18 December, 2013

I think I know now...

Hello everybody :) How's your day? Excited for Christmas? I know I am. :)
So, this last few (dozen) posts were about me and my confused heart and Mr. M. and God knows what else. This is another post like that. (I really think everybody likes a "romantic" story.) As I wasn't writing about that for the last three days, I have some blanks to fill in. First of all, we had our first face to face conversation. Alone. (Well, it was a five minute break between classes and people were standing outside but nobody was around us. Nobody was in our conversation.) It went pretty great. I was kinda scared that it will be awkward (you know how it is to talk to someone in person for the first time, no matter chatting on Facebook), but it really wasn't. We just started talking and those five minutes just weren't enough. Now, that's a great feeling. We have "our little secret" as nobody knows we are constantly chatting. Our looks often meet and we always smile to each other. And today we had a "foot (leg/feet) fight" under the table in the cafeteria. I saw all the weird looks from our friends when they noticed and he asked why I'm so serious today. He noticed my mood! (My parents don't notice that!) You could now think all that is flirting or something but it's not. (I wish it was...) I figured it out that he loves his girlfriend and he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. (I love guys like that.) And I'm perfectly fine with it. I just like talking to him. I like having him in my life. As a friend (or whatever). I really hope we'll become better friends, with a stronger bond but only time will show that. So, my point is this. It took me 18 years for my heart to make peace with my brain and the surroundings. I'm still a bit unstable when it comes to the real feelings (I think that never goes away, that weird feeling when you don't know what to think or do) but it is all coming to it's place. It would be pretty hypocritical of me to say that you have to believe that your true love will come because I'm not sure that I believe that. What I do believe is that you choose your friends. Make your choices good, make them great. I know I have (D. and J.) and now him. You never know what the next year will bring into your life.
Friendship !!!!!
A guy and a girl CAN be friends

I love you Fiba <3

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