30 September, 2015


Hey :)
I've been so caught up in my stuff that I forgot to check something. I have more than 4300 views here and I thank you so much for it. Of course, I always wish there were more, but - baby steps.
I especially want to thank those people who keep coming back!

Please do comment which topics you would like to read about or do you wish me to do something.

I was planning on doing a Q&A posts. I will need 5 questions for each post which you are free to leave in the comment. I really hope this will be my new thing!

Also, I want you to check out this blog (Royalty Beauty) if you're into beauty, fashion and nails. There are some stylings, nail designs, beauty tricks... Well go and see for yourself.

As soon as I buy a good camera with ability to film for more than 8 minutes, I'll be posting short videos of, basically, everything.
*One more thing, I need a good (and free! if possible) program to manage videos so if you know any please do tell me.
Comment below (I think you have to click on "no comments" if you didn't open this post separately) and tell me everything you want to tell me.
That's about it.
Have a nice day.
Bye :*
TY so much!!!!!!!!

29 September, 2015

How do you eat?

Hello :)
I warn you not to read this if you are hungry or dieting!
This is a totally random topic but I actually spent a lot of time today thinking about how people eat. It started with chocolate but now it's a far more versatile topic. So, how do you eat chocolate? We'll assume that you have a normal chocolate bar. Do you eat each cube separately, do you take a row and than eat cube by cube fast enough that the chocolate doesn't stick to your fingers or you take the whole chocolate and eat it like a sandwich? Also, do you like to chew on chocolate or do you like to melt it in your mouth? As I'm writing this I realize how weird this is, but I'm so in this dilemma today. If you were wondering, I like to eat each cube separately and it takes a long time because I love to melt it and really taste the chocolate. I'm a chocoholic (I just learned that this is actually a word and a real condition). There is also other food to be discussed. For example, candy (bonbons). Do you chew them or melt them? I know it depends on the bonbon, but which one do you prefer? Next is chicken, an actual food. It's considered kinda rude to eat chicken with a fork and knife in my country; we eat most of it with bare hands. Do you ever eat pasta with ketchup? It's actually popular in my area. Tasted kinda weird at first but it's really tasty. What else? Eggs. Fried or scrambled eggs with cheese or with potatoes (french fries)? That's only for potato-lovers and I can not really tell you that it's tasty. I can't put those two flavors together. Ice-cream. (God, I want an ice-cream now.) If it is in a bowl, do you like to eat it "normally" or you like to let it melt and than "drink" it? I like a bit of both. At first I eat normally and, of course, by the end the rest of it melts and I really like that part too. This post is really getting weird so I'll wrap it up with a question: Do you have some weird or unusual habit of eating something or does your country or family has some unwritten rule how to eat something? Do tell me. (You can comment anonymously below.)
Thank you :*
P.S. Here is a delicious photo *__*
Feast!! Bon apetit :)

25 September, 2015

My brother

Hello. This is first of my series posts about my relationships (intro post here).
I'll start with my favorite person in the whole wide world. My brother. If you have been reading my blog, I've mentioned him before. He is ambitious, smart, dedicated, persistent, loyal, outgoing, caring,... It seems like I could go on forever here. Of course, he gets on my nerves every now and then, as I'm sure I get on his. And that's perfectly fine. There is no relationship without a bit of arguing, right? He is my, to put it in just two words, role model. I often catch myself wanting to be him, wanting his life. Not so much because I'm unhappy with my own, but because his is better. (Please don't start with "love your life" and "you are you and you shouldn't be anything else". I know it; I'm just expressing how much I admire him). And here go my fears. I am worried that he doesn't think of me as high, I am afraid that I'm letting him down. I can not really express this the right way; if you have siblings you should be able to understand the need to impress them. Since my brother is really athletic (among million other things), I'm afraid that me being a bigger girl is making him, not really not proud (but that also), but uncomfortable. What more makes him uncomfortable, I think, is the fact that I'm total opposite of him when it comes to meeting people and being in groups. I'm the quiet one and I don't know really how to start a conversation or how to really be a part of a group. And he is the sweetest and invites me to hang with his friends. What is even weirder, I like them. I really like those guys and I have a feeling they like me too. And I still don't know how to be normal. Anyhow, not to make this about me... I love my brother. That's actually all that matters. Even if I'm not he's favorite person, like he is mine, that's fine. I also hope that we'll never grow apart. I know there will come a point in our lives where we will (hopefully) live with our own families but I still want us to be able to talk every day about random things, to be able to go somewhere and have a good time. When it comes to my brother, you could say I'm possessive. Not in a creepy ways (I don't think anybody notices it) but in a way where I think about just being the two of us for a while. That's why I have trouble with his girlfriends (not that I have ever shown them anything, I just have some thoughts...). Anyhow, this could go on forever if I picked only few favorite moments but let's keep it, more or less, short.
If you have siblings, please feel free to comment your relationship.
Till the next post, bye :*
True story.

19 September, 2015

Family relationships

Hello :)
I started writing a post about my family members and my relationships with them. As I wrote about half of my family, I realized that it's not enough to write two or three sentences about people who I care most about. And who care most about me. They all deserve a post to themselves. Even though there are bad moments in family, they need to be properly described. As do good ones, too. I will have separate posts for my brother, mother and father, than joined posts for my grandparents from my mother's side and grandparents from my father's side. Also there will be one post about my aunt and my cousin, her son. Then I'll maybe make just one post for all my other family members and what family means to me and what I feel about family in general.
As I believe that some people just become your family over the time, I will have to write about my fiends too. I have few people in my life that I love as my brothers and sisters and they deserve to know how I feel about them. Also, there are those whom I loved once and then we grew apart. They also deserve a post. One joined post because, unfortunately, there is too many of these people.
In the end, there are those, in my life just few of them, who I don't like any more. Now because we grew apart, because they did stuff I can't forget, stuff I can't forgive. Or they didn't deserve to be forgiven. There are always like this. Or I'll just mention few moments when my "friends" betrayed me and made me feel like I'm nothing.
Since this is going to be an ongoing series of posts, I will use tag "Family and Friends". This will be visible on right side of my blog, under "Labels". Click on it and you will be transferred to all my posts with that tag. I hope you will have the time to read as I hope you'll learn something from them. Or at least realize that you are either lucky (if you have normal relationships, happy ones) or not alone (if you have trouble with your relationships).
**Have in mind that this will be probably my most personal series of posts so far.
That's all :)