10 December, 2013

200! Thanks :*

Hello you all :)
This, again, is going to be a short post. I'm too tired to live, not only to write something here. I have a new development on the "me and Mr. M." story but you'll hear it tomorrow. Today I just wanted to inform you that I got 200 views on my blog! That's great since it exists only two months and it's not really famous (yet). Again, I invite you to comment everything, to rate my posts and to recommend my blog to your friends. You can do all of that without anyone knowing. Also, I'd like you to visit my friend's blog (it's on the right). She has more critical posts. I think you'll find it interesting as I do. I'll probably write two posts tomorrow since I have two ideas and I won't post anything like that today. (So, don't come to my blog only once.)
In the end... Thank you all for reading my blog and getting to know me. :)
Peace out :)
Finally 200 views :)

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