30 March, 2014

One pretty Sunday

As you all know, today was (still is for few hours) Sunday. A day that should be spent with family. Maybe to make a trip to church (for ones who believe)... Well, my Sunday was the total opposite. I was home alone for most of the day. And after a long time, I decided to go to church. Of course, it's not my habit and I forgot. I got caught up writing my paper for college and by the time I looked at the clock it was half an hour since the service started. I couldn't believe it. So, I said to myself I'll go next Sunday. I won't. I'm not at home next Sunday. So, I guess church will have to wait... (It's not something a believer should say.) But there was a bright side to this day. Guess who texted me! Yep, you're right. Mr. M. did. I finally found a time when he was bored and on Facebook. Otherwise, we would exchange two or three messages and that would be it. Today, we got the chance to talk a bit more. I am really curious how it will look tomorrow when we see each other. That's always awkward for some unknown reason. Another good thing, after a while, I got really good inspiration for painting my nails. And I did it. I have to say, totally objective, they are great! Anyhow, in spite of this Sunday not being what it supposed to be, I had a great time. And yes, I almost forgot... The best thing about being home alone is turning the volume on the radio up! My parents aren't really big fans of music, so today my house was my paradise.
So, I'll leave you now to think how good my Sunday was. I hope your was as good as mine. Maybe even better!
Bye bye
O happy day?

29 March, 2014

Do you want it or need it?

Hey. I apologize for not writing for a few days, you wouldn't believe how busy I was.
Anyway... I was thinking today a bit about verbs "want" and "need". I'm not sure people always know which one to use and what it means. Of course, if you need a new pair of jeans, you gonna buy it. But if you just want them, it's probably a waste of money. You have jeans at home and these are not necessary. So, go home and think again. Most of people change their mind. But this is not actually what I had in mind when I wrote this title. I was thinking about relationships. Since I'm a girl, I'll talk about boys, but it goes both ways of course. Do you need a boyfriend? Or do you want one? If you want one, like I do, that's fine. I wish you all the luck in the world for finding the perfect one. But if you need one, I suggest you don't find it right away. Learn how to life without it. I'm not judging people in relationships, but I think it's not normal if someone needs a boyfriend. It means you can't imagine your life without somebody. I think everybody should be that independent and have at least that much self-esteem to go through life by themselves. I, personally, don't get people who just can't not be in a relationship. As soon as one ends, the next one starts. I have no idea what happens in their minds, but I don't think it's normal. And most of them are prepared and willing to go though hell just because they don't want to be alone. I actually pity some of them. How can they not see that the relationship is bad and are better off alone? But no! They can't. I don't understand... Do they think that they're gonna die if there is nobody to text first thing in the morning? I'm alive... And I function very well, if I may add. Do I want a boyfriend? Yes. Do I need one? No. Simple as that. And I am aware that I CAN live without one. So can you!
Exactly !!!!!!

26 March, 2014

100 happy days

Hello. :)
Have you heard about this new thing that's obviously very popular these days? It's a 100 day challenge of being happy. Of course, that's pretty impossible, so they made it a bit easier. For a 100 days you have to write what made you happy each day. That doesn't mean that you have to be happy all day long (that would be awesome), but you have to see what made you smile that day. The whole point of this "action" is to make people to appreciate more little things and all precious moments. Studies have shown that people who were able to finish this challenge were happier and more satisfied with themselves. Some of them even said that they see life in a whole new perception. 71% of people , however, quit. They "didn't have time". No time to be happy? Seriously? Anyway, I dare you to try. I know that even now I can't promise I'll do that, but I'll try. My biggest flaw will be that I'll forget. This is not something I'm used to doing, so I will most certainly forget and skip some days. But I ask you to at least try to see all the little good things around you. Maybe your life will get a whole another purpose. If anything, this can't do anything bad...If you'll have some days when you'll think that nothing made you happy, just remember that there was Sun in the morning, birds were singing, you heard your favorite song on the radio... All of this can be your reasons to smile. Of course, there's another catch here. You're supposed to take a picture of everything and, of course, post it on-line. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Anywhere. I am almost a 100% sure I won't do that because I'm not a big fan of posting everything on-line. Writing it down will be just fine for me. So, to sum up, find a reason to be happy each day for 100 days and than we'll talk.
Bye :) :)
Can you? I dare you !!!

25 March, 2014

Read between the lines 2

My previous post Read between the lines was very successful and, judging by your comments, you really liked it. So I decided to make another one with the same topic. Before I start I want to tell you that ever since you commented on that post, I can't stop listening to "Bonfire Heart", "Let Her Go" and "Pretend It's OK". These are really amazing songs. Thank you! Also, I have to inform you that I've discovered some new artists and here are links to their performances. Ilma Karahmet - Ima jedan svijetDoktori - CesaricaLena Zatkoska - I will always love youStefan Koković - Baila MorenaDanijel Kajmakoski - Counting starsAleksa Perović - BailamosMaja Novaković - Girl on fireUroš and Vladimir - Unchain my heartDoktori - She will be loved. So there are lots of links here and if you don't feel like listening to them all, trust me, you do! They are all awesome and some of them really sound like the original. (And some of the guys are really cute.) And now I'll start with my top 6 this time:
  1. Bon Jovi - It's My Life. The title says it all. You only live your life once, so do it well. Don't underestimate yourself and stand your ground. Find yourself in this world and stand by it. Learn from your mistakes cause nobody will erase them for you.
  2. Christina Aguilera - Hurt. This is actually a song for the ones you have lost. You would do anything to see that person one more time and you're constantly wondering if they're looking upon you. You wanna know what they think. Unfortunately, we often have no idea what we have until we lose it. Appreciate what you have while you still have it.
  3. James Morrison and Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings. Relationship is over. This song is for all those people who keep coming back into the bad relationship. You can't do that. There's nothing there anymore to go back to. You can't feel something if your heart tells you otherwise.
  4. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - Ain't no Mountain High Enough. There's nothing that could stop you from being with your darling. True and real love doesn't know boundaries and obstacles. So, there isn't any good excuse for you not to help or be there for your better half.
  5. Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now. Great song for those who love to fight and break up immediately. This song tells you to calm down and sort things out. There's no need to get in a huge fight. We all have our crazy moments and if you're in a relationship, the other person should know them. They should know how to deal with it. If you don't know it then you're not a good match.
  6. The Script and Will.I.Am - Hall of Fame. Great song for lifting up your mood. It's a song about never giving up and reaching your goals. Everything is possible if you just believe. Do something that makes you happy and leave your mark on this Earth.
And this would be it. I decided to make a post like this every now and then. You are free to suggest your own songs and I'll put them in my posts.
P.S. I really hope you'll listen to these links in the beginning because they're great.
Bye till the next time :)
All of the above in one picture

24 March, 2014

Meeting the parents

Hello :)
I've been thinking today about relationships and that huge step when your better half meets the parents. Some couples don't think it's a big deal and some of them do. I have an example for both. My brother has a girlfriend and he's not ready to introduce her to the parents. On the other hand, one of my best friends has a boyfriend and she introduced him to her parents really quickly. And, of course, she met his parents as well. I can really see both sides to this situation. What's the point of hiding her/him in front of your parents? If she/he is good, nothing else matters. Then again, some are a bit more old fashioned and think that meeting the parents is a big deal and once you meet the parents, things get more serious. (They were pretty serious in the first place if you ever got the chance to meet them.) I think I would be this old fashioned person cause I also think it's kinda a big deal but I wouldn't hide him either. My parents would know I have a boyfriend (after some time) and that's it. Introducing parents to parents is a whole another story and I think that should be done over some nice dinner and in private surrounding. Why? Because I don't think it's nice to introduce something this big in the street. I think that this also changes with age. When you're younger you want everything and meeting the parents isn't anything special. When you get older, you start to think more about your future and you just want to be sure in everything. If this thing will work. So, what do you think??
P.S. Make sure you're the couple from the first photo :))
Meet the parents :)

23 March, 2014


I know this isn't really a post that will suit my blog, but since it was weekend and I have no life outside my college, I have nothing else to say to you... As I told you million times before, I've trying to change my style. I have some problems with that because I haven't got enough money, but I'm managing it somehow. For quite some time now, I've been obsessing over some accessories cause I know they're the first step to changing your outer appearance. And of course, many colors caught my eye. That's why I started looking for multicolored stuff. That's perfect for me cause I want simple one colored shirts some time and some colorful accessory will fit me perfectly. (I hope my friends Anchy and Fanni (links on the right) will make some posts on this topic since they are more in it than me.) Anyhow, since you know I absolutely love buying on eBay, this items are also from there and I have to say none of it costs more than $4 (I'm talking about jewelry). That makes me very happy and I can't wait to buy them all. Of course, be careful that you don't put too much colorful items on yourself because then you'll just look like a bad Christmas tree. If everything it in one color, choose one of this ideas and spice things up... So, I won't talk too much, just look at the pictures.
P.S. My personal favorite and items I'm actually gonna buy: sandals (!!!!) and necklace below them. I'll think about the rest...
Bye bye
Color, color, color, colorful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 March, 2014

Unnecessary "uuhhh"

Hey :)
For some time now I've been hanging out with a new "friend" of mine. It's under quotation marks because we hang sometimes, but we're not actually real friends. I have no idea what we are. Somehow we ended up in the same boring class. I don't see him that often but every time I do, we talk a bit, catch up. He doesn't know any of mine generation (he's older than me) so he sticks with me. And I don't mind. He's great. The problem is in my so-called friend. She is so damn annoying. You know how every time your friend talks to opposite gender, you go "uuh" on them? It's cute for some time and kinda funny, but there's a point where you stop doing that. Well, obviously she has no idea when that point should come. There are four weeks behind us and she's still doing that. God! Can't I have a friend? I agree that is was kinda funny at first because I was, and still am, the only one communicating with him, but seriously, cut it out! And this time I'm not defensive because I secretly like him and blush every time, I'm serious when I say he's just a friend. And will remain that way. I would also tell you why, but I'm kinda paranoid that somebody will read this and recognize who I'm talking about... Now I remembered that I already told you something about this girl. If you were reading my blog, she's the girl that said: "Are you coming or what?" when I was just politely saying "Hi." to Mr. M. Maybe you don't see it, but she said it really bitchy. Anyway, now I have to be careful what I do in front of her because, obviously, everybody is my boyfriend as soon as we look at each other. What's up with that? Are we still in the third grade? I kinda hate people that never grow up. It's great to see that somebody can still pull off being young and funny in their middle ages, but you should know what suits your age. I'm not saying we're old and should act like nuns (no offence to nuns, I really hope you do understand what I mean), but there should be some limits on our behavior. At least if you wanna have friends.
Well, that's it. Bye.
She sees everything!!!

20 March, 2014

Moody all day

How was your day? I hope it was better than mine. All day I've been in a weird mood and I can't actually tell you why. I have no idea. Nobody noticed in college. My fake smile worked. Like it does every time. I think it has something to do with a romantic movie I saw last night. My emotions were all over the place and I think it kept me in this mood today too. It was just one of those days when you feel like crap and you absolutely don't want to do anything. Add a bit of sadness and you'll get my day. I'm a bit nostalgic too. I miss everything and everybody. I miss my old friends, I miss Mr. M., I miss my brother... I feel empty today. As I did yesterday. I'm sure you know what I am talking about. I really hope this feeling will pass till tomorrow cause I really hate being like this. It usually doesn't last long, so I hope for the best. The most irritating question while you're feeling like this is: "What's wrong?" You can't really describe cause actually nothing's going on, but there still is something. And it is more annoying if it's asked by your parents. Just leave me alone, to be sad for a day and I'll be fine. I know my mom wants to help, but she doesn't know when to back off. That's why I don't tell her everything. I wish I could share my story with someone. The sad part is I've had the same "problems" and thoughts since I was a kid. So, I didn't handle anything. I didn't make peace with anything. I'm just putting everything in boxes until they're full. Like tomorrow, or today. And then I feel awful for a while and than I can move on. It's just how I function. There are times when I hate it, but it's me. I have to live with it if I have no strength to change something. (...) So, no mom, I won't tell you what's wrong. I can't. I don't know. You wouldn't understand. I need tomorrow. My friend to cheer me up, my brother to take me out a bit and I'll be fine.
So, I really wish you all a good night :)
Feeling kinda like this....

19 March, 2014

A new bookworm

Since I can remember, I hated books. I believe I felt like that for a long time because they made me read in school books I didn't like and I had a deadline which I absolutely hate. I remember few books I actually had intention to read and I liked them eventually but the deadline for school took all the fun of reading. Now, since I'm in technical college and I only have math and physics in all forms there are, I miss reading. I miss literature, learning languages... I miss all the other subjects too, but my personal favorites were Croatian and English. I loved it. Grammar and literature. Except for the deadline, as I already said. I actually miss reading poems and analyzing them. Everybody I know hated that in high school, but not me. This was the subject in which I felt the smartest. That's probably why I loved it so much. Because I was actually able to follow the teacher and understood the materials. Since I started college, books have caught my eye. Like movies, I love romantic novels and that won't change. (I usually read Danielle Steel.) I don't see myself as a person who would choose a book over a movie (ever, at least not for now), but I do have to admit I started reading whenever I have time. This is usually on my way to and back from college. And I have a long way to it, so I can really read more than just a few pages. I didn't used to understand people who read just for fun cause school took that away from me, but now I see. It really makes your trips shorter. At least, that's why I read. Mostly. It's just hard to find a good book. You have to read lots of them who maybe won't fulfil your expectations but when you find that one... (Right Joan? Gone with the wind?) Anyhow, since I'm a new bookworm (or wanna be one), I've set my goal to read only five books this year. You gotta start with small numbers, right? One down, 4 more to go. 
Bye bye
P.S. If you have any recommendations (consider my favorite genre, please), tell me. I'd like to discover new books. 
Now, there's a cute bookworm :)

18 March, 2014

Driver's licence, please?

I've introduced my great wish to get a driving licence for motorcycle to my parents. My dad, who drives it daily, laughed to my face and mom said to cut the crap. When my brother wanted it, they had nothing to say. It was OK. Now I want it even more. I would get it no matter what they say, cause I can with my 18 years, if I had money. The problem is, they kinda need to pay everything cause I don't work and I have no money. How to convince somebody to give money for something they don't want? And if I do get my driver's licence, I have nothing to drive. My father's bike? I don't think so. I think he loves his bike more than anything. He would probably give it to me if I asked, but I would have to fill in some report on where I'm going, with whom and so on... And then, I would have a two-hour talk about safety, people on the road,... That's not something I would like to hear all the time... I've heard it enough times with my brother. It is just pointless. I'm exaggerating of course (just a bit), but there would still be some kind of talk about it and him thinking that he's smarter than anyone and the best driver ever. He once proposed an idea to teach me how to drive a car. No thanks! For starters, he's really nervous and he snaps at little things. Second, again, he's the best and others are really close to driving like crap. So you can imagine what would he say to a new driver who has never sat in front of the wheel. I got of topic... Anyways, I really want to pass this test sometime soon, but we also have no money. So there's that... It looks like I'm stuck with public transport... When I remember that I started dreaming about driving to school about 2 (or 3) years ago... Who would know that I still wouldn't have my licence in my pocket??
God, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 March, 2014

Double standards

I'm sure you've all heard of double standards and, no matter how hard we try, we almost always have them. I'm not proud of it, but I have to admit I have them too. Maybe for too many stuff. If we're all the same, with, of course, the same rights, why can't we delete double standards out of our minds? It's weird to see a man wearing a skirt (except a Scottish kilt), it's weird to see a girl playing football, it's weird to see a woman covered in tattoos, it's weird to see a man with an earring... Some of these stuff I like, some I don't, but that's all about the person. It's all in the point of view. Surely, you're not expecting everyone to have the same opinion as you have, right? You don't have to like something, but it's not your's right to say anything. You can think what you want, you can comment with your friends (preferably with the ones who have the same opinion), but you can't say anything to that person. You can not mock them for being them. Again, you don't have to like it, but respect it. Or, at least, respect the person. Because, no matter what they wear, what color their hair is or anything else, they are people worth respecting. (Unless you know them and they proved you wrong with their bad behavior.) If you don't like them for whatever reason, don't hang out with those people and leave them alone. I'm sure most of them are dealing with all the looks while they're walking down the street. (I'm no angel, I also look when something seems weird to me, but at least I try not to stare...) I have no idea actually why I started this topic, there must have been something that annoyed me, but I've said my point. It is the same as: "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything." I think more people should go through life listening to this saying.
Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? It it Necessary? Is it Kind? >> THINK

16 March, 2014

Weird or not?

So, I was having coffee the other day with my friends and somehow I was left all alone with one of my best friends in the end. I have no idea where did all the people go. Thank God I was left with her so it wasn't awkward. It doesn't matter really. We started talking about boys and I told her about Mr. M. And her words are still on my mind and I have no idea what to think. She said: "What does the guy in a relationship have to chat with other girl all the time?" Obviously, I'm the other girl. And now I' thinking... First, he's not supposed to have girl friends? Second, I'm glad he's not taking her advice, otherwise we wouldn't be talking. We wouldn't be anything (I'm not sure if we're friends either...). I'm sure he's just polite and communicative and really friendly, but there's something else she said about that. It's like he's giving me some false hope. I'm also sure that's only in my mind because I think I really like him. And now what? I'm back to square one. Honesty, I have no idea what would I be thinking if my boyfriend was talking to one same girl for five months now but if anyone outside my head read our chats, it would be pretty clear there's nothing between us. I know you don't like commenting (or rating) but just tell me what you think. I need to hear some opinions. I think I've finally convinced my mind that nothing will happen with us, I just need to tell that to my heart. I think that will work fine in about 5 years. Hahah. And now, when I look at it, I spent the last 5 months hoping for something that won't come true. Why do girls do that to themselves? I did this to myself. It's nobody's fault that I'm like this. Just mine... Oh well... 
I hope you're having better love life than me... Bye.
I have no idea...

15 March, 2014

Sun is up

Hey my lovely readers :D
I'm in a great mood today and I'm going to try to cheer you all up. It was a great day. Sun is finally shining and everything seems better when it's warm outside. My day started pretty early considering it's Saturday. I woke up around 9 a.m. and I immediately opened my curtains. Sun was there, a smile came to my face and I could start my day. I did nothing the entire morning, I was just lying around. After lunch I met up with my friend Joan and we went for a long walk. I loved it. (Although I'm having some medical problems with my knee, so I almost died today... It really hurts.) Afterwards, we had some cake and hot chocolate in a "restaurant". I loved that part too. Actually, I'm in a great mood because I know I don't have to study anything for the next week so I feel free. It's the best feeling a student can have. Or, at least, I think that. College is taking all my free time and I have no life whatsoever. So I'm really looking forward to all weekends like this. Hopefully, I'll start riding a bike again some time soon. I can't wait. I personally don't believe in what people say that if the weather is bad you can't be in a good mood. But today, I thank the Sun for my good mood. In fact, I would be happy no matter the weather conditions, but the fact that I got the chance to go out a bit, feels really good. I really hope you all had a good day. If not, well, there's always tomorrow. Now, I'm going to increase my happiness some more and I'm going to watch some movies and just relax for the rest of the evening. I suggest you do the same.
Goodbye :))
Sunny day :))

13 March, 2014

Can't wait to travel

For quite some time now, I've been talking to my friend about me visiting her in Ljubljana (Slovenia). We've finally narrowed the possibilities down to two dates. We're just waiting to see how everything will go with our colleges. So, I've been researching a bit about the city, what should I do there, what's worth seeing. Good thing is that you can find many reviews on the Internet and I did that, of course. I've found nine things I would really like to see. The rest of it is up to her. I'm not sure how long will I be there (cause I have no idea how the trains are driving) but I guess two days. A weekend. We will have to talk about this when the time comes. Anyways, since there are only nine stuff on my list, I hope I'll get to see them all due to their closeness in the city. The only problem is I like to take million photos and I will stay in one park for 10 hours and just take pictures the entire time. I'll have to control myself! I just want to mention that I really like traveling (although I almost never have a chance, it would be fair to say I would like to travel). I also like seeing historical buildings or places and I like to listen to a guide while he/she is talking about history. (Yes, I'm that person who is in the front row while everybody else is dying to run away and have a free time.) So, I won't keep you long here. Not today. I'll leave you with pictures and names of the places. See for yourself and tell me would you like to travel. Where and why?
Bye till the next time
Isn't it beautiful???

11 March, 2014

I've got the chills

Hey :)
I've been in such a good mood today, I don't know why. I think it's the Sun that's finally shining that had something to do with my happiness. Anyhow, I loved the feeling. Why loved? Because I'm not happy anymore. Something happened today and I can't really tell you about it (cause I'm not really sure what to think), but I started thinking about it just two minutes ago. I was watching a TV show, romantic one, of course and I got the chills. Like I always do. Every single time I watch some romantic scene, I get the chills. My romantic and overly emotional side is breaking out every time. I like it and I don't. It usually messes up with my head, like now, and then I'm depressed. Wouldn't everything be so much better if we were able to write scenarios? I mean, I really, really want a TV love. With all the pain, drama and everything else, but that love... I know movies are taking love to a whole new level, but I still kinda hope that there's a love like that in real life. And, I know, this hope and this feeling I'm having right now are going to kill me. I need to switch off my emotions for a while. I over think everything. I question everything. Currently, I'm thinking about one thing, and one thing only. And I can't stop. And I should be concentrating on thousands of other things. But I can't get rid of this feeling... Is there a Landon-Jamie/Damon-Elena/Jack-Rose/Lucas-Peyton/Tyler-Nora/Pacey-Joey/Ross-Rachel/Dylan-Brenda love? (Of course, I can't remember most of my favorite couples, but I think you can, at least, recognize one of these...) Cause, if there isn't what's the point of living? We, overly emotional (from time to time) people live for this kind of love. And if it doesn't exists...? Then what? For me, it's like believing in God. I have to believe cause I can't bear the thought that there isn't anything after life. (I'm not trying to convince anyone to start believing.) So, after all this depressed thoughts, I leave you. I need to clear my head.
Till next time...
Them too...

10 March, 2014

Cheating "rules"

How many times have you heard: "He/She cheated on me with her/him??" I don't understand that logic. Highlight is obviously on that other person and not on the fact that somebody just cheated on you. Does it really matter who the other person is? People often say how they would deal with the adultery but what bothers them is the fact who is this other person. Is it a better one or beneath them? Some say that it's a shame when you get cheated on with the person who is "beneath" your class. I say it's a shame either way. And the person who cheated should be ashamed, not the one who just got hurt. But people often forget that too. I admit, it kinda sucks if you're, let's say, a really hot and pretty person with really high education and a respectful and well paid job, and you get cheated on with some prostitute (I wanted to say some other job but I didn't want to offend anyone). But hey, they're people just like you are. They have same rights and should be respected no matter how many schools have they finished or what they do. (Same goes for prostitutes I guess... It's just a job, right?) So, it's the same. You got cheated on. That's the point here. I think it's just easier for people to think that their better half has gone crazy and chose somebody worse than you than accepting the fact that the person you love isn't the one who you thought they were. It's easier to let go if you're angry with them (for any stupid reason there is). Also, if a person cheats on you, there are two possible reasons why. First, you're annoying or something and they can't be with you anymore. Second, they're stupid and can't appreciate what they have. Simple as that. I think I couldn't ever forgive adultery, not even if my better half was drunk as hell (don't drink if you can't control yourself). The only exception might be if he was drugged against his will. (Somebody can put something in your drink, you know? Be careful.) If a person cheats on you and gives you some lame explanation or no explanation at all, end it immediately. You can not trust that person!!!

08 March, 2014

Happy Women's Day

Hello :)
This post is more for ladies out there. And for guys who forgot about this day, I'm here to remind you of it. It's International Women's Day (IWD). It all started as a Socialist political event, but the holiday found its way to blend in in almost every country's culture. It celebrates women all around the world. It is one day when we all appreciate everything a woman does. It could be considered as a mixture of Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. It is popular in some parts of the world to celebrate this day by wearing a purple ribbon (sometimes pink, but don't mistake it for AIDS awareness day). This year, the UN theme for this day is: "Equality for women is progress for all". The sooner as everybody gets this, the sooner we can move on. We can do and be better. Some countries have this day as a public holiday, some just a holiday for women, and countries like mine don't have it as a holiday at all. But we do celebrate it anyway. There are lots of ways to celebrate this day. Some do parties, some walk around the city in procession,... Whatever you do, this day should be celebrated. Women are amazing. And because all women like flowers, there are also lots of different opinions on what flower represent woman the best. So, in Italy men give yellow mimosas to women, French give violets, we mostly give red roses. Presents are often included (something like candy, chocolate, small things...). The whole point of today is to appreciate women, make them equal to men, and, for women, to have fun. After all, we have our whole day. (Yes, there is a Men's Day too, but I'll write about that when the time comes.) I've spent my day with my family, we also celebrated my father's birthday, so it was really fun. And now, because I have some wine in my blood, I am not really able to think straight. Hahah. If you only know how many mistakes have I done while writing this...
Goodbye :*
Happy, happy, happy day :)

07 March, 2014

Men reactions

Hey :)
Today we got a new math teacher. I could say hot, young one. Woman. In my college that's pretty odd. We only have few of female teachers and non of them are particularly young or that attractive. You could say this one is. (She is annoying as hell (to me), but she is nice to look at (I guess).) What made me wonder was how the guys reacted to her. They were animals. They spent four hours talking about her legs, ass, figure in general. They even imagined her working out and what kind of exercises she's doing for that behind. I am always repulsed by that way of talking about anyone. It's just not respectful enough. I was even more disappointed because those men were my "friends", my colleagues. This kind of talk maybe wouldn't be so repulsive to me if it didn't bring out all my insecurities. About my personality and body. It happens every time, so I'm pretty much used to it, but it still doesn't feel right. Than I wondered what would have happened if a hot male professor walked through the door. How would girls react? I can't speak for all of them, but I would make one or two comments how cute he is and that would be it. Maybe few more comments after the class, I won't lie. I believe I couldn't hurt anyone with my comments. I am sure they didn't even think about it in that way and I'm also sure they had no intentions to hurt me or anybody else, but they did. It's not directly their fault. (I'm not one of those girls who can put the blame on anybody for nothing.) The worst part for me was that a girl from my group joined them (cause she has the perfect athletic body). This only gave them more audience and power to continue. In all those hours I was just praying that nobody asks me anything. I didn't even wanted to be looked at. That's how much insecurities they pulled out on the surface. After today I wonder what they're saying behind my back. (This is not the first time I've thought about it, of course.) What was their first reaction to me? Am I too fat? Is my hair ugly? Are my legs too short? Too fat (legs)? (Again with the fat, I know.) I know we all judge by the looks (me too!), but that never stopped me from giving person a chance (or seeing them as a person that should be treated with respect), especially when we're all in the same group every day. I really wonder how long they will keep up with this. I don't think I'm going to be able to listen to that for few more months...
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Female teacher? Young? Good looking? Impossible!

06 March, 2014

Brutally honest

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Are you an honest person? I know we all believe that we are and most of us are really trying to be one, but that's not completely true. It can't be. We all lie. Little lies, big lies... Little ones are OK as long they're said to spare someone's feelings and when the subject isn't serious. At least, that's my opinion. For instance, when your friend is really really excited about her/his new bag/haircut/shoes and you don't particularly like it... Of course you're not gonna ruin their mood and tell the truth. Instead, you say it's OK. Don't over exaggerate, because then you're really lying. But I'm asking you if you have ever been brutally honest? I have never. I hold in a lot and I know that's not always (almost never) a good idea, but that's me. In my life, I think I only heard two brutally honest people and I was hurt by what they said. One of this times was yesterday, but it was all on Facebook so we talked about it and it turned out that was all a big misunderstanding (at least he described it pretty well to look like that). The other time, actually the first time, was in my 6th or 7th grade of elementary school. So, about 6 years ago. And I still remember her face and my reaction and humiliation and pain, really, when she said something about me. I still don't think that was true, but that was her opinion. The saddest part is that I believed her and even today, I often catch myself thinking about it. As much at it seemed like truth to her and she was honest, she should have considered that her words were going to mean something. She hurt me. And we were supposed to be friends. I also have a friend that was told some pretty ugly stuff by her "friend" and she loved it. At least, she didn't even admit she was hurt. God, I was hurt and he wasn't even talking about me! And now I'm thinking... Maybe I should be brutally honest too? Apparently, they don't care about feelings and, for some unknown reason, people like it. Being honest is clearly a virtue but you should still e careful what you're talking and to whom.
P.S. Non of the above considers Maja Vucic. (Somebody will understand.)
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To be or not to be?

05 March, 2014

What the hell is happening to people?

We've been talking today about all the horrible things that are happening with and to people these days. Recently, there was a case here in my beloved country when a woman left her newborn child in a junkyard. Her excuse was that the baby was born dead... Did I mention she gave birth to him alone at home, put him in a box and left him like trash? I am not really sure, but I think they spent two days looking for that baby with those specially trained dogs. Nobody would even know about this if there wasn't for her gynecologist who saw her few days later and asked her where's her tummy or baby. And now I'm thinking... If the baby was already born dead, why didn't she just went to the hospital and they would deal with it in proper way? She wasn't the one to blame. My first question was, of course, why didn't she go to the hospital to give birth, but fine. For all those other moms out there: if you don't want to be a mom and you have a child give him/her up for adoption, leave them in a hospital or some shelter/church. I'm not saying that's OK, but it sure is better than throwing away kids and leaving them to die!! Another thing that caught my mind was in today's TV show. There's this elderly singer. He has been in a wheelchair for quite a long time now. The story was about how somebody stole his wheelchair four times! Seriously? It's like stealing somebody's legs. Who steels a wheelchair? You know all those pictures "Faith in humanity restored."? Well, after this, no, it's not restored. What kind of monsters would do this. Especially to innocent kids and disabled person. Also, there are these great parents who train their 100 kids to bring home money. Any way they know. They're begging on the streets in every weather conditions and nobody cares. As long as they bring money for parents to buy beer. New day, new shift, same kid. Of course, most of them see this life as only possible when they grow up and the circle continues. Also, animal cruelty. Don't let me even start on that. I just saw yesterday (on TV) a woman who "loves" her animals but one of her cats was scalped. She was missing half of her head but who cares. As long as she doesn't have to do anything it's OK. Thank God animal cops got her and she went to court. It is horrible to know that these kind of things still happen in 21st century. We should know better.
We sure should!!!!

03 March, 2014

New semester, new life, three days later

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How many times have you said that you'll change with the new year, new school year, after birthday...? I know I have every time since, let's say, I was 10. New semester started in my college and, of course, I again have big plans for my transformation. I already know it's not going to happen, but that's the big plan. From all those talking I did around New Year, I did nothing. I made a new blog, and I'm really satisfied with it. (Check it out -> here). My book is not being written at the moment, but I'm also satisfied with that. Since I'm an amateur, I did quite a lot of work there. Let's say... My college is going OK (I already have 2 subjects I know I'm not gonna pass, but, oh well...). Family is OK too, more or less, friends the same... And there's love. Of course. This is the main reason why I need to have a makeover. Mental first, than I can work on my appearance. The problem is, I won't change mentally unless I change my appearance. (I think this is very large problem among us teenagers...) So, there's that. I'm not doing anything to change this either, and I know it. I just read on Facebook: "If you don't love yourself, you'll always keep chasing people who don't love you, either." I guess this is true. You can't expect someone to love you if you don't love yourself. (I think this only goes for romantic relationships.) And why am I writing this now? Because I haven't talked to M. for three days and I miss it. You could say I'm depressed a bit. There's something in waiting for his response, thinking what to write next to be funny, friendly and to keep the conversation going... "Text him first you dumbass!!!" I know, I know. I did. For the last five months. And don't think now that I should get a hint already and give it up, because I know he wants to talk. Now I'm waiting for him to make his move. I'm just afraid (I know) that I don't mean to him as much as he means to me (as friends, colleague). And the more I write this, the more I think I'll text him first. But what? Hmm... I'll have to think about it some more, so I'll leave you with some new information about my life. And since I'm really in romantic mood right now, I advise you to send your better-half a text. Saying something sweet for no reason. Trust me, they'll be happy about it (unless you're dating a grumpy cat haha).
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If you could just... Yeah, that would be great :))

02 March, 2014

Then and now, what to buy

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I know I've been writing about this few times already but I can't help it noticing how things are changing over the time. Me and my friend were talking the other day about how much we have changed but our appearance is still the same. That made me thinking about shopping and changing all outer stuff, like my room and hair. What were once Barbie dolls and toy cars, now are shoes and dresses. Once we were going to buy crayons, now we're buying stuff for decorating our room. We do everything what we possibly can to make us feel better, including changing our appearance and our space of living. The only problem, of course, is money. Why would it all be rainbows and unicorns? Maybe I'm a bit bitter because we used to have about $700 more a month so we were able to afford more stuff we wanted. I'm always thinking about those times. And when I do, I feel bad about myself because I know my parents are handling money the best they can. That's why I've thought about getting a job soon and I also want to convert my clothes to something that fits me better. (Anchy your mom can help you with this!) I'll just give you two ideas. (I'm almost sure Anchy will do this better than I will.) I took my old coat and gave it to the tailor to narrow it down a bit (I've lost weight). This costed much less than buying a new one. I also took my old denim jacket, rolled up my sleeves and now I have spring jacket with refreshed look or I have a upper part of a casual suit. It's all about the imagination. One more great idea is buying on discounts (winter clothes is going to get lower prices these days...) or buying on eBay. I don't recommend buying for lots of money cause there's always a chance that your order won't come, but some small amounts are OK. I just bought a T-shirt yesterday for $5. I have pretty big list next to me and I'm planning on buying most of it over some time. Since I started this with comparing past and present, I can also tell you that you can have a yard sale or you can simply sell your stuff over the Internet. I'm sure you don't need most of the stuff you're holding on to (like me).
I'm going back to my shopping now.
Stay well :))
P.S. These are items from my list to-buy. I am aware that some of them are the same just in different colors. Comment what you like :)

01 March, 2014

Masks all around

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A Carnival is coming up and everybody in Croatia is preparing their masks. (Yes, it's different from Halloween.) There are lots of ideas so I'll give you some too. But, first of all, I'll tell you about my carnival experience. Since I live in a big city, carnival and going trick or treating is not that popular anymore. When I was little is was still kinda a big thing and everybody was looking forward to it. Now, people pretend they're not home when somebody rings the door bell. More and more kids are giving this up and they have no spirit anymore. I loved the time when our school threw a masquerade party. We were the happiest kids alive. I remember me always going as a princess or a fairy or something like that. I loved wearing those pink ball dresses and crowns. I would still like to go out like that. But thing have changed over the years. If I would go out now I would be a guy. A cop, firefighter, cowboy, marine... Anything like that. (And I don't mean those sexy little outfits that are not there for the dress-up, but only to show how skinny some girl is. I mean real uniforms.) Last year I went to school as a soldier. I loved it. Now I would pick guy costume over girly one anytime. There's something about me wanting to be a guy, so there's this one day when I, and all of us, can be whoever we want. Awesome feeling. Especially if you're shy or embarrassed, the mask is a great cover. Without further ado, I give you some really great costumes that I personally love.
Have fun being somebody else. Queen, Zorro, cowboy, Batman... You're not given that chance everyday. :))
P.S. I fell in love with the soldier (my favorite), cowboy and swat guy :))