20 December, 2013

Finished Christmas shopping!!

Hi there :) I apologize for not posting anything yesterday. Hopefully , I'll make it up to you by writing two posts today or tomorrow. 
So, this was actually the topic for yesterday but I was too tired to write. After a week of running through my town, I finally found every Christmas present Santa asked me to buy. Yes, Santa exists but even he needs help from time to time. ;) I was so angry at myself that I've left everything for this last week because I don't really have the time to go anywhere these days... I've three whole days in the city trying to find everything I wanted to buy. The bad news is that I had to lie to my mom because she has to know where I am at every point of my life (not really a bad thing as it may sound) but I couldn't tell her that I'm buying a present for her. So, this last few days I went on a coffee with my five friends, I had to do something for my college and so on... But I can finally say that I got her a perfect present that she wanted. I can't really say what we (my brother, father and me) bought (you never know who will read this) but I'll tell you after Christmas. If you need some advices what to buy to whom, feel free to contact me (or comment). Every year Santa asks me to buy something my family will like, and to please him, I usually do the entire Christmas shopping. I spend all my money (that I saved for a year) and that makes me kinda sad. But it all pays off when I see that smile on my family's faces. Have you finished your shopping? Have you figured out that it's so much easier to buy something for a girl than for a guy? You can always buy a girl make-up, clothes or a puppy ;). But for a guy... Clothes becomes a stupid gift after few times, and there's not much more things you can buy for them. It's not just teenage guys or girls. Same goes for men and women at any age. I wonder what will Santa give to me. In case Santa reads this here's my list:
1. Health, happiness, wealth, no problems for me and my friends and family.
2. A puppy! My wish for the last 10 Christmases and birthdays.
3. BMW. :) Even though I don't have a driver's licence. 
That's pretty much it. Anything will be great but this is my top 3. What have you wished for Christmas?
Presents :D :D

BMW. The picture below: my favorite car. Buy it for me!

Puppies *__*

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