30 December, 2015

NYE problems

Hello :) NYE is approaching fast, isn't it? Well, like in all crucial moments I found so many problems and I think writing them down will help me see the bigger picture. So here I go. I told you about a party last year and I wasn't sure if I should go or not. (Post here. I actually recommend you to read it because it's the same situation.) Anyway, that same group is celebrating NYE together and I'm, again, kinda invited. To sum up the post in the link: they're older than me, we know each other but do not hang out, I wasn't invited by the host (again) and it's kinda small and private party. So, after a lot of thinking about it, I decided to go. If you really knew me, you would know this is a major and huge (yes, that big) step for me. I find reasons not to go every few minutes - from not knowing to dance to being problematic with food,... But I don't really want to spend NYE at home so I try to fight myself and convince myself to go. So far, I have no idea which one of me is winning. Never mind. In case that I do go, I have to wear something. I have to put on make-up. I have to do something with my hair. (I don't have to. I want to.) And I have nothing. I tried on all my dresses right now and non of them fit me anymore. Great. We kinda have dress code so I should wear a dress. (It's friendly gathering and nobody is making me wear a dress, but girls are all together on this and I don't want to stand out. That's me.) Now, my only hope is that my tailor is home tomorrow and she'll make my dress fit me in like 3 hours. And I washed my hair two days ago. And it's starting to get greasy but not so much. But too much to go like that. And I refuse to wash it often as I'm training it to grease less (if that's possible). And I know I'll wash it tomorrow but I'll hate it. And shoes. I don't have heels to go with this dress. I'm doomed. I know these are basically lame problems, but for me, in this time of the year, they're a big deal. And the make-up problem. Should I go with the dark red lipstick? Or just red? Or nude? Should I highlight my eyes or my lips? No make-up? Oh my God!! Why am I so stressing about it? 
To calm me down, talk a bit about your plans for NYE. Hair, make-up, outfit, place, people,... Comments below.
I have no idea.

29 December, 2015

Expectations for 2016

As this year is coming to an end, we're all expecting new one. Of course, there comes big fuss with it - where to be on the New Year's eve, with whom, what to wear,... But, there's also a morning after. Most of people sleep through that 1st of January but there has to be a point where you realize you've started a whole new year. And if you're young and hopeful (not necessarily, but usually) you have this big plan for new year. From simple wishes that 2016 will be better than 2015 to specific wishes and goals. Well, I have mine too. Mine are usually the same because I never do anything (I hate myself) but here's my list.
  • New 2016 will be better than the 2015. It has to be. Not that my year was so bad, but I tend to remember bad stuff more than the good ones, so...
  • To lose weight and get my body in shape. I've lost a lot of my previous weight and I'm kinda proud of myself but I'm not really satisfied with the way I look.
  • Get a tattoo. Small one. I already have one in mind. Last year I pierced my ears which was also a huge step for me so this is a year for an even bigger step.
  • I'll get my driver's licence. This is actually a done deal because I have some small amount of hours to drive and then I have to pass the exam and that's it. So I hope I'll pass it.
  • Get my nail designer licence. I already have one but there's this girl who teaches the best course in my country so I hope I'll get her licence.
  • I'll be more outgoing. I won't. I know it. But I wish to be.
  • I'll finish college. This is also kinda a done deal since I only have few more months of it but I still need to pass everything.
  • I'll travel more. I discovered those cheap one-day trips to places near me so that would be a perfect start for me. Hopefully, I'll see some other countries. The only problem are my friends and family who are not so excited about traveling as I am so I have no travel buddies.
  • And I hope that I'll be able to share all of the above with my special someone (so I need to find someone first haha).
  • I hope I'll make my parents proud. And my brother. And grandparents, and friends,...
  • The most important wish of mine is to become stronger, to build my self esteem. Yes, I hope I'll do that. At least that.
What are your New Year resolutions? Do you have any? Do you think this is stupid? Comment below!
Is it really?

27 December, 2015

My grandparents - mom's side

Hello :)
So the saga continues... You can find my previous posts about my family on the right under label "Family and Friends" (So far, I've written about my mom, dad, brother and friends with whom I've grew apart.)
So, my grandparents... Where to start about the people who were actually more like your parents first part of your life? I was with them most of the time before I started school as my mom and dad worked and my grandparents were retired. (God, I miss those times...) Anyhow. My grandma. She is generous and really hardworking woman! She holds everything together, she manages everything. And I admire her for that. But! She thinks she is the smartest person on the planet; she knows everything. I'm not saying she's stupid, but there are things she knows nothing about and still tries convince everybody she's right. And that's so freaking annoying. She is also a bit racist and can't really stand any other religion than ours. (I said a bit racist because she dislikes every other race but wouldn't say anything to people or wouldn't throw anything at them. Get it?) This is so wrong, I know, but it's hard to change old people's opinion after 70+ years. As she gets older, she gets more flaws. She thinks a lot about her past and you can see she is deeply hurt by some things that happened a really long time ago. I think that defines her more than anyone thinks. She tries. And now, my grandpa. Oh, wow. He really had a tough life. He finished 4 high schools just because his family couldn't afford him going to college and he was such a great student. This brings tear to my eyes every time I remember it. Also, going to see his family always reminds me of what he had to go through to get to school/town. He grew up in a small wooden house with 8 more brothers and sisters. They had to get up around 5 o'clock every morning to take care of the animals (village stuff) and to get to school by 8. His 2 brothers were killed in a war, his sister drowned. So far, he lost 6 of his siblings. Now, when I think about hard life - he's lived it. And, after all of this, he's the sweetest person ever! He's loved by everyone. And he really should be. Not to get all mushy, I love my grandparents, of course. They would give anything for me and my brother. And my mom, of course. They try so hard to make us happy and I feel so bad for not spending more time with them, but over the years they became so hard to be around. They fight a lot and they're stubborn as hell. So, I don't really like spending 2 weeks alone with them as I used to. So, that sucks and I hate myself for not calling that often, but I do hope they know I love them. A lot.
I love you.

25 December, 2015

It's Christmas!! | 2015

Hello everyone!

I wish you all merry Christmas!
I wish you peace and joy!
I wish you all have cakes and cookies and lots of food to really enjoy these winter holidays!
I wish you to spend your holidays with your loved ones!
I wish you all the best!
Merry Christmas guys!

23 December, 2015

Christmas cookies - easy recipe

Hello lovely readers!
Before I begin, I have to say I'm not a natural cook - I don't cook or bake at all. But! It's Christmas and I decided it would be nice to make an effort and contribute to our festive table. So, I went to find the easiest recipe I could. And it worked out perfectly!
You'll need:
  • 1 stick (4 oz) of softened butter (11,3 dkg butter)
  • 1 cup of sugar (12,8 dkg sugar)
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste (optional)
  • 2 cups of all purpose flower (25,6 dkg rough flower)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • melt butter to the room temperature
  • mix/beat butter with sugar until you get the smooth mixture
  • add egg and vanilla and mix it again until all of it combines
  • add all the other ingredients
  • form a dough and leave it in the refrigerator for about half an hour
  • roll out the dough to be thick around 0,5 cm to 1 cm
  • get your molds and have fun creating different shapes
  • get your cookies on the cooking paper and put everything in the preheated oven (350°F or 175°C)
  • bake for around 10-15 minutes until you get the golden color
If you need to see it, here's the whole video about it:
There are videos about decoration too:
This is really simple and easy recipe with delicious outcome!

19 December, 2015

Christmas songs (part 2)

Hello once again. I'm here today to continue my list of favorite Christmas songs. Of course I'll forget something, but these are on my main playlist.
  1. John Lennon - Happy Christmas. Let's look back on the year that just passed and think about all that's happened. Hopefully, you're satisfied with it. Now it's time to relax and enjoy the holidays. And remember: wars are over! Please! We are all equal! Please!
  2. Little Drummer Boy. I have no idea who plays this so I chose a random one. Don't worry if you don't have money. Christmas shouldn't be about money. It's about giving love and peace to the world. Giving a piece of yourself is the greatest gift you can give.
  3. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You. Oh, gotta love Mariah. And we can't have Christmas without love. So, I hope you all have your better halfs next to you. I hope you're in love. I hope you love and you're loved.
  4. Mariah Carey - Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. I love love love this intro. Be careful what you do over the year as it will all come right back at you. Do good and they'll treat you good. (It's hard to believe this in this world, but that's how it should be.) I hope you get good presents.
  5. My Christmas Tree. You have probably heard this one in Home Alone 2 movie. I mean, this is a soundtrack to the most popular Christmas movies. Gotta love it at least for that. And it is about the greatest thing in the whole year - decorating a Christmas tree. When you see it, you'll feel home. And that's the best feeling.
  6. Silent Night, Holy Night. They say it's an original version, sang by Christy Lane. I've loved this one since I was a kid. It's a religious church song but it's so emotional. So gentle and heart warming. This is the night everything should be only spiritual, without everyday problems and money and other stuff; just love, understanding, happiness.
  7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas. I don't know what to say about this one. Marry Christmas.
  8. Wham - Last Christmas. One more love song over here. Well, you fooled me once, I'm not doing that again. Christmas time is special and shouldn't be wasted on the people who don't deserve it. It's Christmas and we should all be carefree.
  9. Hurts - All I Want for Christmas Is New Year's Day. I only found out about this song recently and it's on replay the whole time. It's a sad anti-Christmas song, actually. This guy feels lonely and he doesn't like the year behind him. Christmas is only reminding him of that. All he wants is a fresh start in a new year. I can relate so bad. So I love it!
As I'm done with this list, I ask you to write down (in the comments below) your favorite Christmas songs. What do you listen? Why do you like them?
And here's a 4 hour playlist for the best Christmas mood ever (it's not my list). Enjoy.

16 December, 2015

Today: 16.12.2015.

Doing: wrapping Christmas gifts - yaaaay (should be studying, of course)
Mood: so far so good; can't be bad around Christmas presents
Favorite person: Maggie is pretty high on the list
Thinking about: exams I'm not studying for and what to get my brother for Christmas
Missing: good ideas I used to have when presents are supposed to be bought (I only actually need two more ideas but they're so making me nervous)
Loving: wrapping paper and Christmas songs, being home alone right now
Hating: not having a present for my brother (I'm just going in circles with this, right?)
New discovery: I can cut classes without feeling guilty (not that you should practice that!)
Listening to: Lines and Colours - Dear Santa (new song!! and I'm totally addicted) - big plus: they're Croatian

14 December, 2015

Christmas songs (part 1)

Christmas is coming soon and I think it would be a good time to post some festive music up here. 
  1. Andy Williams - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. This is such a simple song about happiness in the times of Christmas. This is my favorite Christmas song! Love ones are all we need.
  2. Bing Crosby - White Christmas. I love this song since there is a version in my language too, but I also love it because it's kinda a song of my friendship with a very special person in my life (among other songs...). We all want snow and white holidays. And this video is just perfect!
  3. Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock. Now, we need some fast and fun songs too, right? Just dance people!!! We need more happiness. And you probably know it from Mean Girls. Also a good movie to watch.
  4. Brenda Lee - Rockin Around Christmas Tree. This song explains everything people should be doing on Christmas and around that date. We should be happy, in love, eating, drinking, dancing... We should be all together.
  5. Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad. You don't have to speak Spanish (??) to understand the joyful message here. This song is so so so catchy and you will not be able to stop singing it. This simple song has the only message people should have for each other.
  6. Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. I'm not a big Sinatra fan, but his voice in Christmas spirit seems so great! I think this is very sad song, even though it sings about all troubles being gone during holidays. This melody and his voice are making my heart melt.
  7. Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow. This is a Christmas (more winter than Christmas, but fine) love song. This is my favorite song when I see first snowflakes falling; I don't usually listen to it on Christmas. Nothing can't stand in the way of love!
  8. Jingle Bells. The first Christmas song every kid learns. And it stays with you forever!!
There are more coming in the next post!

11 December, 2015

Christmas present ideas

I've written about this the other day but I was limited to only what I would like to get. Now I'm going to make a list of ideas for every person. If you're struggling with ideas, here are some and I hope this will be helpful. Here we go.
  • jewelry
This is mostly a present for women but guys like it too. Necklaces, bracelets, rings,... Fake or real. Anything goes. If you engrave something, that's only going to be a big plus. Get sentimental and creative. Also, you can buy that bracelet with rings for different pendants.
  • watches
I know these are usually expensive but there are nice looking cheap watches too (especially if you're looking on the Internet - eBay, Amazon, etc.) Also, not all watches have to be some world wide known brand. And this is especially good gift if you're buying it for a male person.
  • winter clothes
Of course you're not gonna buy T-shirt for this weather (or would you?) so a nice sweater is what everybody needs. Coats and jackets are a bit more expensive but if you're buying it with someone or you just have the money, go for it.
  • winter accessories
There's not a person who is not cold at one point. So scarves, gloves and hats can come in handy. These can also come in a set so you don't have to think if you're matching it right.
  • men accessories
Every man needs belts and ties. Go though their closet and see what kind of pants they have to pick out the belt to go with them all. Also, looking at their suit and shirts should be helpful with picking a tie. If you can't look at their closet, just go with the safest choice - black and simple.
  • lighters
It may seem stupid but if the person is a smoker (or just likes to collect lighters) this is a perfect gift (assuming you'll find a nice one). And maybe you can engrave some special message. Also, try finding the one which can be recharged so it will never be thrown away.
  • puzzles and toys
Great for young people and the ones who feel young. Try to find some motive that represents that person - aircraft, nature, cartoons, some city,... There's an endless list. If you're extra creative, create a photo by yourself and give it to be turned into puzzles (some shops for developing pictures and copying have that). Toys are great if you have an inside joke about something or you just know a person will love it.
  • figurines
Most of people have some free space in the living room and that would be a perfect place for some little statue (the same as puzzles - endless list).
  • office supplies
This is a bit weird present but if you know a person loves papers or works in an office, they can never have enough of those.
  • linen
Maybe that's just me but I really like having matching pillow case and blanket or quilt. Also, there are linen with prints so you can, once again, find something for everyone.
  • sport equipment
If a person is sporty you can't go wrong with sport clothes and accessories (like mat or water bottle) or even with some vitamins and muscle builders (but make sure you know what you're buying there).
  • bags
A girl can't have to many bags so go for it. And guys need their briefcases or backpacks.
  • books
Be careful with this one as the person may like the specific genre or they already have that book. But, in general, this is a good gift if a person is a reader. If you're not sure, don't buy them books.
  • CDs
I know CDs are almost not in use anymore, but if you know somebody's favorite singer/band this should be a good gift. Records are also a great gift as they have that vintage vibe in them. The bad side of it is the person will most likely never hear the songs, but it will look great on the wall.
  • beauty products
A present for both men and women. Shower gels, creams, nail polishes, hair products, perfumes,... All of these are basically essentials and everybody needs it. This is one of those safe choices.
  • DIYs
This should be the most perfect gift as the person will see you know them really well and you put your time and effort into this present. This includes: prints on T-shirts, handmade bookmarks and posters, jewelry, puzzles mentioned above, decorations,...
  • tickets
Tickets are great gifts! If there's some singer/show coming into town and you know somebody is dying to see them, the solution is really simple - get them tickets. Tickets are usually available long time before the show so you shouldn't have a problem getting them. Sport games, concerts, stand-up comedies, movie premieres,... Only make sure to buy two tickets as nobody wants to go alone.

* As I'm in a really good mood and I love buying Christmas presents, if you want me to, I'll find you a perfect present. Write down in the comment section who you are buying it for and something about that person (inside jokes, hobbies,... anything). Also, if you like any ideas from my list you can say so and I'll try to find few items (e.g. you like watches and I'll find you few great and not so expensive watches online or in the stores).
P.S. Click on the picture for a larger view.

09 December, 2015

Today: 9.12. 2015.

Doing: OMG I've been to college - I left at half past 6 this morning and I came home at about 7 p.m.
Mood: beaten, tired, pissed off, nervous, calm at most of the times (weird?)
Favorite person: Matt, as usual
Thinking about: tomorrow and Friday (big exam coming up)
Missing: the good old days when my biggest problem was how to dress my doll
Loving: new surprises every day from my advent calendar (chocolate and jewelry)
Hating: that my hair didn't turn out as I hoped it would (I did braids on wet hair and slept on them - I woke up looking like Afro with a really bad hair day)
New discovery: I'm weirded out by my new discovery so I'll keep it to myself for a little while

06 December, 2015

Welcome December!

Hello :) I've been absent for a while and I wasn't able to welcome December on the first day but, thank God, we still have some time before the big day so we can discuss presents!
Personally, I think you can't really go wrong with anything; if you remember me and get me something, I'm gonna appreciate it. And everybody should. There are some presents that never get old: diary, photo album, candles, chocolate of any kind, figurines,... I know all of this is mostly useless these days, but it looks good, it's cheap and it's just that little thing we should be giving for Christmas. Although me and my family took Christmas presents to another level, it should be something small; just to mark that day. Of course I have a lot of wishes, but, in case my friends don't have any ideas, here's something from my list:
  • coloring book - I know I'm almost 21 but I love coloring. But! I want something pretty like Disney princess or flowers or teddy bears. I don't want those new cartoon characters that scare me every time I see them. Or I would like that new adult-coloring book.
  • calendar - I have a calendar for 2015 but it's almost over and I'm in a need of a new one. Since I'm in love with New York, that's the most perfect theme for my calendar.
  • pajamas - I don't know why but I love buying pajamas in December. That's usually my mom's choice and she picks out great ones. I don't expect my friends to buy me clothes.
  • anything with New York - I stated above that I love that city so anything with the motive of it is great for me (especially Brooklyn Bridge).
  • nail polishes - As I have almost every color in my inventory, it's hard to buy some I don't already own but I won't mind having them double. Also, all nail art supplies are welcome too.
Anyhow, (I had no plan when I started this), there are lots of things you probably want/need but hold on for a second. Just stop everything and enjoy December!
If you have any ideas for presents I would love to hear them (comment below) as I have to buy lots of them this year and I don't have that many ideas.
Want it all !!

22 November, 2015

Today: 22.11.2015.

Doing: Nothing! It's Sunday and I'm enjoying it. Well, I went for a coffee earlier. Gonna study a bit later.
Mood: Good, more than good.
Favorite person: Jasmine
Thinking about: Holiday shopping to come - presents and decorations
Missing: More money, as usual ;)
Loving: Jewelry advent calendar (there's a post about it here)
Hating: Rain. I hate it when I have to go out. Snow please?
New discovery: I have none. Is this possible?
Listening to: Eiffel 65 - Blue (some say it's suicide note, some say it's so sad that everything is blue in his world, but I love it!) I've been loving it for 10 years :)

20 November, 2015

To date or not to date a friend?

Hello :)
So, if you know me or if you've been reading my blog, you know that I enjoy cheesy romantic movies and all moments you see there. One of the most common situations in those movies is when a guy and a girl become a couple out of just being friends (do I need to point out, for example, Friends With Benefits?) Anyhow, this happens a lot so I though a bit about it. My thoughts wandered off and I thought what would I feel about dating my friends. My currently best male friends are Matt and Phillip. I immediately crossed Phillip of the list (I have my reasons why he would most likely be my sister, rather than boyfriend). Nevermind that, I still have Matt. While they make it sweet and romantic in movies, I can not picture myself with him. Romantically. I guess it's great when your lover is also your best friend, but when you start a relationship with someone as just friends, you kinda stay that forever. I know a lot can happen, but once I see someone as my friend, he's, most likely, gonna stay that. I can talk about if he's hot or not, if he's funny or not and I can say he is the best guy I've ever known and he makes me laugh but at some point of us hanging out he'll become like my brother (if we started as friends). And you don't see any romance in your brother. I know most of you will connect this to "friend zone" but look at it from this point of view. If I'm constantly with someone and we have fun and talk about lots of things, he or she will become my friend. (don't deny it, that's how you make friends!) Eventually, maybe, my best friend. And once you get to that, you can not really imagine yourself kissing that person. This could be a bit*h when the other person is in love with you and there are lots of undefined feelings but even if you're looking for a boyfriend and this guy, let's say Matt, is perfect, you'll go pass him and look somewhere else. Of course, this is only me so maybe you'll have different opinion and I would like to hear it (in the comments!). And not to read this in a wrong way, I'm not in love with Matt or even confused about us, I just named him because he's my friend and good example for this story. There are also other guys on this list - my brother's friends. He considers them as brothers. So, they're my step-brothers and nothing will ever happen. (The whole point is not whether I have offers or if I have a crush on any of them.) But, there are those people who you kinda like from the beginning so they're not actually your best friends but crush friends. Now, you can shift from being friends to dating really easy. I don't know how guys work so I wrote this from my point of view (and maybe some other girls, too).
Does this post make any sense? I don't think I really expressed myself right, but I really hope you'll get my point.
Not really...

16 November, 2015

Today: 16.11.2015.

Doing: went to college, saw few episodes of a TV show, gonna study for about 20 minutes (maybe haha)
Mood: was great during the day; this show brings out many insecurities and I'm feeling down
Favorite person: Matt - if I go to college, it's most likely to be him
Thinking about: too negative stuff to ruin your evening (at least, it's evening at my place)
Missing: being a part of a group (it's a longer story, but I'm thinking about NYE)
Loving: chocolate! - I found a big Milka strawberry chocolate in the fridge (you could say I'm drowning my sadness in chocolate, that's OK, right?)
Hating: the midterms are starting (argh!)
New discovery: that I'm loving a color I have no idea how to pronounce or write - turquoise (English is not my native language and I really have difficulties with this one)
Listening to: Maître Gims - Brisé (I don't understand a word, but that melody...)

15 November, 2015

Writing difficulties

Hello :)
I didn't post anything in a week (although it seemed a lot longer) and it felt really weird. We've been adapting my room so I didn't have access to my laptop for 5 days (yeah, nobody remembered to get it of the desk before pushing all the furniture in the middle of the room so I couldn't reach it). Since my life and room are still kinda a mess, I'll just say what my plans are with this blog.
So, I have few on-going series that are still in progress - Gossip Girl reviews, my family and friends , movie reviews and Croatia. (You can find all labels on the right and read posts I've written so far.) There's, of course, my "Read between the lines" series that I'm writing every now and then when I realize some songs are more than you think about them. With this, there is "Today" series of posts which are basically written when I have no time to actually write but I want you to know I'm still here.
There are few posts coming - room renovation, books and reading, more movie reviews, one personal post, and so on, and so on.
** Also, I was thinking about making a list of series that I've watched and you can choose which one you would like me to make a review on. Tell me in the comments if you like the idea.
** When I'm talking about comments, I'm still waiting for your questions so I can do Q&A posts (remember, 5 questions about anything for each post).
And that's about it for this time. Will get to you soon. :*

08 November, 2015

Movie review: Burnt

Hello :)
So, there's this new movie released on 30th of October (this year, of course) named Burnt. As always, if you don't want spoilers, go down to my impressions to see if you want to watch it or not.

Plot: There's this (hot) guy, chef Adam played by Bradley Cooper (yes, I find B. very handsome). Anyhow, he's been a really great and popular 2-star chef (whatever that means). Then he got himself, and others in his kitchen, in trouble by messing with drugs and he basically had nothing left. After some time, he picks himself up, goes to London and he's determined on getting his old life back. He is going for the third Michelin star. He struggles a bit but eventually, without any special effort, creates a team that is perfect in the kitchen. There are few of his old friends but he also picked up some new great cooks. And they are all working, under his wing, for a gay guy running his dad's restaurant and hotel. Now, I wouldn't mention that guy is gay if he wasn't in love with Adam. Adam and his crew decide to make an opening in the restaurant for everyone to know it's his kitchen and he's back. They have a lot of problems at first because Adam is really difficult person and he wants nothing but perfection in his kitchen. This is the issue through the whole movie. One day they find out that the commission (for the third star) is in the restaurant and everything needs to be perfect. Unfortunately, Adam's old friend Michel is still mad at him for trouble in Paris and decides to mess up his meals with too much pepper. Adam is devastated; his life is over. At least it was until they find out that those 2 men weren't actually checking them. They get their sh*t together and work perfectly together until the real commission comes and Adam finally get's his third star. And yeah, I should also mention there's Helene involved. A modern chef and Adam's love interest. She is played by Sienna Miller.

Impressions: They say it's comedy and drama but I would only go with drama. There are some funny scenes but there's a lot more about people and lead character's mind and behavior to call it a comedy. I did not like the beginning due to all the yelling and swearing and throwing things (maybe because it was really loud in the cinema) but it really caught me by the middle and I really liked it by the end. It shows how a chef's job can be stressful, especially if you're a perfectionist. And they have perfect duo of Bradley and Sienna (which I loved in the American Sniper movie that you're gonna get a review on soon).
Kitchen was his home.

03 November, 2015

Four elements

Hello. :)
How often do you think about the four elements: fire, water, earth and air? I won't go into history with this, even though we all know these are mentioned in ancient Greece (maybe somewhere else too). I was thinking the other day which was my favorite. I know there are methods (which I don't actually believe in) to discover your element. I was just thinking about it without any deeper meaning (well, not deep enough). If I could choose, I would be fire. This is, of course, on daily basis. Why? (What am I talking about?) I would be fire. It is powerful enough, but can still be contained. That is something I want to be. This is something I like in people. I want to be powerful, I want to mean something. Not necessarily so people would be afraid of me, but to be heard when I talk. To be seen in a mass. Basically, I want to matter. And fire matters. It is powerful, but actually very sensitive. Fire can be put out with water, sand, foam, by reducing oxygen (probably some more methods). This is also something I want to be. I want to be sensitive. I want to have something that will pull me back to the ground. Cause that's what's making me human. I want people around me who know when to back down. And people who have something that will remind them that they are not at the top. If you take a look at the other elements, in my opinion, they don't have it. They are not what I want to be and what I want "my people" to be. All three of them - water, earth and air - they are just too powerful. Water can't be stopped. It finds every single little hole and ruins everything on it's way. Just look at all the floods. Yes, of course, water is essential for life, but these all are and I'm not talking about that. Earth. It's somewhere in a rang with water. If earth wants, it can destroy everything. Remember earthquakes? Yeah. Air is a bit less powerful, I think. Wind can blow really hard and it can be destructive, but there are always buildings that can't be destroyed by it. I see it like that. There are not many stuff reminding people that they are not alone and they need to take others into consideration. I know I just said wind can be stopped but we can only hide from it. We, people, can not stop it. And it's terrifying.
Now, that's how I think. This is maybe a weird topic but I came to me the other day and I've put a lot of thinking in it. Do you ever think about stuff like this? And do tell me what's your opinion on this below in the comments. Also, you can rate this post. Thank you :*
Earth. Fire. Water. Air.

31 October, 2015

Sleeping disorder

Hello you all :)
Before I start this, I want you all to know that I know sleeping disorder is an actual disease and I'm not trying to make fun of anybody nor I wish to insult anyone in any way. Can I start now? Great. Oh, yeah. Also, before I start, I know I don't really have a sleeping disorder, it was just the perfect simple title to write. Now I'm starting. While I was in elementary school, I could stay up for hours and hours. Of course, as long as my parents would allow me to (till some age I don't remember). This became normal in high school. I would stay up really late and get up really early. And the great thing was I had no problems with it for four years. I would be a person going to school directly from a party. (This actually happened only twice.) Anyhow, 4 to 5 hours of sleep would be just enough for me. I'll just say that I slept for 17 hours and 50 minutes in a week (school trip) where a normal person sleeps for around 56 hours (7 days x 8 hours of sleep each day). I didn't have any problems or side effects. (I'm not saying you should try this neither that this is good for you. I worked like that.) I felt great being able to live like that. Of course, I liked it, so it had to stop. It all changed when I got into college. Every year has a different schedule and neither one of them was really good for me but they weren't too bad either. I have no idea what has happened but I don't have those superpowers of not sleeping any more. I will stay up late and I will get up early just because I have to. I did it before. The difference is, I get tired during the day and I didn't use to have that feeling. I would usually go through a crisis at one point in a day and afterwards I would be ready for whatever. Now I get tired and that feeling stays with me until I get to bed. Of course, then I can't fall asleep because my mind is messed up. I'm dead tired and my eyes hurt when I close them. Does this happen to anyone else? Of course, I'm blaming college for all of this. Haha. Maybe it's because the classes are really boring and either really early in the morning or late in the evening. Of course, there are those which last whole day. Oh, they're my favorite. With all this being said, I bet you're thinking I sleep in every chance I get. Wrong! I never sleep. OK, that's obviously a lie. I still sleep around 5 to 6 hours a day (sometimes more, sometimes less). I am tired but I don't sleep. Personally, I think sleep is a waste of time. And I can't sleep during the day. My brain knows it's day outside no matter how dark my room is and I can't sleep. And I don't want to. I have a night for that. And I like to stay up late watching something or reading. And I like to get up early so I wouldn't lose a day. So I'm, in general, tired. (But I'll never let it stop me from doing anything! I always overcome my tiredness.)
If you want to share your thoughts on sleep and being tired, please leave your comment below.
Oh, that's me in class. It's everybody actually.

30 October, 2015

Read between the lines 3

Hello. It's been a long time since I wrote about songs, so I'm here to correct that mistake. (Read between the lines tag is on the right under "Labels".) This time, I won't write about powerful songs and their meaningful lyrics. Today my topic is s-e-x. I should probably tell you that this is not recommended for persons under the age of 12?
  1. Extreme - More Than Words. He doesn't want her to say she loves him. She needs to prove him her love with something else than words. I won't say anything else.
  2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax. Shoot in the right direction, go after your intention... But just relax. Don't do it. He's coming. Hmm, yeah, real relaxation song, right?
  3. Flo Rida - Whistle. Oh seriously? You didn't see this one? Yeah, Flo Rida is not teaching us how to actually whistle. He was 33 when this song was released; I think he already knows how to whistle. There's some other thing people do with lips like that. And half-naked people in the video should have been only a confirmation.
  4. The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited. Now, I love this song and I still sing it in any life moment when I'm excited about something but this is a song about that special night. If you ask me, this is a good song about it. It's actually teaching us there need to be feelings involved, it's OK to be nervous and excited. After all, you'll remember this your whole life.
  5. Aqua - Barbie girl. She says she is blond bimbo girl and she wants him to dress in anything tight. He can touch her, play with her, do whatever he wants. And then: "Let us do it again"?
  6. Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle. She didn't do it quite a long time and now she is looking for a new guy. She is hormonal and can't wait for a song to be over so they can go. And before anything, he needs to make a right move and she has to like it. Also, he needs to rub her the right way...
  7. Village People - YMCA. Well, of course. This is ultimate party song, but have you known what it is really about? As far as I know YMCA is a motel/hotel/something where young gay men would go to feel accepted and right. Now, I'm not getting into gay-OK or gay-not OK, but this is clearly a song about sex. It's being sung by 6 men in different suits (usually sexy - police officer, fire fighter, construction worker,...).
  8. Donna Summer - Hot Stuff. This song doesn't have any hidden message. She is at home, bored, looking for somebody to have fun with. She is looking for a hot lover. And she needs it this evening!
All of the above.
Do tell me what you think about this and if you have any suggestions for new "Read between the lines" post, leave a comment below. You can either name some songs and I'll try to make a category for them or tell me the title and category and I'll put together a list.

28 October, 2015

I can wear a hat now!

Hello :)
You all know (if you've been reading my blog) that I'm 20 years old. So this topic may be a bit strange to you but let's start at the beginning. For my whole life I've been stressing about what others thought of me. Don't get me wrong, it's still kinda important to me what others think of me, but now I'm almost a whole person and it's not likely I'll change anytime soon. But I'm not going to write about how I behave or what I think of myself. I am talking about my clothes. This has also been a topic of few of my posts. As I'm growing up, my style is changing. Not very drastically but there is some difference between now and then. I would see what is cool and modern and I would buy that but I would never wear it because I was worried I looked like a freak and people would stare at me. There aren't many pieces of clothing like this; I have one T-shirt, few blouses, one jeans... I also always wanted dresses which I've never worn because... I don't know why. Thankfully these weren't expensive stuff so I don't feel bad as much. However, I am pissed at myself for doing that. Now, after 20 years of living and, let's say, 10 years of picking out clothes on my own, I can proudly say I would wear a hat in public. You may think it's stupid, but wearing hats was a big deal to me. I have to brag a bit and say that I do look great with any kind of a hat, but lately I really want to get floppy or matine hat (this is taken from Google as I do not know any other hat name than fedora and cowboy). As I'm almost sure these are not real names of the hats, I'll put a picture below explaining what they should look like. (I just spend half an hour trying to find some legit classification but I couldn't. And I think it's all floppy hats and wide fedora, but what do I know. Pictures below.) Knowing my past with clothes, my mother does not believe me when I say I would actually wear it so she doesn't want to buy me one. Thank God I have my own money so I'll buy it myself. Of course, there are more on my wishlist but there's plenty of time to buy them all. Haha. Here are some other pieces I recently bought and I was once scared to wear them:
  • "winter" dress with 3/4 sleeves (I wanted long sleeves, but I'll build up to it)
  • over-the-knee socks (hopefully will look great with this dress and both high and low boots)
  • dark red jeans
  • sleeveless jacket but with fur (fake fur, of course)
  • blazers (I have dark blue one, but I've really stepped out of my comfort zone with peach one)
  • over-the-knee boots
Hats - round top (fedora style top acceptable), wide, one floppy, one firm.

25 October, 2015

Friends in the past

I'm going to write a bit about my friends from my past. Most of us just grew apart, but since we once had some kind of relationship, I can not leave them out of my Family and Friends series (link is to the intro post about this).
  • Martha. She was once my best friend. I met her the first day of my elementary school. It didn't take us long to realize we were very much alike. Even though we spent every day together, true friendship was born around 4th grade (we were 10 or 11). We went everywhere together. I was more at her place than my own. We went all the way from walking with our dolls to make-up, boys and going out. Eventually, she changed and, I have to be honest, I didn't like the change. We still remained good friends with more visible dislikes more often. We finally parted somewhere in the first grade of high school (freshmen as you would say). I seriously think I need to call her.
  • Petra and Joseph. They are brother ans sister. They are younger than me but we grew up together. They live in a village where my grandparents live so we spent every summer, winter and occasionally some other seasons together. It didn't matter that we haven't seen each other for the whole school semester because it was like I never left. We were together every day from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. The only time I wasn't at their place was during lunch (if their grandma cooked something I didn't eat). Eventually our families got in a huge fight and we were kinda caught up in all that. Unfortunately, we haven't seen each other for about 7 years now. I still think about them. A lot.
  • Antonija. (It's Anthony, only female.) She came into my class in the 5th grade if I'm not mistaken. She was the opposite of me. She was wild, kinda rude, a smoker, a bit of a darker,... I have no idea how, but we got really close. We could talk about almost anything. But our friendship was a bit weird, so to say. And then we got to high school. We haven't talked since.
  • Mathea. She was my first best friend in my life. Those were the times when a doll and some leaves were enough to make us interested. We could make a game out of anything. We were about 7 to 9 years old when we hung out. I would go to her place very often. I still remember how her living room looked. What now puzzles me is whether she lived only with her grandma. At that point, I was too young to connect the dots or ask something like that. But now, as I remember it, I remember only her grandma always being around. She transferred to a different school in the time when we didn't have cell phones or Facebook or anything like that. I had her phone number only. I tried it few times and then gave up. I have no idea what's happened with her. (And I tried to find her on social networks. I didn't succeed.)
I don't want to accept it.

23 October, 2015

10 things to know about Croatia and Croats

Hello :) Since I live here, it would only be fair to invite you to visit my beautiful country. But (there's always a "but"), before you do, here are some basic information you should know.
  • Trivia. We are in Europe. The capital is Zagreb. We have 7 airports (not all in the link are international) so you can visit almost any part of Croatia. There are 3 parts: lowland (Slavonia), central  - Croatia proper (Zagreb and surroundings, Lika and Gorski kotar (Mountain district) and seaside (Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia). Have in mind this isn't a legit division, it's only how I see it.
  • Size. Croatia is a small country. And we know it. You do not have to point it out every few seconds. In spite of being small, Croatia has it all - sea, mountains and valleys. We have sun in the summer and snow in the winter. You could almost say we are perfect.
  • Prices. Well it's not easy to talk about money but here's how I see it. For most of the Croats prices are high, but tourists usually do not have that problem. Everybody I've seen as a tourist in my country has said that prices are either really low or acceptable and reasonable.
  • Languages. We do speak a lot of languages and we speak them quite well as Croats can adjust their pronunciation to almost any language. I'm not saying that every person knows 10 languages but we do try to speak the language you know if you ask us something (unlike for e.g. Italians who speak only Italian or French guys who won't say a word of any other language). However, older people probably don't know any other language than Croatian. Btw, Croatian is really hard to learn if you are a foreigner.
  • Way of life. If you like to live in a rush, visit the capital - Zagreb. For more easy way of life, visit any other part of Croatia, preferably seaside (Dalmatia mostly). All jokes aside, this is actually a fact. People in Zagreb are way more active than other people (not referring to jogging or fitness). People in north Croatia (e.g. Zagorje and Međimurje) and east Croatia (Slavonia) work more in the fields and they are usually always doing something (job in the morning, taking care of domestic animals and field work in the afternoon - all day, every day).
  • War. "Where were you in '91?" This is a question young generations take as a joke but to older people it actually can mean something. There was a war between Croats and Serbs (I'm not getting into this right now) but it was really important where you were in 1991. Be careful how and who you ask that question. Or don't bring it up at all!
  • Nightlife. Croats do enjoy going out. Fridays and Saturdays are usual days to go out but since you get into college, you adjust your nights out according to your schedule. There's a great chance you'll see a bunch of people out on Monday, Thursday or any day for that matter.
  • Religion. Croats are mostly Christian. We do not chase around people who are not Christian but it's still kinda strange if a person says they're different religion. This doesn't apply on tourists. We know tourists come from all around so we do not have any issues with different religions.
  • Style. Most Croats have neutral style, if that means anything to you. I'm thinking jeans and a shirt. There are rockers, hippies, punkers, goth, emo and all other styles of life that you can imagine. We do not hate different people but we will look at you if your style isn't "neutral". Not because we don't approve, just because you're different. As we will look at you, we will also look away like nothing has happened.
  • Coffee. Having a coffee with someone and sitting in a coffee shop for three hours is normal here. If you have that time. That's why the city is full in, usually, the Saturday morning. If you're looking for better prices of it, go in cafes which are not directly in the center of the city (e.g. main squares, near the sea).
I've put down 10 basic things you need to know. If you want to know anything else, fell free to comment below and ask anything. Have in mind that this doesn't apply to all Croats. This was written in general and mostly from my point of view. And, yes, I know I've written half of the names in Croatian half in English. Just let it be.
Just Google Croatia and you'll want to visit us!!
I will write another post about what to visit in Croatia and another one about what to visit in Zagreb as I live here.
Stay good till then. Bye :*
Oh, my beautiful!

21 October, 2015

Today: 21.10.2015.

Doing: wasting my time watching TV (The Nanny is popular again) until I have to go to college
Mood: pretty good so far (staying positive!)
Favorite person: not sure yet, I'll find somebody at college
Thinking about: expanding my blog with some short videos (tell me if you would like that)
Missing: currently nothing (haven't had that feeling in a long time)
Loving: my paycheck (will come today or tomorrow)
Hating: that my paycheck isn't bigger haha
New discovery: great discounts in Muller stores (translate it into English)
Listening to: Rihanna - Please don't stop the music (getting back to the good old days) and VH1 channel

18 October, 2015

Movie review: The DUFF

Hello :)
I don't know if you watched this or not, but here it comes. I have to warn you about spoilers. If you do not want to read spoilers and you want to know how I feel about the movie, scroll down to my impressions.

The Duff is relatively new (February 2015) teen film based on the novel written by Kody Keplinger. There are Mae Whitman as Bianca, Robbie Amell as Wesley and Bella Thorne as Madison. So, the movie starts with Bianca hanging with her friends Jess and Casey who are obviously more popular than her. She is also in touch with her neighbor and childhood friend Wesley. He is, of course, a school's football hero. As Bianca and Wes are talking in a hallway, Madison comes and kisses Wes stating that he is hers. Well, they are on-and-of all the time. This act did not bother Bianca as she has a crush on guitar player Toby. At one party, Wes discovers that Bianca is, in fact, the DUFF in her group. Designated Ugly Fat Friend. After being pissed off some time, Bianca asks Wes to help her quit being the DUFF. She needs his help, he needs her to pass science. Perfect deal. In all this process, she and Wes start to communicate more; they actually get to be good friends. This annoys Madison who doesn't miss an opportunity to turn the whole school to mock Bianca after one silly shopping time with Wes. After some time Bianca gets to go on a date with Toby but it turns out to be a total disaster. He is not the half of a man she thought he was. He accepted her invitation only to get some information about Jess and Casey. After finding this out, and seeing Wes kissing Madison at her favorite "thinking rock" that's supposed to be a secret, Bianca goes back to her real friends and her mom. They are preparing for homecoming dance and encourage Bianca to hold her head up high. At the dance, Wes is crowned king, Madison is crowned queen. In spite of everything, Wesley finally sees Bianca, turns down Madison and the title and kisses Bianca.

My impressions: I only went to see this movie because it's cheesy romantic one and it has Robbie in it. It turned out to be a good cheesy movie. Everything is pretty much predictable, but that's the whole point of romantic movies, right? It basically shows how teenagers (although played by Mae and Robbie who are both 27) can change over short period of time and how little it takes to destroy everything or to make everything the best it could be. You get me? I would recommend it if you're into this kind of movies, but people do say that the book is better. I wouldn't know.
Designated Ugly Fat Friend

16 October, 2015

My father

Hello :) Intro post about all this is here.
So, my father... This should be a 1000 pages post to really explain what's going on here but I'll try to keep it simple. I was daddy's little girl for about half of my life (10-12 years); until I hit puberty. Now, I'm not saying that I started bi*ching around when I did hit puberty, but I started to see some things I didn't used to before and I started to think with my own head more. And my father apparently did not like it. That's where we started parting out ways. Everything he did annoyed me, everything I said annoyed him. We fought a lot. A lot! I cried for about 4 nights in a week. For sure. It was hard living like that. Knowing that my own father dislikes the real me. That he dislikes the fact that I'm standing up for myself and trying to explain who I am and what I do and don't like. He basically didn't like anything about me. Now I'm thinking it was either because we really were that different or because he didn't want me to grow up. I guess it could be a bit of both. Anyhow, we're far away from it and it's looking better now but I have a feeling that we'll never be as we used to. I can not go back with everything I know now. There are some things he does which I really can not approve and that won't change. And I can't change myself. I won't. I see him as a hypocrite and that's so annoying. I can not live with that and I have to. So I do my best. The good thing is I see him trying. He is trying to reach me, he's trying to find some common ground. And it's hard for me but I have to help him here. I don't want to live with somebody in a constant war. Me having some interests the same as him (e.g. riding a motorcycle) is helping our relationship. I think the major issue was the fact I was scared of him. He had so much power over me just by talking. When he raised his voice I immediately started crying. It was horrible experience. One of the worst feelings I ever had. Good thing is that I'm overcoming my fear. It has been happening over some years now and I'm more and more satisfied with my life and my decisions. I'm not afraid to stand up for myself anymore. More or less. I actually think he's proud of me now. Every now and then, I get this vibe from him and that makes me extremely happy. It is the best feeling after all that we've been through. The time will tell but I really hope we're done with all the sh*t.
My father. Oh boy...

13 October, 2015

Movie review: The Martian

Since this is a new movie (released on the 2nd of this month; so 11 days ago) I have to write "spoiler alert". If you don't want to know what's going on, this is your last chance to back out (you can read my impressions below to see whether you wanna see it or not).

So, The Martian movie starts with a space squad having some trouble on Mars and they are preparing to leave their expedition earlier than expected. They are going, going, aand no. One of the guys, astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is hit by some piece of something in the storm and they all think he died. They leave the Mars. After a while, Mark wakes up with very little oxygen left and badly injured. He manages to sew himself, took care of the injury and then he starts to make a plan on how he will survive there by himself. He knows he has 4 more years until another expedition comes to Mars and they will not land where he is, but he needs to find a way to transport himself to the place. Fortunately, he had maps and computers and all the needed equipment that his crew left behind. Thank God he is also a botanist and mechanical engineer so he finds a way to grow potatoes. It sucks that potatoes are kinda the only thing he can eat, but, at least, he's not starving. Anyhow, his methods of surviving are really amazing: growing potatoes from their own sh*t on the planet without water with only some nylon and a bit of fire, sealing the room with only duct-tape, maximizing the endurance of the "car" with unused solar panels,... His inventions are, of course, only in the movie, but that doesn't make them any less interesting. After some time he manages to contact Earth and NASA and his crew decides (against NASA's orders) to go and save him. There are major complications while the rescue and this moment really made me hold my breath. It all ends up good.

My impressions. Movie is really long (144 minutes) but it's so interesting you have a feeling it lasts about 40 minutes. I thought it could be kinda boring because it's basically one man show on a freaking Mars but it keeps your concentration the whole time on the screen. Matt Damon did a great job here. The movie is funny and emotional and with great message not to give up. I would definitely recommend this movie!!
Bring our boy back!

11 October, 2015

Today: 11.10.2015.

Doing: shopping! I did it yesterday (clothes), I did it today (furniture)
Mood: great actually
Favorite person: my mum
Thinking about: new job, money maybe, nothing in particular
Missing: new ideas for nail art (you're very welcome to give me some)
Loving: my new nail art pen and my new furniture that's being set in few days
Hating: that it's the end of the Sunday already
New discovery: nail art pen by Essence
Listening to: Rachel Platten - Fight Song for about 2 weeks now non-stop

08 October, 2015

My mother

Here's a second post to my Family and friends theme. Intro post here.
So, my mom. She is my sunshine. That should be enough to describe her. She is always there for me. She is always on my side, no matter what. I know that it's not easy for her every time to do that, that's why I appreciate it even more. Of course, we have arguments (fights sounded so harsh) every now and then, but we make peace really soon. Maybe it's because we're so connected and we can't live one without another. She annoys me, I annoy her. And we still love each other. That's how it goes. The truth is, she is my (and the whole family's) rock. We couldn't make it without her. She keeps everything in order. She does everything and she does it the best she can. And we do not give her enough credit. It's like she is supposed to clean, cook, go here and there, do this and that... But she's not. She does that and she says she doesn't mind but I know her. She would rather be cuddled in bed watching TV. We are certainly not saying "Thank you" enough. I'm trying to change myself in that way, but it's hard after all these years (I know how this sounds right now and this probably makes me a terrible child). She is so modest, simple, calm,... She is everything that is good. She is independent, not shy at all, strong, caring, understanding,... I know this is mostly every mom, but from my point of view, this is her. And she is so proud of me. I can feel it. The only thing that scares me is that she has this big expectations for my future and I'm afraid I will not be able to accomplish everything she wants me to be. (To be clear, she wants me to succeed in my college/job, have a family,... Basically everything I want.) I'm always trying to prepare her that my future might not go as we all planned and it's like she won't even accept the possibility. On one hand, I understand she doesn't want to give up the idea of me being great, but on the other, she needs to realize that life doesn't go by plan. The hardest thing to deal with is my mom crying. I don't see her often, I think I only saw her crying like 5 times in my life, but those times are really the hardest. Being a rock all the time can't be easy. She has to break some time. But I can't handle it. I won't accept it. Also, her being sick. How can a mom be sick?!? Not to make this a post too long, I'll wrap it up with only one sentence: Thank you, mom! Love you.
Gotta love mom!!

07 October, 2015

My weird self

Hi :)
As you'll go through this, one will say: "Whaat?". The other will say: "Oh, me too". So here are some facts about me that I find strange.
  • I shower with mostly really hot water. Some people would get third-degree burns, but not me. I'm not even cold, I just like hot water (only in the shower).
  • I'm always thirsty when I get out of the shower. A glass of water is the first thing on my mind.
  • I'm also always thirsty after I eat an ice-cream. It doesn't matter which one, I need a drink.
  • When it comes to being cold (autumn/winter time), I'm a chameleon. I can go outside with short sleeves. I will be freezing for about 5 minutes and then I'm good to go anywhere without feeling cold. I actually love this.
  • I love being wet from rain (mostly if I'm going home). Not that I'll ever admit this (of course, I just wrote it down for the world to see it) but I'm not nervous at all. I smile and eventually start laughing at myself and I enjoy it!
  • One more fact about my shower. I drink warm (this time not boiling hot) water. During every shower I drink up to three sips of warm water. I have no idea how this started and why.
  • I make a lot of lists. Even for the things I need to do tomorrow and there are only three things. I'm not obsessed with lists and I can live through everything without it, I just like to write. So I write the list.
  • I can't walk in the rain like normal people. This really annoys my mom when I get home soaking wet and I have boots and umbrella. I always have my legs and arms fully wet. I can not explain it. (While my friends are almost completely dry.)
  • I can't (I can, I don't want to) wear silver and gold together. It happens every now and then, but I always hope nobody notices it. If I have silver jewelry, I have to take a bag that has silver on it, not the one with gold. Same goes for the shoes, jackets...
I'm sure there are more of these, but for now this is all I can remember.
Bye :*

30 September, 2015


Hey :)
I've been so caught up in my stuff that I forgot to check something. I have more than 4300 views here and I thank you so much for it. Of course, I always wish there were more, but - baby steps.
I especially want to thank those people who keep coming back!

Please do comment which topics you would like to read about or do you wish me to do something.

I was planning on doing a Q&A posts. I will need 5 questions for each post which you are free to leave in the comment. I really hope this will be my new thing!

Also, I want you to check out this blog (Royalty Beauty) if you're into beauty, fashion and nails. There are some stylings, nail designs, beauty tricks... Well go and see for yourself.

As soon as I buy a good camera with ability to film for more than 8 minutes, I'll be posting short videos of, basically, everything.
*One more thing, I need a good (and free! if possible) program to manage videos so if you know any please do tell me.
Comment below (I think you have to click on "no comments" if you didn't open this post separately) and tell me everything you want to tell me.
That's about it.
Have a nice day.
Bye :*
TY so much!!!!!!!!

29 September, 2015

How do you eat?

Hello :)
I warn you not to read this if you are hungry or dieting!
This is a totally random topic but I actually spent a lot of time today thinking about how people eat. It started with chocolate but now it's a far more versatile topic. So, how do you eat chocolate? We'll assume that you have a normal chocolate bar. Do you eat each cube separately, do you take a row and than eat cube by cube fast enough that the chocolate doesn't stick to your fingers or you take the whole chocolate and eat it like a sandwich? Also, do you like to chew on chocolate or do you like to melt it in your mouth? As I'm writing this I realize how weird this is, but I'm so in this dilemma today. If you were wondering, I like to eat each cube separately and it takes a long time because I love to melt it and really taste the chocolate. I'm a chocoholic (I just learned that this is actually a word and a real condition). There is also other food to be discussed. For example, candy (bonbons). Do you chew them or melt them? I know it depends on the bonbon, but which one do you prefer? Next is chicken, an actual food. It's considered kinda rude to eat chicken with a fork and knife in my country; we eat most of it with bare hands. Do you ever eat pasta with ketchup? It's actually popular in my area. Tasted kinda weird at first but it's really tasty. What else? Eggs. Fried or scrambled eggs with cheese or with potatoes (french fries)? That's only for potato-lovers and I can not really tell you that it's tasty. I can't put those two flavors together. Ice-cream. (God, I want an ice-cream now.) If it is in a bowl, do you like to eat it "normally" or you like to let it melt and than "drink" it? I like a bit of both. At first I eat normally and, of course, by the end the rest of it melts and I really like that part too. This post is really getting weird so I'll wrap it up with a question: Do you have some weird or unusual habit of eating something or does your country or family has some unwritten rule how to eat something? Do tell me. (You can comment anonymously below.)
Thank you :*
P.S. Here is a delicious photo *__*
Feast!! Bon apetit :)