04 December, 2013

Ideal home

Hi there :)
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything yesterday. I was dead tired. I still am, but I think I owe you that much. Since I have a blog, I should post something. :)
I always dream about my future and I hope I'll have a lot of money, like everybody else. I hope for that because I have lots of ideas for my future home. I always wanted a house with a big backyard. I want at least two dogs and they need space to run around. But, house or a flat, I have the same ideas. My home will be in natural colors, with lots of green. Green is my favorite color, next to red but I can't have a red house. And it's very calming color. That's a fact. Proven! Everything will be wooden (light wood), brown, green, white and beige. Of course, I'll have some pieces in contrast colors like red but only a few. I don't want to overdo it. I'd like to have a fireplace but I know that's already a big privilege. I also want few showcases and shelves for souvenirs and books. I'm not some passionate reader but I like to see books in a room. Makes it more sophisticated and more movie-alike. Paintings? Of course. But some that I can actually see what's painted there. I don't like those modern or expressionistic paintings, no offence to anyone who does. I'd also like all my linen to match. Now I have one pillowcase, another pillowcase and a blanket that has nothing to do with any of these two. I'm used to it but I'd like to have everything matching. Dishes too: square plates with brown border and green ornaments (or something like that). Everything is planned out. I just need my place and a lot of money ;). This is my first choice. (I hope you got the picture.) My other plan is all modern. Black and white. And green, of course. Metal with modern wood again, shine everywhere. Paintings in metal frames, great chandeliers... Hopefully, I will accomplish my goal. Here are some pictures for you :)
P.S. Of course, I couldn't find everything I would like but most of it is similar. And this beautiful big house is Cristiano Ronaldo's (interior is extra modern).
My favorites

Not bad :)

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