31 December, 2016

Happy New Year! | 2016/2017

Hello everyone!
I know I've been MIA this December, but you know how it is... I had so much to do, so many cakes to bake and, of course, being a student is extremely stressful during this month (thanks college).
It's currently 31st of December 2016, 7:30 p.m. Let's talk about my plans for the evening. I was planning on staying at home, alone cause my parents are working night shifts and my brother is not in town, with warm cocoa, some movies, blanket... You know... My plans changed so I'll go out with my friend just to see the fireworks and then we'll be at my place doing the same thing I was planning on doing on my own. So not much has changed. To be honest, I'm not excited about New Year anymore. Maybe because I only have like 4 friends, 3 of which are not in town and they're also in relationships so I don't want to be a third wheel. Also, going out in a club requires a good company, preferably a larger group which I don't have. Organizing a private party also requires some group of people which, again, I don't have. I'd like to travel somewhere just to get rid of this pressure that I just have to do something great for New Year's Eve. It's the same night as any, just much more expensive. Nothing will change tomorrow, although I like to do that "New Year - new me" thing.
Since this started off kinda depressing, I'll just cut to the chase.

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all the best. To you and your loved ones! Have a great time tonight (whatever you're doing) and have a great first day of new year! Also, I wish you that this year is the best one yet!

Btw. What are your plans for tonight/tomorrow?

15 December, 2016

My Christmas and birthday wishlist | 2016

Hello. How are you? Ready for Christmas already?
Last year I posted Christmas present ideas post where I wrote down what I wouldn't mind getting and what I think are great presents. Also, I'd like to add that anything personalized is a big plus!
Note: Also, in this post from last year, I said I would help you get the presents for your loved ones. I would like to continue that good mood so feel free to contact me. Read about it there.
Now, that was last year. This time I'll write down exactly what I would like to get. I already send some hints to my friends and family, but in case they didn't get it, here's my list. (My family does not read this and only 3 of my friends know about this...)
Note: Also, my birthday is really close to Christmas, so that's why this is a wishlist for both.
  • radio + CD player
Old school stuff! I just love music and it's playing on my laptop 24/7. However, I love it when my song comes up on the radio which is why I want it. We had one, but it's broken for the past few months and the fact that it's in the living room meant that I could only listen to it when I was home alone. My new radio has to have a CD player, a regular radio stations and an USB connector.
  • notebook with rubber covers
This came out ages ago, but I never got my hand on it. For some reason, I love those with just stripes or notebook for math. I don't like planners or organizers because I want to have the full freedom over what I write in there. The ones I can actually play with and change the covers are my favorite, but a Lego-style clip is a must.
  • basically anything with planes and military print
I have huge love for both of these, so you can't go wrong with it. I saw little erasers in the shape of airplanes and I fell in love.
  • yearly planner
I'm not talking about any planner... I want that narrow one with one week per page. I saw one silver one today and it's great. All other planners I made from regular notebooks didn't work for me. I never write down anything in there and it's just not practical. This one would be a game changer, I think. Also, I found one I'm in love with so even if I don't get it, I'll order it myself and personalize it.
It's basically like this only wider.
  • lipstick holder
When I started buying lipsticks, room for 12 of them was enough, but now I have over 20 of them and I don't have anywhere to store them. I found some on eBay that can hold 24 lipsticks and I could really use that. The more room, the better.
  • scarf/blanket
You know what I'm talking about. I want that huge square piece of fabric that could easily be a blanket, but people say it's scarf. I don't know how I got attached to that trend, but I love it how it looks on other people so I hope it would look good on me too.
  • Brooklyn Bridge motives
I love New York and I would take any motive with it, except maybe Statue of Liberty (I don't know why I don't find that as exciting...). However, my favorite motive is Brooklyn Bridge. I would like huge puzzles with it, but a picture or a poster would be a total hit.

  • new mobile phone and new camera
OK, this is too much to ask, but I'd still like to get (myself) a new phone cause I've been in love with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since it came out. Also, my bigger wish is to get a really good but smaller camera, preferably the one with the screen that can be flipped. Cause selfies...

What's on your list? Do you make a list and give it to your loved ones or you like to be surprised?

02 December, 2016

Storytime: My mom found her Christmas present

With Christmas time approaching, I thought of this one time when my mom found a present I meant to give her. I actually remember this quite often, so it's time I share it.
This all happened about 10 years ago. At that time I was still in elementary school, being around 11 years old. Money wise, my mom was giving me money for school and I usually had enough for some sandwich, chips or chocolate. I didn't need more. But as I had that kind of income, buying presents for holidays was very hard. (If any kid is reading this, I want you to know Santa does exist, but I wanted to make my family even happier!) I was buying some small stuff whenever I got the chance to go to the store. So this one year, I bought my mom a candle holder in the shape of Santa's head (creepy?). He had golden hat with glitter all over it. I thought it was so cute and it was about $1 or $2 so that was a perfect price. I got it, came home, put it in the back of the cupboard in my room and waited for an opportunity to wrap it up. As usual, my mom decided to clean the house right before Christmas. I have no idea why was she in the back of my cupboard, but she found the candle holder. As usual, if she cleans while I'm not home, she puts all stuff she doesn't know where to put on my bed. I came home and saw Santa on the bed. I immediately freaked out that I left it there for some unknown reason, but then she came and told me everything. She gave a lecture about keeping stuff in order and how could I just put it there and why I haven't told her that I bought something. I was crushed. This was my ultimate cute and cheap idea for a present and she found it. She found it just few days before Christmas. So I had no time and no money. I took a dollar from my brother, I had 2 of my own, and I went to the store searching for a replacement. I eventually found a small sculpture of 2 turtle doves. I can't express how worried and sad I was. Imagine a broke kid who just wants to give some presents, but can't. To this day, when I remember that, I feel so very sad. Also, to this day, she doesn't know the story.
The lesson behind this story: Parents please don't do through your kid's stuff. If you do find anything, just put it back and never mention it.
Do you have some similar experiences?
Do you even like "storytime" posts?