23 February, 2020

My thoughts on "To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You"

OK, so it's finally out and I, being a hopeless romantic in love with these movies, just had to watch it as soon as I could. And I did. And here are my thoughts while watching it. Also, have in mind I freaking love romance movies so I'll let some things slide more than other people would.
Note: There are spoilers in here.
  • I LOVE that we're starting right where the last one ended, with the first date.
  • She is so cute getting ready.
  • It is awkward that she's thinking about them ending on the first date. I get it, but I wouldn't tell him that.
  • Her being so awkwardly cute is the best.
  • I love that LJ and her sister went out of their way to please her father and family.
  • How does she immediately have feelings toward a guy she hadn't seen in forever just because he wrote her back?
  • Volunteering at different places really isn't that big of a deal. Just do your thing. Separately.
  • Of course, the ex-girlfriend is still a bitch.
  • And, of course, PK is so late because we need to make him a bad guy now cause we need room for a new guy.
  • And then they have a perfect date which is cute.
  • She didn't put ANY milk into that bowl of cereal. What is that?
  • The sister playing a matchmaker is a bit boring and creepy when it comes to setting up her father with the neighbor.
  • I like Stormy.
  • Of freaking course the only guy volunteering with her is her crush from 10 years ago who coincidentally wrote her back just a few days ago.
  • She is totally in love with Peter, but still SO confused when it comes to John? Whom she hasn't seen in years!
  • It made me sad seeing her waiting for her Valentine's surprise and PK's locker.
  • Her gift was cute, thoughtful and from the heart.
  • Him texting her to get out of the party when she clearly wasn't having a good time was sweet.
  • The car scene was actually really cute. Even the sex talk because she was awkward about it and he was understanding. Her imagining Jen was a bit much. Haha.
  • Nothing more romantic than old people playing Bingo.
  • Seriously, at this point, why didn't she tell John she is with Peter now?
  • Yeah, this tree-house scenes are awkward.
  • Is she really playing dumb and trying to convince us that she didn't know she wasn't supposed to flirt with John because she has never been a girlfriend before?
  •  Again, of freaking course, John plays the piano.
  • I actually liked the dinner tradition. It's cute these two had an initiation into the family.
  • I didn't read the books so this would be a spoiler, but I found out that Peter actually waited for Jen as soon as the first movie came out. So, awkward.
  • I'm with Laura on this one. But Peter is also right here a bit.
  • And I really liked the two former best friends talking it out and being friends again.
  • But we needed this one kiss that didn't feel natural at all (to me) for her to realize things. I wonder will Peter ever find out about it.
  • Stormy is being great again.
  • And the ending is cute. Him opening with driving in the snow was SO cute and the rest is history.
Being a romantic soul that I am, I liked the movie, but I expected more. The first one was way better for me. Again, I didn't read the books so I didn't know everything that was coming, except the him waiting for Jen in the hot-tub, but I still expected more. I didn't feel anything between John and LJ. Maybe that was just me. But I am looking forward to the third part.

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Have you watched the movie? Or have you read the books? What do you think about it?

See you next Sunday ♥

02 February, 2020

Coronavirus and how we should be handling it

Wow, it's been quite a long time since I last wrote a post here. And I've been thinking about lots of topics, but just didn't find the time to write anything down. However, this new crisis with coronavirus is here and I have an opinion on the topic.
First of all, I have to say that all people that actually believe this virus is from Corona beer are stupid. I should also say this is my opinion, based on only what I've read and heard, without much medical background.
And this is not a racist post.
The same thing happened few years back when we had Ebola going around. And then, the same as now, I said one thing: close the boarders! I know this sounds extreme, but let's be real here. We have a virus that's transferred from one human to another. They should have closed the China boarder as soon as they figured out what was going on. And this is not a racist post. This is a post about saving people and preventing one disease from spreading. I've heard that it's spreading pretty fast which absolutely terrifies me. For that reason I think it would be the best if people just stopped traveling for a while. In this time, I wouldn't even consider traveling to any endangered area. On the other hand, we get a lot (!!) of Chinese tourists and I don't have any problem with that (on the contrary, I love that they love my country), but they are also making the chances of spreading the virus much much higher.'s all in the politics...
OK, not to focus only on China, this goes for all ill or contagious people. What scares me the most is the fact that people are contagious before they see the symptoms so you never really know what's going on in someone's organism. And, as extreme as it sounds, we shouldn't have people travelling all around and possibly spreading the virus. I think the problem here is the fact that neither country wants to be that country that banned some people from entering it and it's all in the politics, but I also think they should look out for their own people more. And people going to and coming from those affected places should also be more considerate and stop and think a bit. "Maybe I shouldn't be going anywhere before it's safe."
I know I'm this way because I'm actually quite scared of diseases like this, but I'm also not crazy, right? I wonder what common people think about this problem. And my solution, prevention.

What's your opinion on this topic? Any advice? Any ideas about prevention?

See you nest Sunday ♥