03 March, 2019

3 things people hate and we need in life

Scrolling through Internet and social media, I see a lot of complaining. I also love how people are either "I absolutely love this and my life and everything is great and we need to be positive about everything!" or "This all sucks and life has no meaning and everything everybody does needs to be judged and buried." I'm somewhere in the middle, I hope with the majority of people, and I think there are two sides to 95% of situations and I can usually see both of them. That's why I made this list of things I know people generally hate, but don't realize we actually need them.

Making people socialize more. OK, there are introverts, shy people, socially awkward. I would say that I'm a bit of these myself. I don't really like meeting new people, I don't think I make good first impressions because I'm awkward and I always overthink everything, especially in conversations with new people. So I definitely see the struggle. However, I also think those people, people like me, need to be pushed to some extent to go out more, to socialize more. Internet is helping a lot with people being able to chat and meet new people without being uncomfortable, but it's also making people less sociable in a way. Most people can't even communicate without their phones and emojis. If you need an example, I shared my story on NYE from hell to the best NYE which I actually experienced few times now and I can't emphasize enough how important was that little push to actually go out.

Unlimited technology. I'm not saying we should ignore it all together and technology is bad... On the contrary, I love technology and how it's making our lives easier by the day, especially in medical purposes and that will never stop to amaze me. However, there are stuff like self-tying shoe laces that made me think how stupid is technology making us. I get it we'll do everything to save time, but I actually know some teenagers who can't tie their shoes. They always got these shoes (which I don't know how they're called so you got a photo; if you know the name of this closing please comment below) and now they have those self-tying or zip-ties shoes or sock-shoes or whatever and they're just clueless. I also had a friend who was 17 at the time and she didn't know how to read the analog watch. I strongly believe she still doesn't know and she is 24 now. There are some things everybody should know even though we have more modern things now.

Math. As far as I am aware of, math is globally most hated subject in all schools. To be honest, it's my least favorite subject also, just because I really don't understand most of the advanced stuff we had to learn. It's too abstract for me. I hated physics too, but that I can imagine and know what I'm actually doing and calculating. I had math for 8 years in elementary school, 4 years in high school and 2 years in college. I hated the college math, but I'm also glad I had it and now I can say I know just a bit more than "ordinary" people who didn't take that class. It's not like I'll need it in my job, but learning is never a bad thing. However, when people complain about elementary or high school math, it's crazy to me. It's usually just the basics of everything math covers and it's honestly not that hard to learn. But also, I think it's embarrassing when grown people don't have a clue how to multiply on paper. I know we have calculators smarter than all of us and I'm grateful we have them, but you all should know some basics.

Would you add anything to the list? Feel free to continue mine :)