22 December, 2013

All in one post

Hi you all :)
I wanted to thank you for I've received my 300th blog view. This is a major accomplishment for me since I started all of this just because of one night when I felt like nothing. Really, you have no idea what it means to me that somebody is reading this. Keep on the good work.
You can follow me here or on the Bloglovin but don't forget to follow my blog there too.
Also, I wanted to inform you that I started writing my own stories. You can read them at my Wattpad profile (Honey_DU). My friend Anchy told me that I could make a shot at writing my stories without breaking them into few blog post so I did it. I really hope you'll have the time to read at least some of it. So far, I've written two stories: Intro and, let's call it, chapter one. You'll see. If you're wondering what "DU" stands for, it has two meanings. One of them is "Don't Underestimate" and the other one I'm not ready to share with you yet. I hope I'll have the courage on day to admit to myself the truth. But that's not important now.
Since this is going to be a short post with few topics I have just one more for you. Me and Mr. T. of course. In case you were wondering how's my love life... There is no one. He went home to his girlfriend but I'm fine. I like him (as a friend and more) and we're getting along pretty good. If we manage to talk every day (or every other) during this holidays, we'll be fine.
That's pretty much it. I want to thank Anchy for persuading me to start my "writing career". I would also like to thank my friend Dorko (just D. in the previous posts, don't mistake her for Miss D.) for telling me that it is great what I'm doing.
I wish you all the best possible rest of the day and prepare well for Christmas. There's not much time left.
Goodbye :*

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