31 December, 2016

Happy New Year! | 2016/2017

Hello everyone!
I know I've been MIA this December, but you know how it is... I had so much to do, so many cakes to bake and, of course, being a student is extremely stressful during this month (thanks college).
It's currently 31st of December 2016, 7:30 p.m. Let's talk about my plans for the evening. I was planning on staying at home, alone cause my parents are working night shifts and my brother is not in town, with warm cocoa, some movies, blanket... You know... My plans changed so I'll go out with my friend just to see the fireworks and then we'll be at my place doing the same thing I was planning on doing on my own. So not much has changed. To be honest, I'm not excited about New Year anymore. Maybe because I only have like 4 friends, 3 of which are not in town and they're also in relationships so I don't want to be a third wheel. Also, going out in a club requires a good company, preferably a larger group which I don't have. Organizing a private party also requires some group of people which, again, I don't have. I'd like to travel somewhere just to get rid of this pressure that I just have to do something great for New Year's Eve. It's the same night as any, just much more expensive. Nothing will change tomorrow, although I like to do that "New Year - new me" thing.
Since this started off kinda depressing, I'll just cut to the chase.

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all the best. To you and your loved ones! Have a great time tonight (whatever you're doing) and have a great first day of new year! Also, I wish you that this year is the best one yet!

Btw. What are your plans for tonight/tomorrow?

15 December, 2016

My Christmas and birthday wishlist | 2016

Hello. How are you? Ready for Christmas already?
Last year I posted Christmas present ideas post where I wrote down what I wouldn't mind getting and what I think are great presents. Also, I'd like to add that anything personalized is a big plus!
Note: Also, in this post from last year, I said I would help you get the presents for your loved ones. I would like to continue that good mood so feel free to contact me. Read about it there.
Now, that was last year. This time I'll write down exactly what I would like to get. I already send some hints to my friends and family, but in case they didn't get it, here's my list. (My family does not read this and only 3 of my friends know about this...)
Note: Also, my birthday is really close to Christmas, so that's why this is a wishlist for both.
  • radio + CD player
Old school stuff! I just love music and it's playing on my laptop 24/7. However, I love it when my song comes up on the radio which is why I want it. We had one, but it's broken for the past few months and the fact that it's in the living room meant that I could only listen to it when I was home alone. My new radio has to have a CD player, a regular radio stations and an USB connector.
  • notebook with rubber covers
This came out ages ago, but I never got my hand on it. For some reason, I love those with just stripes or notebook for math. I don't like planners or organizers because I want to have the full freedom over what I write in there. The ones I can actually play with and change the covers are my favorite, but a Lego-style clip is a must.
  • basically anything with planes and military print
I have huge love for both of these, so you can't go wrong with it. I saw little erasers in the shape of airplanes and I fell in love.
  • yearly planner
I'm not talking about any planner... I want that narrow one with one week per page. I saw one silver one today and it's great. All other planners I made from regular notebooks didn't work for me. I never write down anything in there and it's just not practical. This one would be a game changer, I think. Also, I found one I'm in love with so even if I don't get it, I'll order it myself and personalize it.
It's basically like this only wider.
  • lipstick holder
When I started buying lipsticks, room for 12 of them was enough, but now I have over 20 of them and I don't have anywhere to store them. I found some on eBay that can hold 24 lipsticks and I could really use that. The more room, the better.
  • scarf/blanket
You know what I'm talking about. I want that huge square piece of fabric that could easily be a blanket, but people say it's scarf. I don't know how I got attached to that trend, but I love it how it looks on other people so I hope it would look good on me too.
  • Brooklyn Bridge motives
I love New York and I would take any motive with it, except maybe Statue of Liberty (I don't know why I don't find that as exciting...). However, my favorite motive is Brooklyn Bridge. I would like huge puzzles with it, but a picture or a poster would be a total hit.

  • new mobile phone and new camera
OK, this is too much to ask, but I'd still like to get (myself) a new phone cause I've been in love with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since it came out. Also, my bigger wish is to get a really good but smaller camera, preferably the one with the screen that can be flipped. Cause selfies...

What's on your list? Do you make a list and give it to your loved ones or you like to be surprised?

02 December, 2016

Storytime: My mom found her Christmas present

With Christmas time approaching, I thought of this one time when my mom found a present I meant to give her. I actually remember this quite often, so it's time I share it.
This all happened about 10 years ago. At that time I was still in elementary school, being around 11 years old. Money wise, my mom was giving me money for school and I usually had enough for some sandwich, chips or chocolate. I didn't need more. But as I had that kind of income, buying presents for holidays was very hard. (If any kid is reading this, I want you to know Santa does exist, but I wanted to make my family even happier!) I was buying some small stuff whenever I got the chance to go to the store. So this one year, I bought my mom a candle holder in the shape of Santa's head (creepy?). He had golden hat with glitter all over it. I thought it was so cute and it was about $1 or $2 so that was a perfect price. I got it, came home, put it in the back of the cupboard in my room and waited for an opportunity to wrap it up. As usual, my mom decided to clean the house right before Christmas. I have no idea why was she in the back of my cupboard, but she found the candle holder. As usual, if she cleans while I'm not home, she puts all stuff she doesn't know where to put on my bed. I came home and saw Santa on the bed. I immediately freaked out that I left it there for some unknown reason, but then she came and told me everything. She gave a lecture about keeping stuff in order and how could I just put it there and why I haven't told her that I bought something. I was crushed. This was my ultimate cute and cheap idea for a present and she found it. She found it just few days before Christmas. So I had no time and no money. I took a dollar from my brother, I had 2 of my own, and I went to the store searching for a replacement. I eventually found a small sculpture of 2 turtle doves. I can't express how worried and sad I was. Imagine a broke kid who just wants to give some presents, but can't. To this day, when I remember that, I feel so very sad. Also, to this day, she doesn't know the story.
The lesson behind this story: Parents please don't do through your kid's stuff. If you do find anything, just put it back and never mention it.
Do you have some similar experiences?
Do you even like "storytime" posts?

25 November, 2016

Movie review: Need for speed

Note: As usual, head down to recommendations if you want to watch it without me spoiling it to you. You could probably read my impressions too... You decide...

19 November, 2016

Update on life: pre-Christmas mood

Hello! I actually always feel like I haven't written anything in ages and then I look and it's been around 10 days since the last post. Weird?
So... Although most of people have hopped on the train for Christmas, I have a rule that Christmas time does not begin before the 1st of December. So I'm not there yet, but I do have some other stuff going on in my life. For the last few weeks I've been feeling a bit down, a bit lost. My college is not going as I hoped, I missed on a great opportunity, my friend started ignoring me and I basically don't have time for anything but college which makes me very sad. I'll start with my friend ignoring me as there's not much to say about that. At one point he just stopped answering the texts, stopped answering his phone. I have no idea what's actually happening, but I can't reach him. That's that. As for my college, I have a really messed up schedule and I literally don't have time for anything productive all week. I had so much plans for this year and I don't think I'll be able to do any of those. Also, I started thinking about my future job and it really scares me. I'm not sure where I'll end up. I guess it's all just a teen-life crisis (?) and I know all young people go through this so I'm not that worried, but I'm just feeling a bit down. Also, as every young person, I struggle with money since I can't get a job and my parents aren't loaded with money. And there's that... Out of all of these, I think the lack of time is my biggest concern. Yes, it's not my friend because I did all I could and he shut me out. I do feel bad and I want to know what happened, but obviously he doesn't so... Anyway, I want to start going jogging, I want to blog more and maybe start YouTube, I want to learn few new languages, I want to go out more, I want to live a full young life. But that will turn around, right? Yeah.
So, what is happening in your life? Any problems? Any advice?
Bring it on!

10 November, 2016

Today: 10.11.2016.

Doing: a bit of studying, a bit of shopping, a bit of relaxing, watching TV, reading a book, planning my holiday trip, planning my blog posts,... there really was a bit of everything
Mood: with all said above, my day went really well - but I'm a bit tired now
Favorite person: my mom
Thinking about: is this holiday trip, which I'm so excited about, actually going to happen or not
Missing: going out more with my friends, field trips I did in elementary and high school
Loving: the fact that I have all Christmas presents planned out - my whole family and friends are getting some awesome presents
Hating: that it's going to rain for next three days when I have days off and I could actually go somewhere, but I hate hate hate going anywhere when it's raining
New discovery: Donald Trump was in Home Alone 2 (?!?!?!) - link here
Listening to: Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me

How is your day going by? :)

02 November, 2016

Stop it with the healthy! (part 2)

Those of you who are loyal readers of my blog know that I've already used this title and I wrote about how people mostly pretend to care about health, when it's usually all about the looks. Open this link if you wanna read this first part.
Now, I'm going a bit further with this as I'm constantly seeing one thing on the Internet (usually social media) and it drives me crazy! I'm talking about "eating cake and I don't even feel sorry" or "having chocolate for dinner, don't care" posts. I've been seeing a lot of people (I'm gonna talk about girls cause that's what I know) talking about food; how "food is life" or wanting some big burger or anything as a joke. Because it's popular these days. Then you have people who take their "guilty pleasures" and take pictures to post them only to receive likes and approval from people. In most cases this is posted by fit or skinny girls, but there are also larger girls who seek reply messages and comments like "what do you care?" or "you go girl". OK, so here is what I think. I don't need to know what you're eating, but if I do see it, I don't need to feel like it's wrong what you do, but I still have to send positive and approving messages. Example. A girl posts "having sweets for dinner" at 10 p.m. In healthy, "we all need to be perfect by general standards" world, this is wrong. It's bad for your health, your sleep and, of course, your figure. Then again, I can't comment that because that would sound bitchy (and I honestly don't care and I do it too). I have to say, previously said, "what do you care?", "enjoy" or "so jealous". It's like you know it's wrong (by general standards), but you do it anyway. And you should! Because if I want to eat cake, chips or popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's my thing! As I'm writing this, I'm eating cookies. I didn't have breakfast nor lunch and it's 8 p.m. I don't need someone telling me it's bad, because I kinda know it. And I don't care. And the reason why I'm doing this shouldn't concern you either. Don't get me wrong, I have pictures of food uploaded on my social media, but they were never posted so people could see that I had one mistake in my, usually, perfect diet. There are some people who take their diet (too) seriously, but I believe there's a majority of people eating normal and junk food whenever they wish to. They just don't post it anywhere because they don't need approval or turning this "mistake" into a joke to feel better.

26 October, 2016

Reasons why I'd like to live alone

Hey. You probably know I live with my family; mother, father and occasionally brother. You also probably know I'm 21 years old. The only reason why I'm still with them is lack of money. But all things aside, here are my reasons why I'd love to live alone (in no particular order).
Note: I do realize there are good sides of living with my family, but this struck me the other day so I wanted to share it with you.
  • pampering days
I recently got interested in make-up and skin/hair care so I usually need one day a week to be alone to do all these stuff without anyone judging me for having hair or face mask on. I know it looks ridiculous, but answering the same questions every single time is getting really boring and annoying.
  • my own bathroom
As much as I'd love to have freedom in all the rooms, bathroom is something I really need to be just mine. This goes with the first thing I wrote above. I spend the normal amount of time in there, but I just need the bathroom for only myself on some days.
  • listening to music 24/7
From the moment when I walk into the apartment or wake up till the moment I go out or to sleep, I have the music on. I listen to it on the radio, TV or laptop, but there's always some music. I don't understand how my parents can't listen to music. Once they get home, music is turned off and TV, which nobody is watching if I may add, is turned on.
  • peaceful evenings
There are some evenings/nights when I just want to cuddle up in my bed and watch some TV with hot cocoa and popcorn. But I can't do it cause my TV has been acting weird lately and the main TV in the living room is only watched by my father. God forbids somebody is watching something else while he's home.
  • sleepovers
Since I can remember, I always wanted to have friends over, but I never couldn't because we have quite small apartment and there are no extra beds. Even if I could invite somebody, I can't do that to my family in their own living space.
  • decorating
How I wished I had more space to put the decor I like. Also, my parents and I don't always agree on what's pretty so we basically don't have any decoration, only the functional stuff we actually use. That's not so bad, but I'd still like some pretty stuff every here and there.
  • not having to move everything right away
I'm a neat person in general, but I have some times when I leave my jacket hanging in the hallway or my boots beside the shoe compartment. If I do so, it's because I'm planning on wearing those exact stuff again soon or I just have something I need to do right away so this would have to wait. I clean everything after myself, but it sometimes take till the evening and my mother can't wait that long.
  • neighbors
I know this problem will be with me as long as I live in an apartment building, but I seriously hate my neighbors right now. I would like to live in a house if that's possible.

Where do you live? With whom? Do you like it or have your own reasons for wanting to move out?

16 October, 2016

Today: 16.10.2016.

Doing: went to the shopping mall with my aunt, cooked some lunch, did a hair mask, gonna pamper myself and get my nails done - I'm preparing for another college week
Mood: pretty good actually, I'm stress free which is a miracle since I started college again
Favorite person: I haven't seen anybody today but my aunt so I'll say it's her - although she's a complete mental and physical mess
Thinking about: what I'll wear to the wedding on Saturday cause I have some stuff I could wear, but I kinda want something new, but don't have the money to be honest
Missing: my old job - cause I need the money...
Loving: the fall fashion - even though I don't like fall, I think it's the most fashionable season
Hating: that it's Monday tomorrow and all the rain
New discovery: baby oil I had for so long is actually great for nails and cuticles
Listening to: Adele - Someone like you (there's a list of 50 greatest love songs on VH1 and this was number one)

02 October, 2016

Movie review: One Day

I got a book from my cousin called One Day by David Nichols. I found out that there's also a movie based on it. Before I start, I haven't read the book so I can't compare it. It's a romantic drama starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as lead roles.
Notes: As usual, plot has spoilers, my impressions don't. Also, this was written way before I changed my template for reviews, so...

Plot: We meet Dexter and Emma on their graduation day on the 15th of July 1988. Although they were in school together, Dexter has no memory of them ever meeting. (They've met few times...) After he offers to walk her home, they decide to spend the night together, although nothing happens. (The part I didn't like as I'm all for big romances, but it turned out good.) Also, it's super awkward in the beginning, but Emma convinces him to do something the next day. The next day is kind of a date and they kiss but remain friends. (We see this in the end of the movie.) They continue to have a great friendship through years. (I loved their friendship so so much!!) We see Emma working at a fast food restaurant the job she hates. She wanted to change the world and she really loved writing. Dexter never shows ambition for some high education; he wants to find himself and have fun. In the 1992, Emma and Dex go on a trip together and, although Emma had some rules, they break them all and flirt. Emma got her hopes up, but it turns out Dex is not being that serious. (If you ask me, I think he just got scared.) Soon, Ian comes to work with Emma and they start a weird friendship that will eventually become a serious relationship. (I disliked this guy from the moment he entered.) Meanwhile, Dexter is a huge TV star, but he finds out people hate him so he gets depressed, starts doing drugs and slowly ruin his life. Also, his mom is seriously sick and will die eventually in the movie. In 1996, Emma is living with Ian. She meets with Dex and finally says she loves him, but she doesn't like him anymore as he has changed a lot. (This was a really sad scene to me.) We also see that neither Emma is happy with Ian, nor is Dex happy with his girlfriend Sylvie. They are reunited at a friend's wedding. On the contrary of what's written two sentences ago, Dex and Sylvie are getting married. In the following years, they get a baby, but we see Sylvie cheating on Dexter in the very next scene. (Yeah...) They are again reunited in 2003 and Emma is now dating Jean-Piere in Paris. As Dexter decides to leave Emma to live her life, she runs for him and they finally confess the feelings for each other. (Finally!) In 2004, Dex is rehearsing his wedding vows. In 2006 you see them kinda nervous for not being pregnant yet, but decide to work things out at the dinner. On the way to the restaurant, Emma is hit by a van and dies immediately. (I kinda knew something was going to happen, but I was so surprised I jumped off my seat.) Later on, we only see Dex remembering her and showing his daughter places where he went with Emma. The movie ends in 2011.

My impressions: OMG I loved the movie! I honestly thought it would be boring seeing only one day each year (one specific date), but they did a great job! Some of the stuff are not explained as they are self-explanatory and I think that's why I didn't get bored. With every year, there are some new information and changes in Emma and Dexter's lives. I'm such a sucker for romance, so if you are too, this is a movie to watch. I would say more, but I can't without spoilers, so I won't. Also, I loved the main characters!
Did you watch the movie? Will you?

25 September, 2016

My 3 biggest fears

All people are afraid of something. If you're not, it's either sad that you don't have anything to lose or you're lying. Aside from being afraid that something will happen to my family or friends, here are my three biggest fears that include only me.
Note: This is not a depressed post. I'm not obsessed with any of these and these do not consume my life. This is just something I get nervous about when I think about it. That's all.
  • darkness
I've been afraid of the dark since I can remember. I would play at my neighbor's place and I would have to walk between high corn field and hedge. I was usually coming back when it was already really dark and I was constantly afraid that something would jump out of it. I'm still kinda afraid of it and I definitely do not feel comfortable in the dark, but I just endure it.
  • death
I don't know any (?) person that's not afraid of dying. You're living your whole life, you're struggling and for what? You're going to die anyway. This is really really scaring me and I get really nervous just thinking about this and I usually start crying in about 5 minutes of this topic. Also, what's even scarier is the fact that the Earth will be destroyed one day and nothing will be left of us. And my heart started going crazy now, so this would be the end of this topic.
  • ending up alone
I know that some people don't see themselves as family people, they don't seek for significant other, they don't want kids and that's all OK. But that's not me. I want to find the love of my life and I want a big wedding and happy married life and kids and all that. The fact that I'm already 21 and I'm single scares me. This may sound crazy, but I always wanted to be married by the age of 25. And that's obviously not going to happen. So, yeah, I'm afraid that I'll stay alone forever. And that's not OK for me.
If you don't mind sharing, I'd like to hear what are your fears? Or what you think of mine (leave out the death topic please as I don't know if I can read all about it...).

10 September, 2016

Which part of life would you choose?

I was talking to my mother yesterday and we started this topic of which part of life is the best. I said none and here's why.
Note: This is not meant to be sad or depressing post. We talked about it with smiles on our faces so I hope this will cheer you up (in some weird way) rather than put you down. Also, this is my point of view.
Starting with being a baby, we're not so aware of what's going on around us. Although we're being fed and washed and everybody loves us, we're not getting much out of it. If nothing, we don't remember anything from our baby years.
Next there's kindergarten or preschool or granny's place where we spend most of the time. I had the luck of my grandparents looking after me, so I wasn't forced to sleep in the afternoon or to eat something I didn't like. Also, I grew up with my brother and a couple of great friends so my days were kinda perfect. But if you're going to kindergarten or preschool, you're forced, at very young age, to do stuff somebody else says you should do and you don't understand why. Why would I sleep when I have all the energy in the world?
After that, there's elementary school. We're taught bunch of new stuff, we're with your friends all day long. That's great (if you have friends). But we're also taught to obey everything teachers say, to do whatever they want us to do. We're taught to be quiet and sit there. Again, being still and concentrated is quite hard when all we want is to play outside.
Hello, high school. Oh God. There's so much pressure on kids in high school to have good grades, to party a lot, to be good looking, to have some hobbies, to play sport,... To be perfect. Because we're kinda growing up the most in high school and it's expected from us to be the best. All the schoolwork was killing me. Yeah, the first thing I wanna do when I get home is homework... Also, everybody is treating us like kids, but we feel much older and wiser and there's our biggest problem.
Yay, I got into college. Now what? Again, so much pressure. This is our life now. We are so pressured to do the best because this will define our career. Great. I don't know if I was ever more stressed than in college. And when we finish it all, we realize we shouldn't have been so nervous, but it's too late now. I have started losing hair and I see some grays in there...
Finally a job! Paycheck! Hala! Shopping and traveling all day, all night. Yeah, unless we're living with our parents (which would be great btw), there are bills and food. And all other small stuff we didn't have to worry when we were younger.
Family time! Now all the worries start again because it's not just us anymore. We have more people to look after and it's freaking stressful. We work full time, come home, cook, clean, do homework, play and still need to have some us time which is usually non-existent.
Oh how sweet is retirement. Not really. We have the time, and maybe the will to do stuff we planned on doing since we were 10, but we're too old. Everything hurts and we can barely walk. And, like that's not enough, incomes are much smaller than our paycheck used to be (unless you're a millionaire).

My mom said she loved the time between getting a job and having a family the best! She was living with her parents, she had her own money, but shouldn't have worry about all the house stuff and the bills.

In which stage are you right now? Are you loving it? Which is in general your favorite part?

06 September, 2016

Movie review: TMNT (2014)

Info: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 2014 movie starring Megan Fox as reporter April O'Neal, Will Arnett as cameraman Vernon Fenwick and William Fichtner as Eric Sacks. There are, of course, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo, with their "father" master Splinter, as main characters of this adventure, comedy and action movie. Main bad guy is Shredder. This movie is 1 hour and 41 minutes long.

Plot: There is a group of people, called the evil Foot Clan, who are torturing the city. What the citizens of New York don't know is there are 4 vigilantes out there who are trying to protect them. Somehow, April witnesses the battle between the two groups and becomes a part of this huge underground secret. There is later revealed that one of the most powerful men out there, Eric Sacks, is actually a bad guy working for his father figure Shredder and their plan is to get rich by saving the city which they would previously poison. Ten (or something) years ago, April's father and Sacks were trying to develop an antidote in case something bad happens to the city. April's father found out about Sacks's evil plan so Sacks killed him. They were experimenting on 4 turtles and 1 rat. Although there was a fire at the lab, April managed to save the animals and they were living in a sewage ever since. Splinter took care and trained 4 little turtles to became ninjas who will protects the city. Sacks manages to capture the three of brothers, leaving Raphael to save them. In Sacks's attempt to drain them out of blood, brothers are weakened, but April comes with Vernon and Raphael just in time to give them adrenaline and save them. They all have one last fight with Shredder and succeed in stopping the poison of getting out. There is one of the last scenes where we can see Shredder taking just a bit of the remaining antidote.

My impression: I loved the cartoon when I was a kid, so watching this is a normal development of the situation. I really liked the movie, although I did skip few seconds of pure fighting. I loved the explanation scenes of how they became ninja turtles. I also loved the scene of baby turtles and seeing them as kids. While stuck in an elevator, 4 of them start being DJ's which I though was pretty spontaneous and funny scene. There was also one scene where, usually though and rebellious, Raphael has a beautiful speech (as they think they're going to die). There was one (but pretty big) thing I didn't like. It was the fact we see more of April and her point of view than the TMNT's. And I thought Splinter was very ugly. 
Raphael: I just... uh, uh... If this our last moment together, I just want you guys to know I'm sorry! I'm sorry I was so hard on you! Ugh. Everytime I pushed you I... I threatened you, I yelled at you, I pushed you beyond your limits, it's because I believe in you! I believe in each one of you! I believe in you spirit and your intelligence and your potential! And every time I talked about walking away it was because I was scared! I just didn't think I was good enough to stand next to you and call you brothers, and say to you, I love you! I love you guys so much!

Recommendation? You have to be into talking ninja turtles to watch this, because otherwise, I think you would be really bored. But if you ever watched the cartoon or know what are you getting into, I'd say to watch the movie! It's basically an action movie mixed with funny lines presented by huge talking turtles. Cowabunga, dude!

Have you watched TMNT? Cartoon or movie? Are you excited for the new TMNT movie coming this year?

01 September, 2016

Today: 1.9.2016.

Doing: went to my grandparent's house, played with my dog, ate great food, watched TV - simply enjoying the day how I want it
Mood: great, but very tired (and it's almost 1 a.m. and I'm still up...)
Favorite person: I'd say my grandpa - heard him laugh after quite a while...
Thinking about: meeting my favorite people all week long - gotta love it
Missing: I could say more money and some confidence, but I'm gonna keep it positive and say nothing!
Loving: nature, sun, music, friends... lots of things today!
Hating: neighbors who are yelling and I'm about to go to sleep
New discovery: activated charcoal is apparently good teeth whitener?
Listening to: Nelly and Kelly - Dilemma (actually a whole RNB list...) - nostalgia...

25 August, 2016

Need to survive one more week!

Hi. I have a feeling it's been a long time since I posted something really personal (two months to be exact - post here). I rarely write down some specifics because I'm paranoid that some of my friends would find this blog and know it's me. Anyhow, today I'm gonna write everything down because I can't deal with this anymore.
So I'm doing a paper for college; it's the most important paper I had to do so far and I can't finish college without it. To finish it, I need to consult my professor every once in a while and he needs to approve it. Otherwise, without his signature, I can't finish college. He is the most idiotic person ever! I can say now I hate him. I do. Every time I go there for him to check my work, he finds something new that should be changed. Why can't he find all mistakes at once for me to correct them?? Every single time it's something new. And I should turn in this paper in 4 days, with all documentation and a presentation which follows my paper. And I don't think I'll be able to do so because he's still finding some new things he doesn't like. Now, I can't really tell you exactly how I feel, I can't write it all down. I'll just say I cried my eyes out today when I got his mail. I can't do this anymore. It's so stressing me out that I can't even watch my TV shows or eat or even sleep without thinking about this. I'm taking sleeping pills for the past 2 weeks, I think, because I'm so stressed out. I'm shaking most of the time and I can't relax. I was meeting my friends for a coffee yesterday and it was all great, but I thought about this every single second, in between every spoken sentence. He's a perfectionist, I would say, but he can't realize that I don't have that experience and he should guide me through it. He says something is wrong and I need to change it, but he doesn't say how or what should I do. Than I change it couple million times and he's still not satisfied. I have no idea how this will turn out and what will happen with the rest of my education as it all depends on this one paper. Fun, right? I'm writing this right before I try to finish this paper (for the billionth time). When we now talk through e-mail, I think you can read how pissed off I am and how pissed off he is. We're so done with this. I am for sure. I can't do this anymore. This is not normal nor healthy. Four more days guys. And than I think I'll file a report against him or something (there's more to it than I wrote down here).
I gotta go now. Wish me luck.

21 August, 2016

Movie review: Zootopia

Plot and impressions have spoilers so skip that if you're interested in watching this.

Info: Zootopia is new Disney animated movie released in March 2016. It is adventure and action movie with duration of 1 hour and 48 minutes. All characters are animals, with leading rolls of a rabbit and a fox.

Plot: We meet a baby girl rabbit Judy Hopps who wants to be a police officer, but there has never been a rabbit cop in their land. Cops are usually big animals. Although Judy finishes police academy with the highest scores, she is assigned to parking duty and she writes about 200 tickets a day which makes the citizens angry at her. In the mean time, animals are disappearing and one of the the missing animals is Mr. Otterton. His wife begs chief Bogo to find him, but Judy takes the case. Chief Bogo gives her 48 hours to solve the case. In all this, she partners up with a fox named Nick Wilde who hustled her on her first day on the job. Now they work together as Judy knows the truth about Nick and she can prove it and he could go to jail. Following lots of clues, they end up in a hospital with all those missing animals where mayor Leodore Lionheart is trying to find out what's happening to all the animals and why are they acting so weird. In the end, the duo manages to find out the truth. Mayor assistant Bellwether had a plan to make all predators evil so she could turn the city in her favor.

Impressions: I loved the movie. I especially loved the unusual bond between a rebel fox and a cop rabbit. I loved the dialogues, the picture, the effects, basically everything. I especially loved the part when Nick and Judy were in a public transport (I guess) and Nick was opening up about his childhood and his traumatic story why he became a hustler. Also, his transformation from bullied kid, through being a bad guy to being a cop and Judy's partner. And for some weird reason, I wanted the fox and the rabbit to stay together, as a couple. God.

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this cartoon. The characters are animals and they are so cute, especially the children. Furthermore, the message throughout the whole movie is just great. There are thoughts about bullying, racism, trust, friendship,... 

Have you watched it? Will you watch it?

28 July, 2016

Unisex toilets

Before I start anything, I am not even sure which country we're talking about (I'd guess somewhere in the USA) and what's actually going on there, but I saw some conversations on social networks about this and I formed an opinion. Here it is. As much as I know, they're debating whether toilets should be unisex (I'm gonna call it like that) or separated for either women or men. As we are all about equality, people are saying toilet is a toilet and it doesn't matter who is in it. So, I saw most of people voting for unisex. This is not even a thing in my country, but I'll say I'm against. And I always will be. I think. Why? Because I don't think I would feel comfortable with men in the bathroom. I don't have anything against men, but I feel more comfortable with women who I know have all the same body parts as I do. Also, it's less likely that a woman will attack me in the toilet. This is totally generalizing all men everywhere, but I really hope you'll get this in the right way. It's a thing here that if the women's toilet is occupied (and it always is), some girls go to men's toilet (if no one is there). And I've seen only few men in my life going into women's toilet. And now you'll say that one thing is OK and the other isn't, but it's not about that. The point here is just that most women take more time in the bathroom so the lines are endless. And sometimes you just don't have the time to wait. I would be OK with a man in women's toilet if there was an "emergency". The more I'm thinking about it now, the more I think why the hell would I mind men in the toilet, but I just would. I'd like to hear men's opinion on this. Furthermore, periods. I'm almost embarrassed (I know I shouldn't be) for other women knowing that I have period, but I would just die if I had to throw my lady pad in the trash in front of an unknown guy. And I probably will never see those people again and they do know we have periods, but I'm like that. And I know I can't be the only one. Also, guys are guys, and I'm sure they have some things they don't won't to share in front of women. Even if they're just talking about some hot girl they've just seen. You know? It's kinda hard for me to write all of this down to have sense, but I hope I managed to explain myself. Me being embarrassed and weirded out by some stuff is just me.

What's your opinion?
Such a happy toilet :D

18 July, 2016

Take her swimming on the first date!

Read till the end before you judge this.
Since I also consider myself a beauty blogger (I do write another blog) and I love watching those make-up tutorials on YouTube, I've been seeing how make-up can change a person, enhance the beauty and clear all the "bad" stuff off of somebody's face. There is this one youtuber in particular (which I'm not going to name because that would be unnecessary) who always surprises me how she makes a huge difference with only make-up. She is professional make-up artist, if that counts for anything. Anyhow, you've heard before about this line and how guys (let's say guys) always comment about taking a girl swimming for a first date because she's wearing loads of make-up. This youtuber I mentioned did a whole tutorial on waterproof make-up and she did go swimming so that plan would fail, but most of "ordinary" girls don't have so expensive and high-quality make-up so most of it would probably go down the drain (get it? OK, lame.) Make-up is here so we would cover up everything we don't like and highlight all the good parts and make ourselves feel and look great. And that's amazing. Also, all people have the right to do whatever they want with make-up and I have to honest, I kinda admire people who do such wonders with it. But (!) (you knew this was coming), make-up is false presentation. Most of the times you can figure out how the person looks underneath it all, but sometimes it's a huge surprise. When this girl, the youtuber, took off her make-up for the first time (that I saw it) I was so surprised I was actually rewinding and going few seconds back and few seconds forth to see what was actually happening there. I'm talking about such a huge transformation that I couldn't believe that was the same person. The effect was even bigger because she was (and still is) always wearing fake hair and extensions and this was the first time I saw the real her. Not to get me wrong, I'm not saying she is ugly nor pretty, I'm saying the difference is huge! As much as we all love to say the inner beauty counts and physical appearance is not important, it is the first thing you see in a person and that's basically what makes you want to interact in any way. So, false presentation like this could be a huge deal breaker. I honestly can't say how I would react, but I think I would just be disappointed. And, as rude as it sounds, it's not what I've signed up for. Again, people can do whatever they want with make-up, but I think they shouldn't be that surprised that other people are surprised or disappointed or turned off or anything. They should be aware of the make-up they're wearing and know that's not really their face.

What's your opinion on this? You agree? You don't? I'd love to hear it. Long descriptive comments are preferred :)

08 July, 2016

MWL - Tired and sick after workout?

Hi. Intro post about this is here, and all others are under the label "My weight loss".
I talked about including workouts into my diet routine in my previous post (see here). What I didn't mention were the feelings I got after working out. You see all these pictures and posts about how working out is great and you feel amazing afterwards and it's the ultimate goal to feel like that. Well, not true! I just finished my workout for today so it's a perfect time to tell you everything exactly how it is. Although I've been working out every day for a month now and I walk a lot and ride a bike, my condition is nowhere near good. Not yet. So... How do I feel? I feel awful. I'm tired. My stomach hurts and I feel like I'm going to puke. Also, I'm all sweaty. Let's go in some order. Being tired. Everybody says you feel like running, going somewhere or something like that after working out. That's why you're supposed to do it in the morning. I work out in the evening, so that may be the reason, but there's one more. As you workout, your body loses oxygen and you should replace it pretty fast not to feel tired. As I don't have the power to do so, due to lack of condition, I am tired. And I mean sleepy. I could go straight to bed right now. It passes after some time, but that's the first feeling I have. I yawn during workouts. So... OK, next is feeling sick. If you ever watched any military movie, you'll see rookies doing some exercises and their commanders pushing them to their limits. Once the limit is reached, they faint or puke. Your organism is not used to this much movement and pressure so it has its own defense mechanism. I especially feel like this after my ab workouts because there's so much tension in my abdomen area. This will also calm down in some time, but, again, that's my first feeling. At first I was pretty worried about all these, but I think this is all pretty normal and common when starting something like this.
Sure, most of this passes with a good shower, but you have to get to the bathroom while feeling like crap... Not to discourage you, but you may experience this and I want you to be prepared.
Have in mind I'm not a trainer or fitness specialist or anything like that. I'm just telling you how I feel and what I think about all of this. If you feel that it's needed, go visit licensed trainer or a doctor. Don't mess with your health.

What are your experiences with workouts? Or feelings after them?

30 June, 2016

5 things people need to calm down about!

OK, there are some things I see people get really pissed about or go all commando on people who disagree. Well, there are some things I think people think too much about and pull them out of context. Here's my list and explanations why I think we should all calm down.
  • Violent cartoons or games for the kids. I grew up watching Tom & Jerry mostly and, let's face it, it's a cartoon full of violence. I also played Counter Strike, Tekken and GTA and I killed old ladies there to take their money. I blew up a whole block and people there just cause it was a mission in the game. However, I don't think violence is good in any way and I'm not walking around carrying shotgun. I think this is mostly a matter of how you raise your kid. So don't blame it on the media.
  • Saying someone/something is weird. As I write this blog, I often catch myself thinking how to write something so no one would be offended. Sometimes I want to write someone was weird, but I don't because I'm immediately expecting someone to get on my case. If I do write it, I have like a whole paragraph explaining myself. When I, and most people, say something is weird, it's unusual. Example. I've been seeing one black guy at my bust stop for quite some time now. And it's weird. Why? I'm not a racist, but our country is 99% white and it is unusual seeing a black person here. And that's all.
  • Apologizing for something you posted. As a blogger and someone who reads other people's blogs, I see a lot of them apologizing for posting blurry pictures, using flash or not posting enough. Why do we do that? If I post something, it's nobody's fault if it's not good and if I feel the need to apologize, then I probably shouldn't post it. I did this couple of times and then remembered it's totally unnecessary.
  • Saying sorry for not eating something. I'm still a mess about this one, but I really don't eat much and I'm picky when it comes to food. Really picky. Then I go to someone's house and they make lunch or dinner and I have the need to apologize for not eating that. I do feel bad, but now I usually just say I don't eat that and they shouldn't worry about it.
  • Sweat stains. Summer is starting here and it's hot since 7 a.m. Sweat will be visible on any colored shirt, and people can't just wear black and white all the time. Maybe I'm more tolerable on this topic as I sweat a lot (!) so I understand it's hard, almost impossible, to stop or hide sweat. So people, chill. Sweat stains on your or somebody else's shirt will not kill you.
How do you feel about these? Anything you'd like to add?
I felt so nostalgic searching for these...

22 June, 2016

Feel like crying all the time?

Hi. In one of my recent "Today" post (this one to be exact 17.4.2016.) I wrote down that I'm in a good mood, but I felt like crying all day. I told my friends about this and they said it's probably just stress. This would make sense because I'm actually about to make a huge decision and I'm finishing college so that's always stressful. So, some time has passed, I haven't thought about this any more. But today. I got up early as my mum and me went to my grandparents. I was tired, but didn't mind it much. We baked cake and were so excited to surprise them. As we were driving to their place, we talked and listened to music, as always. We drove on the same roads as we usually do. Nothing unusual was going on. Until I heard some song on the radio (and if I remember correctly, it wasn't a sad song) and I started crying. Thank God, it was that silent cry and I only felt tears falling down my cheeks and I felt really nervous and weird. I was also wearing sunglasses so my mum didn't see anything. I wanted to tell her this because I was really feeling fine and happy, but this was so weird and out of my control. However, I felt like I would start really crying if I opened my mouth, so I kept quiet. I immediately thought of what my friends were saying the first time and I tried to think about my current problems or what could be bugging me. I still have the same problems, this time even bigger, but stress would usually mean nervousness, being unable to sleep or eat, or eating too much,... There are my usual stress indicators and what's usually considered normal. This, what's I'm experiencing right now, is not normal. Is anybody out there experiencing this? A helpful advice how to stop it would be appreciated. The weirdest thing is I'm actually happy. And this could be some inside alert because we're not really aware of everything we fell (which is absurd?), but I don't know how to deal with it. This decision I'm about to make. It will define my next 3 years in one scenario and my whole life in the other. And, honestly, both scenarios scare the life out of me. And everybody around me is expecting so much; they expect me to be on the top of the world tomorrow and I'm not even sure what to do.
I have no line to close this topic, so I'll just leave it like this.
What do I do?

16 June, 2016

Do we really need a dislike button?

Since I've been using Facebook, more frequently in the last few years, all I read is how we need a dislike button. Recently Facebook updated their reactions to posts, but people are still not satisfied. "All we wanted was a dislike button." Why? Because you have to let the people to express themselves. But! If there's a situation or a post about mass killing, dead puppy or some other awful and sad thing, you have angry and sad emoji or expression. So, you can express you don't like something through that. Or you can just comment. I know that's not the same as a dislike, but you can find some other expression other than dislike. If you haven't noticed, I'm against dislike button. I really hope it will never become a thing. Last thing we need is negativity. Especially at social media. I see lots of things I don't like, but I mostly keep quiet about it. Like I said before, if I see killing or dying of any kind, I'll put sad or angry emoji. I don't need a dislike. Especially if some of my friends post something, I'm not going to tell them that. And what do we need a dislike button for if we're not going to use it? And if we are, we're most likely to hurt someone. Example. One of my best friends posted a profile photo and it's just terrible. I mean, we don't like it, but he seems to be happy to have changed it. So, am I suppose to dislike that so the whole world would see it? Or so he could see it? I don't think so. And if there are some other videos, like vlogs or something like that, I don't want to dislike what somebody has worked for to do so. Do you get what I'm saying? I don't think it would be a good idea to introduce something like this. There's enough bad comments already out there, but people seem to be more active in the likes and in the comments. You see 100 likes and you won't go through that list to see who and why. But you see 10 comments and you'll read them all.
This post is all over the place cause I wrote it pretty fast cause I just saw this again on my home page, but I really hope you'll get what i'm saying.
Your thoughts on dislike button?

08 June, 2016

Today: 8.6.2016.

Doing: I only went to college, took some exams, now I'm going to study for tomorrow's exam and so on... - it's that time of the year again
Mood: considering I have exams, papers to write and other college stuff, I'm pretty great! and tired
Favorite person: friend Matt - cause why not him again? :)
Thinking about: all the deadlines college posted today
Missing: my brother - I've seen him a week and a half ago, but we spoke yesterday and I kinda wanted him close to me
Loving: the weather - finally some sunny, but not a hot day!
Hating: the fact that my parents won't let me build a balcony (haha)
New discovery: younger people at my college are so weird and they don't know basic stuff we learn
Listening to: Alexandra Stan - Lemonade (remember this?)

04 June, 2016

MWL - Including workouts

Intro post here and others under the label "My weight loss".
As I said in my previous post, I tried this strict diet and it was working pretty well. I felt more active, I had more energy and will to do stuff. Have in mind I didn't eat vegetables or fruits almost at all, so it's not a healthy diet, but it's effective. It felt like I have more time during the day, I wasn't so tired. This gave me a chance to work on myself a bit more. I decided to train every day. I wasn't going to go to a gym or do anything fancy. I chose some workouts I could easily do at home by myself. I chose sit ups since I was always kinda good at that. I practiced my breathing (yes, this does make a huge difference), I was paying attention so my spine would always be straight and my arm in the same position. After a while, I included planking which is honestly so hard to do. I gave it up and started over a million times because I just couldn't stay motivated to do something that hurts so much after only few seconds. I even downloaded workout programs on my phone to remind me to workout every day at the same time, in the evening. It had few basics workouts and, although I did skip some like push ups, I mostly did listen to what it was saying. There are so much apps like this and I think there is no bad one. All have pretty much the same workouts; you just have to find the one that suits your level (mine was below beginner...). Of course, there's always good old walking. I walked so much through my city so that really helped my workout routine. After I finished my diet, I continued this workout routine for quite some time and I was so proud of myself. Unfortunately, college came and I didn't have the will or the time to do something in the evening so I quit (and I'm sorry so I'm coming back!). While I was still doing it, I ate normally, like I did before all of this. I ate junk food, fizzy drinks and all that and I felt just great. Also, not eating after 6 p.m. (at all) is a huge help to your weight loss goal.
You can read all my workout routine, with all the workouts and how much I did them, in my post Summer workout routine.

31 May, 2016

Today: 31.5.2016.

Doing: went to IKEA with a friend and bought some organizers for my room, bought my mom a bag (and she loved it), bought my self a bag - I spent the day shopping
Mood: I spend a day only on me so I'm doing great!
Favorite person: I'd have to say my mom as her laughter is the best thing ever!
Thinking about: how I had plans to write some college papers today and I did nothing - but I don't feel sorry at all
Missing: I don't think there's anything what I would want right now that I don't have - life is good people!
Loving: that I'm so positive today :)
Hating: nothing, I'm full of love today
New discovery: I'm (partially) multilingual thanks to all the TV shows I watch (this is not actually a new discovery, but I have nothing that's really new)
Listening to: Adele - Send My Love (such a catchy song)

26 May, 2016

Movie review: Deadpool

I'm changing this a bit, so there will be a plot described and, of course, there will be spoilers. My impressions will also contain spoilers as I'll comment some specific scenes of the movie. If you don't want any spoilers, but would like to hear my opinion, head down to recommendation. I'll start with some basics information about the movie.

Info: So, Deadpool is a 2016 movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, Morena Baccarin as Wade's girlfriend Vanessa, T.J. Miller as Wade's best friend Weasel, Karan Soni as the taxi driver Dopinder, Stefan Kapičić as the voice of Colossus, Ed Skrein as Francis/Ajax. It came out on the 12th of February as an 1 hour and 48 minutes of comedy, action and adventure.

Plot: We learn that Wade is a former member of Special Forces and has killed 41 people there. Now he has a new "job" beating up bad people. As he said it: "I'm a bad guy who gets payed to fu*k up worse people." On his new job, he meets Vanessa, a girl that is pretty much him in a female version. They spend 45 minutes of playing games and having fun. Eventually, they do end up together and the compilation of their intimate moments together ends up with a marriage proposal. It looks like everything is going well, until Wade finds out he has a cancer. Weirdly, there's a man who knows about his disease and offers an alternative method to cure him. After initially refusing the offer, he accepts it, but is soon faced with the weirdest "hospital". He is there tortured to activate his mutant gene. After all sorts of torture methods, he's finally a mutant that can regrow parts of his body and heels really fast. Unfortunately, his skin is burnt and he basically looks really creepy. After finding out what has happened, he's determined to find Francis (Ajax as he likes to call himself) who made him that way. As Francis was also a patient there, he has no feelings, including pain. He wants to go to Vanessa, but is scared how she's gonna react so he goes to his best friend Weasel who makes some awful comments about his looks, but encourages him to approach Vanessa. In mean time, Ajax kidnaps Vanessa wanting Deadpool to come so they could have a final fight. Deadpool joins with Colossus, the metal super big human-like hero, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, teenage girl who has some fire superpowers. They eventually take down and kill Ajax and Vanessa and Wade are reunited.

Impressions: I loved that this movie is not typical. There's a weird and funny intro, there's interaction with the audience and the hero is actually a bad guy you love. I hated the torturing scenes and scenes where he cuts his own hand and it grows back (creepy? gross?). I also hated the scenes of actually killing people because they're more gross that I expected. I loved, however, the humor, the snarky comments Wade always makes, interaction between him and his best friend. Also, there's a line when Wade says Ryan Reynolds got this far only because of his looks, which I found pretty great. What also attracted me to the movie is the voice of Stefan Kapičić, as I've seen him before and I like him.

Recommendation: You have to know there's a lot of swearing, killing and torturing people, nudity and sex scenes. I usually watch action movies and there's lots of killing, but cutting heads off in the middle of the street, squashed bodies and cut hands up-close was a bit much. Also, seeing Ryan's burnt face is hard to watch. But (!) it's a great movie. It's funny and not typical "hero" movie. I loved the dialogues and side comments. Also, there's a romance plot in between all of these, so there's really something for everybody. Just don't expect Deadpool to be your typical good guy hero.

Have you watched Deadpool? What are your thoughts?

21 May, 2016

Today: 21.5.2016.

Doing: my plan was to write a college paper, but I started watching TV shows so that's about all I'll do today (and I'll try not to feel guilty haha)
Mood: it's morning and I got few good hours of sleep so I'm all good
Favorite person: I've seen nobody and I've heard from nobody, so I'll name my friend Joan who visited last night
Thinking about: as I'm home alone, my biggest worry now is what I'm gonna eat for lunch and dinner - thank God I went grocery shopping yesterday
Missing: more money (if it's not sleep than it's money - college life!)
Loving: my new beauty products I recently got
Hating: rainy days and cold weather - it's almost the end of the May for God's sake
New discovery: you can clean your suede shoes with an eraser (amazing!)
Listening to: Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One (it was Eurovision song contest recently and I'm still caught in all of that) - should have been the winner!