31 May, 2016

Today: 31.5.2016.

Doing: went to IKEA with a friend and bought some organizers for my room, bought my mom a bag (and she loved it), bought my self a bag - I spent the day shopping
Mood: I spend a day only on me so I'm doing great!
Favorite person: I'd have to say my mom as her laughter is the best thing ever!
Thinking about: how I had plans to write some college papers today and I did nothing - but I don't feel sorry at all
Missing: I don't think there's anything what I would want right now that I don't have - life is good people!
Loving: that I'm so positive today :)
Hating: nothing, I'm full of love today
New discovery: I'm (partially) multilingual thanks to all the TV shows I watch (this is not actually a new discovery, but I have nothing that's really new)
Listening to: Adele - Send My Love (such a catchy song)

26 May, 2016

Movie review: Deadpool

I'm changing this a bit, so there will be a plot described and, of course, there will be spoilers. My impressions will also contain spoilers as I'll comment some specific scenes of the movie. If you don't want any spoilers, but would like to hear my opinion, head down to recommendation. I'll start with some basics information about the movie.

Info: So, Deadpool is a 2016 movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, Morena Baccarin as Wade's girlfriend Vanessa, T.J. Miller as Wade's best friend Weasel, Karan Soni as the taxi driver Dopinder, Stefan Kapičić as the voice of Colossus, Ed Skrein as Francis/Ajax. It came out on the 12th of February as an 1 hour and 48 minutes of comedy, action and adventure.

Plot: We learn that Wade is a former member of Special Forces and has killed 41 people there. Now he has a new "job" beating up bad people. As he said it: "I'm a bad guy who gets payed to fu*k up worse people." On his new job, he meets Vanessa, a girl that is pretty much him in a female version. They spend 45 minutes of playing games and having fun. Eventually, they do end up together and the compilation of their intimate moments together ends up with a marriage proposal. It looks like everything is going well, until Wade finds out he has a cancer. Weirdly, there's a man who knows about his disease and offers an alternative method to cure him. After initially refusing the offer, he accepts it, but is soon faced with the weirdest "hospital". He is there tortured to activate his mutant gene. After all sorts of torture methods, he's finally a mutant that can regrow parts of his body and heels really fast. Unfortunately, his skin is burnt and he basically looks really creepy. After finding out what has happened, he's determined to find Francis (Ajax as he likes to call himself) who made him that way. As Francis was also a patient there, he has no feelings, including pain. He wants to go to Vanessa, but is scared how she's gonna react so he goes to his best friend Weasel who makes some awful comments about his looks, but encourages him to approach Vanessa. In mean time, Ajax kidnaps Vanessa wanting Deadpool to come so they could have a final fight. Deadpool joins with Colossus, the metal super big human-like hero, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, teenage girl who has some fire superpowers. They eventually take down and kill Ajax and Vanessa and Wade are reunited.

Impressions: I loved that this movie is not typical. There's a weird and funny intro, there's interaction with the audience and the hero is actually a bad guy you love. I hated the torturing scenes and scenes where he cuts his own hand and it grows back (creepy? gross?). I also hated the scenes of actually killing people because they're more gross that I expected. I loved, however, the humor, the snarky comments Wade always makes, interaction between him and his best friend. Also, there's a line when Wade says Ryan Reynolds got this far only because of his looks, which I found pretty great. What also attracted me to the movie is the voice of Stefan Kapičić, as I've seen him before and I like him.

Recommendation: You have to know there's a lot of swearing, killing and torturing people, nudity and sex scenes. I usually watch action movies and there's lots of killing, but cutting heads off in the middle of the street, squashed bodies and cut hands up-close was a bit much. Also, seeing Ryan's burnt face is hard to watch. But (!) it's a great movie. It's funny and not typical "hero" movie. I loved the dialogues and side comments. Also, there's a romance plot in between all of these, so there's really something for everybody. Just don't expect Deadpool to be your typical good guy hero.

Have you watched Deadpool? What are your thoughts?

21 May, 2016

Today: 21.5.2016.

Doing: my plan was to write a college paper, but I started watching TV shows so that's about all I'll do today (and I'll try not to feel guilty haha)
Mood: it's morning and I got few good hours of sleep so I'm all good
Favorite person: I've seen nobody and I've heard from nobody, so I'll name my friend Joan who visited last night
Thinking about: as I'm home alone, my biggest worry now is what I'm gonna eat for lunch and dinner - thank God I went grocery shopping yesterday
Missing: more money (if it's not sleep than it's money - college life!)
Loving: my new beauty products I recently got
Hating: rainy days and cold weather - it's almost the end of the May for God's sake
New discovery: you can clean your suede shoes with an eraser (amazing!)
Listening to: Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One (it was Eurovision song contest recently and I'm still caught in all of that) - should have been the winner!

08 May, 2016

Infinity dreams award!

Hello :)
Since this is not beauty related, I decided to post it here, on my personal blog, rather than on my other, beauty and fashion one.
I read the new post by Annie from Annie's Perception and in the end she stated that anyone who reads it is nominated for this award, so here I go.

  • thank the blogger who tagged you
  • write 11 facts about yourself
  • answer 11 questions
  • make 11 questions for other bloggers (you're gonna nominate)
  • use IDA picture
  • tag 11 bloggers to do this

11 facts about me:
  • I can't do chit-chats. I don't know how to and I'm socially awkward like that.
  • I "fall in love" with basically every guy that's nice to me cause I'm messed up and have deeper problems.
  • It took me around 19 years to start to like myself and my personal appearance. I'm still not completely there yet, but I'm working on it.
  • I don't drink pure milk because I hate the taste of it. However, I love diary products.
  • I have two gay best friends. I only wrote this because I'm still in shock as I recently found out about it. (Please don't get into this too much.)
  • I'm finishing (I hope) my third year of college.
  • I have a problem with dandruff and I've been trying to get rid of it for the past 10 years. Nothing seems to be working! (Help please.)
  • I love having my pictures taken (alone or with friends), but I almost never post them anywhere.
  • Unfortunately for my wallet, I love it all. I don't have only one "fetish", I love bags, clothes, jewelry, shoes and make-up. Also, I never have the room for all of it, but I still buy new stuff.
  • My favorite cartoon is Tom & Jerry. My favorite princess is Cinderella.
  • My favorite hero is Batman.
11 questions Annie asked:
  • What is favorite part of blogging?
I don't know actually. I love taking pictures (or creating them or finding them), I like to write it all down. I think I like the most the feeling as I'm actually talking to someone about the topics I like. I love the conversation in my head. :)
  • How would you describe your friends?
Depends on the days, but: funny, optimistic, realistic, supportive, honest (as far as I know).
  • What are 5 words that describe you?
Hmm, I always struggle with describing myself. I would say: shy, creative, supportive, stubborn, patient.
  • What couldn’t you live without?
Friends and family, of course. But if we're talking material stuff... Toys! I have a lot of teddy bears and other stuffed animals which I collected during my childhood and, since I'm not allowed to have a living pet, they are my pets and friends. (Maybe that's weird since I'm 21, but I don't care. Haha)
  • What’s the proudest moment of your life?
Now, I'd like to say getting into high school or college or something like that, but I think I was the proudest when I first actually liked my reflection in the mirror and when I wore a mini-skirt and a bathing suit in front of my whole class on a school trip.
  • Are you proud of who you are or would you want to change it?
I am. Personality wise, I think I'm OK person. I'd like to either change my looks or the way I see myself. Other than that, I'd like to be less socially awkward.
  • Who’s your role model?
I should say my mom/dad or some other family member? They all are, my brother the most! But I wrote once (we had a school project to do this) Honey Daniels. It's a movie character played by Jessica Alba in the movie Honey. To quote myself (I just found the paper): "I chose her because she's pretty, decisive, smart and kind. From her, I can learn how to be decisive and make it in life. I'd like to be more courageous. That would help me rule my life and be sure of what I do." Of course, I've changed since this was written (about 6 years ago), but all of this still stands.
  • Would you ever work for free?
I wouldn't work in a company for free, but I would be OK with no paycheck if I applied to volunteer.
  • Who’s the most important person in your life and why?
Well, there's my whole family, but if I really had to choose, I'd say my brother. He's been my role model, my best friend, my companion in all the stupid thing we did...
  • If you could have anything. What’s the thing you desire the most?
Oh God, that's a tough one. I wish for the love of my life, I wish for a good job I'm after, I wish for a house with back yard so I could have pets, I wish for a new car. There are lots of things I want, but I'd have to go with love. I want a boyfriend/fiance/husband. (Not today, some day.)
  • What would you be prepared to give in order to get the thing from question 10?
Not my principles and not my family and friends. Everything else could be considered. :)

Finally my 11 questions for my nominees:
  1. Do you prefer cartoons or real people on the screen? What's your favorite genre?
  2. What's your earliest memory?
  3. Do you prefer movies or books in general (not comparing the exact book with its film adaptation)?
  4. Do you have any tattoos? If yes, what are they? If no, if you had to get a tattoo, what would it be?
  5. What's your favorite color? Any special reason for it?
  6. What's your wish at this exact moment (to go out and eat, to wash your hair, to travel,... anything!)?
  7. Are you more an indoor person or an outdoor person?
  8. What's your favorite game and why (I was going for computer/Internet games)?
  9. How do you see your future (husband, pets, kids, village or big city, job, money,...)?
  10. If you could meet any person in the world, who would it be, why, and would would be the one question to ask them?
  11. If I'd ask you to say something positive to the world in general, what would it be?
I hope you're OK with these, so I'll move on to my favorite nominees:
I know I'm only suppose to nominee 11 people, but I love more than 11 blogs and people, so I added some more below. These are the extra few of them I'd like to take this, but they're not obligated to do so (as the above ones are! haha).

05 May, 2016

Little things that make me happy :)

We all have some moments in life which happen quite often and we still like them like they happened for the first time. (Everything is better the first time, right?) Anyhow, I've been thinking about what little, everyday things make me happy. Here's a list.
  • Turning off my laptop. I love this for two reasons. First, it means that I'm done with my work and I can go out or, usually, to sleep. Second is maybe even more important for me. My laptop produces some weird noises after being turned on for a long time (it's overheating). So I have an external cooler which is so freaking annoying and loud. Turning off my laptop leaves only silence in the room.
  • Finding that perfect water temperature in the shower. I try to find one for the first 5 minutes of the shower (that's actually a lot of time while in the shower). The first water stream I let on myself is the greatest!
  • Hearing some good song you know on the radio. I think this is a pretty common one, but some people don't understand that it's better to hear that one song on the radio than to play it on the Internet. I love this one even more if I'm home alone so I can sing along and dance.
  • Meeting my friends all at the same time. As I go to college, and all my friends come from different sides, I love when we manage to come at the exact same time. We never plan this, so that makes it great.
  • Getting something in the mail just for me. Since I live with my parents, most of the mail is for them (bills and commercials, usually), so I love seeing my name on something. This is usually when I order something from eBay or some other site so the joy is doubled since I'm getting my order too.
What usual, everyday things make you happy? Tell me all about it in the comment section below :)
Yep :)