16 December, 2013

Something sweet to eat?

Hi you all :)
Yes please! I warn you, do not read further if there's nothing to eat near you. You'll be hungry. Here's why... I'm writing this last few posts so you could get to know me and my way of living. As you know, I'm a college student. I eat in college restaurant every day (the food is incredibly good) but, of course, I like to eat junk food too. This post, however, will not be about food like actual food that saturate you after eating it, but about all the sweet and unhealthy stuff you eat after the real meal. I eat all kinds of sweets (and salty chips) but some of them always make my heart pump faster when I see them in a store. I can't really say what's my favorite but here are some of them...
1. Chocolate candy. "M&M's". Colorful, small and filled with chocolate. What more can you ask in a candy? I always buy them. People who know me don't miss a chance to buy me "M&M's". That's how much I love them.
2. Lollipops. Preferably "Chupa-chups" but any kind is good actually. I love those flat ones (I only know they exist in my country). They have really unique taste and it's great!
3. Gummy bears. "Haribo". This is probably the worst kind of sweets for your teeth but their taste is great. Isn't it? To be honest, I always feel kinda bad for killing a bear, ripping his head or limb off but it's their sacrifice for happier me. (Morbid much?)
4. Bananko (banana + chocolate). Actually, anything from "Kraš" (a Croatian factory). They really make the best cookies, chocolate, candies... The combination of bananas and chocolate is unbelievably great. You have a feeling that you're eating a fruit. Makes you feel less guilty for eating it (if you're on a diet or something).
5. Chips. "Pringles", "Franck" (Croatian factory)... Anything goes but these are my favorite. I like them salty and with bell pepper. This is the worst kind of after meal addition to your stomach, and it makes you fatter than probably everything else, but tasting that perfect thin sliced potato is a great feeling.
6. Gums. These are the most healthier "food" from my list and they actually keep your teeth healthier too. Also, they help you digest your meal and give you a great breath. Win-win situation. I like green "Orbit".
Are you hungry yet? No? Just look at these pictures... *__*
Enjoy :)

In order of appearance: gummy bears, M&M's, chips, lollipops, Bananko and Bronhi (also from "Kraš"), gums. 

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