13 December, 2013

Skates make them hotter!

Hi to all of you out there :)
I love ice-skating! I'm not good, if you maybe assumed it from my previous sentence. I just love it. I love to slowly move on the ice while the cold wind makes my cheeks blush. There's just something about that spirit you can sense on the skating rink. So, last year (as every since I learned how to skate, I mean move my skates on the ice), I went ice-skating. The point is that I went on the last day of the season with my friend Helen. Just to see this one guy again... Short brown hair, simple blue jeans, black T-shirt and a green hoodie. Every time the same styling. We were amazed. Me more than her, but still... He's younger than us, we assumed. It's not that. There was something about him... And I was planning to meet him, just to say "hi". But I never did. I was, and still am, too shy. But his skating... Gosh, you should have seen that. I have a thing for guys who can skate like pros. He was amazing. I just saw him yesterday. It took me about 0.2 seconds to recognize him. But there wasn't hoodie anywhere. I was a bit disappointed by that. But then he took off his coat and stayed in his well-known black T-shirt. (Yes, in our country we do skate with short sleeves.) I realized that he's way more cuter in motion than if you really look at his face but that's not even important. His skating is! I love it. Now, he's not the only one there. I found a new guy to follow. Black hoodie, rolled up sleeves (makes him even hotter, I like that), jeans, great skates, great body, short dark brown hair... Really good-looking guy. Even up close. He may be 20 to 22 years old. Not bad, right? His skating? Perfect! I hope I'll see him again... And again... And again... There really isn't anything else on this guys what would normally attract me on a skating rink full of people than their ability to skate like professional skaters. I would normally see them, think they're cute/hot and move on. But this... I can't get my thoughts away from it... My eyes only looked for them in the skating rink... And, I almost forgot, there are security guys. Two hot guys who also skate like gods! (They are not actually that hot but, as I said, good skating makes them the hottest persons alive.) They are a bit older (25) but, as I said, that's not important. Now, they amaze me the most. They are there to keep the peace and order while skating but they sure know how to use their talent to skate. They are the ones who do most of the stupid things out there, but nothing too much. Just some little pranks. And they are so polite. If you fall because of them, or anyone else, they immediately come to you to see if everything's OK and they help you to get up. Yes, that's kinda their job but it's still nice of them to do that. In conclusion: I like guys who can skate and I want to learn how to skate real good (but I never will cause I'm to scared of falling and braking something).
In addition, I've put together some pictures mentioned in this blog. I've used Nike's clothes because that's my favorite brand. And please imagine more muscular guy and completely black hoodie ;)
Beautiful skating rink, skates, green hoodie, rolled up sleeves, my skating rink (empty during the day), more of that beautiful rink, security, more hockey skates and black T-shirt...

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