damon were also great together.
  • I'm kinda sad that Stefan didn't have friends like Damon had Rick and Bonnie.
  • Stefan and Caroline were a weird couple at first, but I really liked them together.
  • I loved the friendship between Damon and Liz Forbes.
  • The plot with Salvatore mother was so boring and unnecessary. It only made the brothers sad. I also hated the whole "family" that came with her.
  • I really liked the original family, especially Elijah (and Klaus, of course).
  • Relationship between Elena and Damon since they start dating evolved so much.
  • I think Damon is the character who has grown the most.
  • My most memorable line is, of course, "Hello brother."
  • One of my favorite scenes is when Damon compels Elena to forget when he told her he loves her for the first time and she was still with Stefan. (S02E08)
  • First love scene with Stefan and Elena was more intense than first Damon and Elena moment (and I call myself a Delena fan...) (S01E10)
  • I'd love to go on a road trip with Damon.
  • I'd love to have a glass of bourbon with Damon.
  • I never understood why Damon and Stefan haven't seen each other for 15 years before the show starts. They love each other to death.
  • Couples I also liked are Caroline and Tyler, also Matt and Rebekah.
  • "When people see good, they expect good. And I don't want to have to live up to anyone's expectations." (S03E19) This is the moment when Delena kinda starts, and I love the quote.
  • The number of good things Damon did for Elena, Stefan and the rest of the gang that went uncredited is too big.
  • That's one awesome Salvatore mansion.
  • Becoming a vampire is supposed to be very difficult and painful process, yet Caroline had no problems.
  • Somewhere in the season 2, Damon says he'll gladly let Bonnie die if he has to, but that friendship came out to be one of the strongest in the show.
  • Damon stepping in and dancing with Elena was the cutest thing ever. (S01E19)
  • Enzo and Bonnie are great together. (S07E19)
  • Enzo and Damon are great together too...
  • I never missed Elena. I was so glad she was gone.
  • My ultimate favorite thing about this show is the love between Salvatore brothers.
  • Last name "Salvatore" sounds so royal.
  • One last bonus fact: I cried during last episode. Which I also have mixed feelings about - ending with narration and everybody dying?? Also, why are they all parting their ways if they can all be together after death?
There you have it - 40 thoughts on The Vampire Diaries. Thank you for 8 seasons and 171 episodes.♥

Have you watched the show? What are your thoughts?Most importantly, are you team Damon or team Stefan? #teamSalvatorebrothers

comment below :)

I know there are SO many pictures and screenshots I could have included, but we all know what has been going on through the show and this is just a small reminder of that. *pictures are not mine*