30 May, 2014

To wear or not to wear?

I immediately have to apologize for not writing in quite a while. I've had some family dramas and college, and all this took all of my time.
Anyway, I'm here now and I have brand new topic to share it with you. I saw a picture that said something about girls wearing some specific clothing. You know those pictures that are not actually pictures but only text? Yep, it's getting really popular. Never mind that, this particular one caught my eye. And the comments bellow. So, it was about girls wearing normal underwear under leggings (in my country called tights). There was a big fuss about it and both genders were involved. I always say that anyone has the right to say what they think, but guys here are irrelevant. I mean, they can say what they like more but they're not wearing it and they have no idea what it's like to wear girl's underwear (I hope they have no idea), so it's not really their decision. What surprised me were girls who were such bit**es to girls who wear normal underwear under leggings. First of all, what do you care how I wear my underwear? And second... I don't wear leggings because I don't like how I look in them, but that's not important. What is, is that I know how normal drawers are 100% more comfortable than any other underwear. So, a girl shouldn't feel comfortable because somebody will maybe see the outline of the drawers? I think it's better to have a visible outline than the naked butt! And I seriously don't get people commenting that when they see a girl with a visible outline. "Look, she's wearing granny panties!" Thank God she is! It's like some people have never seen underwear. Or they thought pretty girls don't wear it? I don't get it. And it's so great when a guy has boxers a meter higher than his pants! What should I do then? Laugh because he's wearing underwear? And what's up with when a girl is wearing leggings and I can clearly see her naked butt like she isn't wearing anything? I only see thongs. And I personally think that's gross. But that's her choice. And I will respect that as much as I don't like it. But, to conclude, I still think underwear is a must-have every day, in any occasion. And some parts of your body are called private for a reason!
Look at this for a while. I would rather see her black underwear (to the right) than her butt!!!

23 May, 2014

Two types of couples

Yesterday I saw a couple that caught my eye. I didn't want to make a big fuss about it, but I saw another couple that also caught my eye today. You're gonna hear everything about it. First couple and their story. So, I saw a guy waiting for someone on the main town square. He was constantly checking his phone. Finally, after about 10 minutes, a girl came and his face changed. His eyes were glowing, he was smiling from ear to ear. She came up to him, gave him a small kiss and waked away like nothing happened. She expected him to follow her. And he did. While they were walking away, he was trying to hold her hand, hug her. He wanted her to see his smile and he wanted the same in return. He didn't get it. She looked like she doesn't even care that they met there, like he should be privileged to even be around her. I, of course, don't know their story, but she really looked like he's just one in many guys just waiting for her. And I felt so sorry for the guy. I don't get why people think that only girls need that sign of love and happiness. This guy was so thrilled to see her and she was unbelievably cold to him. Second couple and their story. A man and a woman walked into the tram. At first I didn't even realize they were together. She was pregnant. A boy got up and gave up his seat so she wouldn't have to stand. And than a guy began to cool her with some magazine. In case you don't know, it's horribly hot here. I expected him to give up after some time, but he didn't. For 11 tram stops, as long as we were in a tram together, he didn't give up. He stopped few times to give her a bottle of cold water. I was amazed how he took care of her. I know it's not much to cool somebody, and something like this should be normal and on daily basis, but it's a sign of caring and loving that person. I was standing in front of the woman. And I saw the look in her eyes. Her eyes, as his also, were glowing. It was like she was trying to say "I love you" with her eyes. She knew what she had there and that she needs to appreciate it. As she was getting up to get off the tram, she gave him a kiss and hold his hand like it's the first time they fell in love. To conclude... If you aren't like the second couple, but more like the first one, you probably shouldn't be together. I can't say for sure that the first girl didn't just have a bad day but it was sad to see that only one side of that relationship was trying and was even happy about seeing the other one. I'm not saying that the second couple won't maybe break up soon or any time in the future, either, but, for now, they seem like they can overcome anything...
Stay happy, bye
That's the best thing. You love everything. Or you should!

21 May, 2014

My info

First of all I would like to thank all the people that are helping Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.
And now, I decided to put together some information about me. Since you're reading my blog, I think you got some picture of me but there are things that describe me the most. Here I am:
  1. School: Finished elementary and high school with very high grades. Got into college that I wanted. Still struggling with it...
  2. Animals: Mammals! Especially dogs (totally a dog person) but others are OK too. I hate snakes, lizards and all reptiles in general. Favorite wild animal is giant panda.
  3. Movies: Lots and lots of favorite movies, movies I can watch every day but my favorite are romantic ones. If there is mixture of war/soldiers and romance that's a perfect combination. I also like comedies. I simply hate and don't ever watch horrors.
  4. Books: I started reading not that long ago but I think I'm starting to really like it. Genres are the same as for the movies. Love stories, war plus love stories.
  5. Music: My favorite genre is pop but I listen to R'n'B, rap (Eminem) and classical music. I can actually listen to anything but it's not something I would prefer.
  6. Places to visit: I would definitely like to visit New York and Madrid. There are Madeira and Paris also on my list.
  7. Sports: Football, handball and hockey. I love to watch them but hate to talk about it because if I say I like any of these people expect me to know every player's birth name, name of his grandmother and how many penalties has he scored in 1987. My favorite sport to play is basketball, I guess...
  8. Musical instruments: Piano and guitar! There's nothing like them and I regret every day that I didn't go to musical school when I first got the opportunity.
  9. Biggest fears: Death and darkness. Yes, I'm almost 20 and I'm afraid of the dark!
  10. Food: As every normal teenager I love junk food but my all time favorite is roasted chicken or turkey with something called mlinci.
  11. Environment: I love the outdoors and I try to be as nicest as I can be to nature. Don't throw trash everywhere and don't smoke in forests!
  12. Words that describe me: shy, patient, kind, funny (I guess...), sometimes stubborn, determined, adaptive, lazy (sometimes, when it comes to college), caring... This is totally not subjective ;)
Oh well, I can't remember anything else now. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask :D
Bye bye :*
It's all about me ;)

20 May, 2014

Mother Nature at her worst!

As you can see from the title, this time I have really bad news. Since I saw most readers are from countries near me, they should really pay attention and do something. If you're further away and you maybe think it doesn't consider you, you're wrong! This kind of catastrophes are everybody's concern. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, there are terrible floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Normally, these countries, Croatia and Serbia, are not in good relationships. I'm not going to start that topic, but let's just say our past isn't that bright. However, we are united now because we really need all the help we can get! Mother Nature decided to show her full power and strength and people are dying. There's nothing politics (so stop blaming the government!) or money can do in situations like this. But! we do need financial, and any other, help we can get because thousands of people have lost their homes and everything they had. I've seen houses literally falling apart, ambulance drowning with the paramedics in it (so they had to save the paramedics first so they could save somebody else), animals floating dead... These are all terrible pictures and I wish you all not to ever experience it! I won't talk much further. If you want to know more there are hashtags all over the social networks: #prayforcroatia, #prayforcroatiabosniaserbia, #prayforbosnia, #floods, #prayforserbia... You'll find something... You can call and donate money. Also we invite everyone to send food, water, clothes... Anything you think that could help... 
If you really wanna see how bad things are now, Google "floods in Croatia/Bosnia/Serbia". It's like we have new Adriatic sea in the middle of the dry land!
God help us all !!!!
Pray and help !

16 May, 2014

Play the music!

I actually don't know how to describe this day. In this 14 hours that I've been awake till now, my day had ups and downs. It rarely happens in one day that you feel pure happiness and terrible sadness. I woke up happier than usual since I didn't have to get up early as usual. Next, I spent few hours with my, now, dear friends and I actually had fun. Since I'm a larger person (I don't like the term fat), I always think people only see my body and not me beneath me. So, I'm very grateful that those people gave me a chance and that I actually think that I found friends for life in high school and in college. The point is, I had fun in the first part of my day and I was happy. Later I remained happy because I went shopping. I'm not really sure if I'm totally happy with what I bought since I have to see how it matches the rest of my wardrobe, but I'm pretty satisfied. But something very wrong happened now, in the evening. I watched The Vampire Diaries and, for all those who watch it, Damon died. Not important if you're not watching it. The point is that I started crying. Yes, I hate the fact that my favorite character died but it seemed like I cried for more than that. I cried for the fact that no one ever told me that he loves me (like Damon did just now). No one ever felt for me anything even remotely close to what we see on TV. And than I started thinking... It's a terrible idea to think about anything when you're sad. I thought about this guy at my college. Probably the most down-to-Earth guy I've ever seen. So ambitious, strong, persistent, smart, funny... And for this one I can honestly say I don't feel anything, I just really admire him. He has everything I want actually. Good, long relationship, good grades, great friends, tons of talents and I discover a new one every day... I don't know why but his life came up to my mind firs when I was sad... I guess I'm wondering if I'm ever going to have that. Anyhow, to  explain the title... Anything that helps in the situation like this is music. Sad music to start with and to express all your emotions. Later comes the live, happy and music for dancing! So turn the volume up and let the music take you to a better place!!!
Music !!!!!!!!!!

11 May, 2014

Prenuptial agreement

"A prenuptial agreement or shortly just prenup is a contract entered into prior to marriage, civil union or any other agreement prior to the main agreement by the people intending to marry or contract with each other. The content of a prenuptial agreement can vary widely, but commonly includes provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce or breakup of marriage. They may also include terms for the forfeiture of assets as a result of divorce on the grounds of adultery; further conditions of guardianship may be included as well." This is the official definition from Wikipedia. And now, my dilemmas. Two people are joining in the holy matrimony (marriage). One is rich the other one isn't. The rich one wants the other one to sign this papers. And there are two sides to this problem. If you're marrying somebody, you should be able to trust them. You should know that you're about to become "one person" and "what's mine is yours". You can't share the rest of your lives if you don't trust them enough to share your money and other goods and assets. So, in that case, the other person, the poor one, should be offended and angry. But then again... If the other person is joining this marriage for love and for the person himself/herself and not for the money, what's the problem? If there is no other reason but love for that marriage, a prenup is just a matter of caution and some kind of security for the future. God forbid that something goes wrong, and then what? You should always be secured for the future, especially if you earned that money yourself. It doesn't happen very often in normal lives and normal families. By normal I mean families that don't include famous actors, singers, models, football (or any other sport) players... So, I guess I don't have to worry about that. (Or, maybe some day I'll have to. Fingers crossed.) I think my favorite scenario about this is when one person hand over these papers and waits for the reaction. If the other one wants to sign it, it's a proof that they're not there for the money. If they don't... Oh well... I know test aren't a great idea in relationships, but you have to know who you are marrying, right? Anyhow, this is how I would react. Or, at least, I think I would react like this. I would never be in a relationship just for the money, so there would be a lot of love included. First problem solved. If my fiancé would ask me to sign the papers, I would. I would be kinda hurt and maybe angry for some time, but I would know that my feelings are true and money isn't the problem or the only reason for me to stay with that man. So, if there are any very rich guys out there, feel free to contact me. Just kidding... ;)
To give or not to give? To sign or nor to sign?

08 May, 2014

You have followers?

Hello :)
In spite of being terribly tired and exhausted, and in spite of the fact I have to study 10 more hours, I'm in a good mood and I found the time to write something down. I was wondering today how's life for those famous people (actors, singers, models...). I know we all say they have nothing to complain about and they have almost everything they want in life, and that's kinda true, but I was thinking about something else. Followers, fans, stalkers. Can you imagine how it would be for you not being able to walk out of your house without hundreds of people waiting outside? Sure, it sounds interesting and cool now, but I can honestly say I couldn't live like that. Sure, I would like to have fans and media behind me, but every day? Every step I take would be recorded somewhere. I just say Ian Somerhalder's interview for Years of Living Dangerously (I personally suggest you watch at least some interviews or trailers, even if you don't like Ian, you'll have to love what he's doing there). Anyhow, he went up on the stage in the middle of the city square and girls were screaming (I love you! Marry me!) and it had nothing to do with the great thing he was talking about. They were just there so they could cry because they saw him up close. And I have to admit, I find him very handsome and attractive, but you can't act like that! Just because he's famous doesn't mean that he should be treated like that. I'm not saying they said anything bad, but I'm 100% sure all of those girls would feel harassed if someone approached them like that! And yes, I know that he's famous and this kinda goes with the profession he has, but still... Calm down! I took his example because I saw it yesterday, but it goes for all famous people. Male and female. Although, I think hot guys have it worse because those girls, their fans, are pretty scary when they like somebody. I haven't seen many guys acting like this for some female famous person, but they're here too. And there's another example. Planetary popular One Direction. They had their boxers stolen form the balcony. Seriously? And girls (in this example) call themselves fans. A true fan supports his/hers idol, cares about their work (not just his/hers body!!) and, I wouldn't say is protective of them, but surely not stealing their clothes. If any of you who read this is a fan of somebody, think about this the next time you don't give them private time even to go shopping for groceries. And, of course, not only to blame the guys and girls out there, the media doesn't help too. We really don't need to know if Angelina Jolie went to the hairdresser of if Jessica Alba went on the red carpet with the broken nail (I just made this up, don't try to Google it).
Just Google "Crazy fans"...

07 May, 2014

Home alone

Hey there :)
Do you live with your parents? Alone? With a roommate? And how's that working for you? I live with my parents. And I'm used to mom doing everything. I'm not saying I don't help out, but she is in charge of the house. And my parents decided to take a little vacation this week... You know, palm trees, cocktails, beautiful beach in Miami... Oh wait, that's my dream. Anyhow, it doesn't matter where they went. It's important to highlight that I'm home alone for the entire week now. And that happens every year for about 5 years now. I know it's not much but every time they're gone I feel very proud of myself. For keeping myself alive for the week. Cooking, cleaning, studying, playing, going out... I have to manage it all and everything's up to me. Even the financial issues. I especially like that part. I'm proud that I don't spend all the money they leave me and that I don't buy random stuff I don't need. I know most of my peers would spend everything their first day and they would starve to death till the end of the week. Trust me, I've seen it. Maybe not starve to death, but there were cases in which some extra sandwiches were needed. And, what's really impressing, I'm keeping my place really clean and neat. And for the bad sides of this situation I have one information. I'm really really scared of the dark. I know I'm 19 and only fools believe that something could actually happen to you in your own locked (!) house but I can't lose that fear. I lock my doors and, as soon as I turn off my lights, I start seeing some shadows, hearing some noises... And I'm 100% sure I'm home alone and there's not a serial killer or some Poweruff girls monster there. But some part of me will always believe that a blanket could actually save me from anything. Cause, you know, a chainsaw can't go through the magical blanket. As I said, I have to manage all aspect of my current life alone and preferably before the deadline, so I have to go study now. Hopefully you'll have better dreams than me these few days. :)
Bye bye
Home alone you say?? :)

06 May, 2014

Go there and introduce yourself!

Hey :)
How many times have your friends gave you that lame advice where you should just go to the person you never met and introduce yourself? I'm not saying it's wrong, and if you like somebody and you have the courage, why not? We see it every day in clubs. It's popular these days... But I'm talking about those times where you see somebody cute on the street or in the tram/bus and your friend is convincing you it's the best idea ever to go over there and start talking. Trust me, it's not! Maybe you would do great and end up marrying that person, but, let's be real, that most likely won't happen. What will happen is you humiliating yourself. Do you like when random strangers come up to you? I don't think so. Everybody is polite but we all have that awful face expression and we're just wanting for that person to go away. And another thing. If those friends who have such great advice wouldn't do that themselves, why do they act like it's the best thing ever, not humiliating or scaring at all? I remember one time I saw a cute guy in the tram and I said that to my friend (about 5 years ago). She gave me that same advice. And, at first, I laughed cause I thought she was joking and it was funny the way she said it. But later she wouldn't shut up about him. She was trying to convince me that I missed a great opportunity there the entire day. Maybe I did, I can't say I know what would have happened, but neither I have the courage to do it nor I want it. I know how I would feel in a situation like that. Sure, I would be flattered if someone approached me, but later I would be very uncomfortable. Maybe that's just me. I can't speak for all people out there, but I think that most of you would agree with me on this one. I actually think about this a lot because I travel to my college with the public transport every day and I see lots and lots of cute and handsome guys. I'm just wondering what would have to go very wrong in my brain to do such a thing...
And I just remembered one more situation. If you bump into somebody on the street and your, let's say, notebooks fall. OK, you/he will pick it up and it kinda end there. It's not a TV show. You won't get a coffee together, you won't go to the dinner and won't move in together the next day!
Hi! My name is... NOT IMPORTANT !!!!!!

03 May, 2014

Busy Saturday again

Hey :)
Like every Saturday, or the entire weekend for that matter, I have tons of things to do but, knowing me, I won't do half of them. Or, I'll do everything except for the most important - college stuff. So, first I have to go to this family lunch and I really really don't want to go. Timing of this gathering is just terrible. Later I promised I would meet a friend to go shopping and later I'm having my friends over for some movie night. There's no way I'm going to manage it all. I know there are only three things on my list but you know how it is. You can't finish either of them in half an hour. I know I have to do lunch. I'll try to bail earlier or, hopefully, everything will be over soon. Next, on to my friend. I haven't seen Anchy in a while and I really do want to see her today. Unfortunate part is that I'll be available for only two or three hours. Then I have to go shopping for groceries and prepare everything for the movie night. What a movie night, we don't even have movies to watch. Not that it ever stopped us, but do you have any suggestions? So, how is that that I never have time for anything? I'm aware that I don't do anything, I don't even have hobbies or any activities that I do regularly. I feel like there's always a need for 4 or 5 extra hours that I need in my day. The part I'm sorry for the most it when I'll finally realize that I could have organized my time better. And it usually happens in a day or two. There are some mistakes we just never learn from. It's like going to bed really late and realizing it was a terrible idea in the morning. But that doesn't stop you for repeating it over and over. Don't even let me start about my Sunday tomorrow. Few more friends to catch u with and I just want to stay in bed all day. But I think my friends are more important than hours and hours spent watching TV or sleeping. I'll manage it. I always do. ;)
Oh, in case you were wondering, our big gathering is rescheduled again. I found out about it just yesterday. This rain is just too much! But this time is giving me a chance to figure out do I want to go or not.
P.S. I just realized that I'll need a lot of money today. Shopping, hosting a movie night... I need a job! :D
Just to be sure :D