05 December, 2013

Happiness is not normal anymore?

Hi you all. :) How are you? Hope you had a great day/a great day is ahead of you (depends on what time zone you're in).
So, I was walking today from college. And I was four bus stops away from my home and I decided to walk. It was a beautiful day today, warmer than the rest of these week. My day was very ordinary: got up early, went to college, ate lunch, got home, went ice skating. I had no free time today. And, of course, I still haven't started studying for my big test on Saturday. I really think I'm going to flunk that. But that's not the topic.
As I was walking home, I started smiling. For no reason. I was listening to the radio on my phone, the Sun was shining and made me kinda happy. The weird thing is that people started to look at me funny. I wasn't laughing out loud or smiling from ear to ear. I had just a small smile. Barely noticeable. But, apparently, everybody noticed it. They were all looking at me like I'm not normal, like something's wrong with me. I couldn't believe that. Usually, when I see somebody smiling, I smile too. I'm happy that somebody's happy. That's how it should work. When did everybody get used to all this sadness and misery that seeing somebody happy is not normal? "There's too much bad shit in this world." - Landon Carter, A walk to remember. He's right. There really is. And that's so sad. Nobody is walking in the street smiling, happy, lively... When did all that disappear? I want it back!
Try to do this.
Landon Carter, A walk to remember

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