29 July, 2014

Gossip Girl review

Hello :)
Yesterday I finally finished watching Gossip Girl show. After 6 seasons I could say that I got to know the characters, their lives... You know how that goes when you get addicted to some TV show. Well, I never thought I would get this addicted since I started watching it only because I saw Chace Crawford there and I really didn't have anything else to watch at the time. However, after all these episodes, I have an opinion on everything. I started this pretty general but I assure you, I'll write everything I think about this. And, of course, I will write chapters about every member of the cast I think it is relevant. I'm going to start by saying that I wish I had their lives in some aspects of it. I want Blair's strength, Serena's style, Nate's good heart and honesty, Chuck's bravery and confidence... We all could use some of the characteristics from the show. Since I'm planning on writing more than just one post about this show, I really hope I won't bore to death all of you who don't watch it. I can tell you my plans right now. This post will contain just general opinions, but I do have in mind to write one post about every family and one (the next one) about general impression and thoughts about the show. You could call this one an intro. So, without further ado...
  1. Best style: Serena! And Nate too.
  2. The most persistent: Chuck!
  3. Most class: Eleanor! And Lilly.
  4. Worst villain: Bart
  5. Most annoying role: Georgina
  6. Best relationships:  Nate and Jenny. Nate and Sage. Nate and Serena.
  7. Worst characters to bring in the show: Bart (after his death), Georgina, Asher
  8. Nicest ones: Nate, Rufus, Eleanor, Cyrus
  9. Best scenes: Nate's happiness. All of the Chuck and Nate's friendship. Rufus and Lilly.
  10. Prettiest faces on the show: Nate and Vanessa
Before you write anything in the comments, these are my opinions. You don't have to like them. And I know it may come as a surprise that I don't like Blair and Chuck's relationship that much, but I'll get to that in some other post. And, as you can see, my favorite character is Nate... ;)
Xo xo, Gossip Girl!

28 July, 2014

Singing in the rain

Hey. :)
Have you ever watched the movie? "Singing in the rain" is an old musical comedy film. Not important here actually, but I'm glad my friend made me watch it. At least now I know where does the term come from. And it's great that I do because I can really relate to it. Today I decided to do some errands in the city. (I'm sorry I can't tell you more. You'll find out on Wednesday.) I don't know have I mentioned that we have awfully lot of rain here considering it's summer. However, temperatures are ideal for my favorite outfits: jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. So, obviously, I went with that today. And I think I looked pretty great. Everything was in place: accessories, hair, colors of the clothes... I was walking on the main city square, buying some things I needed, carrying fresh bought flowers when I felt some drops on my skin. I thought there's nothing to worry about so I decided to go around one building to get to the other store. There was a shorter way to it, but I was in a store that is placed in that same building. And right when was I about to go out I saw the cutest construction worker ever. The funny/weird/great part was that we caught each others look and looked away. As I turned around to walk out, I saw his reflection in a mirror. He was still looking at me. So I smiled. And he smiled too. And that's why I chose the longer way to the other store. Because he was outside in the alley (the store has a back door). Something in me made me want to see him again. I honestly don't know why because I know myself and I know I certainly wasn't expecting anything. And now I have to return to my story... In the meantime rain started falling like crazy and, because I was taking the longer way, I got so wet I didn't even care anymore. I saw people running and actually screaming (I couldn't believe somebody is so afraid of the rain). But not me. I was strolling along the square. I even caught myself smiling more than just a few times. I was genuinely happy. And more than just once, I started singing. Quietly, but I did. It was a beautiful love song. And I just walked, soaked with water, with wet hair and soaked sneakers. Now, that's something I would usually try to avoid because it's in human nature to avoid being wet in the rain, but today it just didn't bother me. And for those half an hour, or maybe a bit more, I was happy. Without a care on my mind. I think we all should experience more moments like this. And, in case you were wondering what was the song, it was "Bez tebe" by E.T. (Without you, by Electro Team).
A shot from the movie...

26 July, 2014

Back for a week

Hello you all :) Missed me?
As the title says, I'm back for only a week. My summer isn't over yet. Wanna hear how my vacation with my friends went? Since I chose my roommates, I can't complain about the company. I love those people and they're my best friends, so as far as the fun goes, I had plenty of it. I hope they feel the same... Now, I can't say anything bad about my time there with them before I talk to them. I don't want them to read anything they haven't heard first hand. I'm not sure is there anything to say, but just in case, I'll keep it quiet. What I'm the most proud of is the fact that I made some legit meals and lunches. I can't say I really learned how to cook, but I can obviously survive on my own for two weeks. Maybe longer, but this is proven... Next on, I love the fact that my friends love taking pictures. Posing or not, we have hundreds of photos. Some would say that's too much or even crazy, but we love photographing our moments together and creating memories. I can't wait for D. to send me photos. It will take her at least two weeks before she does that (she's not at home), so I'll die in the meantime... The weather was great, and that one night we thought was apocalypse, we had so much fun trying to survive it. Since I'm shy and uncomfortable in my own body, I'm really happy I found people that won't judge or mock me for anything. And that's why I always choose them as my companions. There's actually not much to say about my vacation. All can be sad in just few words: fun, food, sleep, swim. That's all I needed and all a vacation should be.
P.S. I just realized that keeping my real profile secret, I'm actually not able to tell you everything I wanted...
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Wannabe art photographer...
Now this looks like a fairy tale....

15 July, 2014

Signing out for a week and a half!

Hello my lovely readers.
I have some sad news. I actually hope they're said. You'll see why. I'm going on a week and a half trip to the beautiful seaside. I picked out the best possible company for myself since I'm going with my best friends. The worst part is I have tons of luggage. And it's not because I'm a girl and I need seven outfits per day. I won't say I have lots of clothing but that would all fit in my favorite little suitcase, but my plans have changed. I'm bringing food with me and lots of products that we actually need there (shower gel, toothpaste,...). Since my family owns an apartment, we have to buy something that will last for the season. And I'm the first one to go this summer so I have to take all of this. I would buy it there but we have an apartment on an island and everything is 10 times more expensive there. I was always proud of myself that I can travel anywhere with just a small suitcase. Well, that's changed. I'm telling myself it not my fault that I have to call carriers for my luggage. Just kidding. But I most certainly will have problems with getting to and from the bus station. I only hope my friends will have bigger suitcases. I don't know why but I love having the the smallest amount of luggage. For now, I'm bringing one suitcase, one rucksack and one bag that will go with me on the bus. For now... Who knows what else will I remember that I absolutely have to have. And I know that I won't use most of it. But it's good to know that I'll leave most of these stuff there and will never have to go through this struggle again. My friends will leave after 5 to 7 days, but good news is another friend will come. So I won't be alone. And why I started that this is going to be a sad story? Because I won't be able to write all this time since there's no Internet there. I know this happens often, but I really hope you won't forget about me. I promise I'll post as soon as I get back. Consider this as my vacation. I hope you'll all have a great time during my absence so I would also like to read about that. Comment below and share your summer with all of us. :)
Byee :*
Road along the sea :)

13 July, 2014

Summer plan: No. 3

Hello :)
I'm sorry I haven't written in few days although I have all the time in the world. I wasn't home and my grandparents don't have Internet. So, previous post was my list what to do this summer. Even though a week and a half passed, I only did one thing. I went, as I said, to my grandparent's to the countryside. Unfortunately, I can't say I had much fun because it was raining for four days. Whole four days that I was there. The fifth day was a bit better but only in the morning and early afternoon. I'm not trying to make this a weather report but I thought you should know. In these few days I was away, my grandparents annoyed me a 100 times but, as I wrote in a text to my friend, my love is stronger than that. It's funny how we put up with a lot with friends and family. For most of these stuff we would break up a new friendship or we would simply say that a person is not worth hanging out with. And it's different with stronger bonds. Anyhow I see the smile and glow in my grandparent's eyes when me or my brother decide to stay with them for a few days. And that's what keeps me there. On the good side, I played cards with my grandpa, I baked with my grandma... So, I did have some fun. And, of course... I played with my dog. Well played isn't really a good word to describe it. My dog is huge German Shepherd and he's really young. So, obviously, he needs a lot of exercise and he would like to play all day long. My grandparents trained him so he would adjust to their life style but as soon as he sees somebody else, he's crazy. He likes to jump and grab people. I have to emphasize here that he's not hurting anyone, he wouldn't, but he would like to play with somebody and that's the only way he knows... So, I got home yesterday in bruises... But I love him. And my grandparents. Actually, his wasn't such a bad trip after all... :)
Beautiful landscape

08 July, 2014

Summer plans

Hello :)
Since I told you my summer officially began, I have some plans how to fill my days. It's hard to do everything I want because it's either so hot outside, or raining like right now. But I really hope I'll do most of these. Here's my list:
  1. Sleep. Maybe it shouldn't be my top one but if you're a student you must know that I'm terribly sleep deprived. I need to make up for those study days...
  2. Go to the shore with my friends. Going! I finally arranged everything. Me and my two best friends are going to the seaside next week. We're expecting one more friend to join us when she'll be able to.
  3. Go to countryside. I have grandparents there so I have to visit them. Check! I'm going tomorrow for a few days. I expect hard work and awful hot weather. But I love it there.
  4. Walk in streets like I'm in a movie. I'm talking about getting all dressed up and just going for a walk. Hopefully I won't chicken out. That's why I have to take a friend or two with me.
  5. Read. I've bought some books that seemed very interesting. I really hope I won't be disappointed. Also, I've set my goal on Goodreads to read at least 5 books in a year. I know that'sGe nothing but give me a break. I'm a new reader.
  6. Reorganize my room. There's not much I can do. My room is pretty small so I can't move furniture but I can organize my stuff. Throw away junk and place something valuable on the shelves.
  7. Get my ears pierced once again. I'm not sure how smart it would be to make a hole in my body on these heats so I'll ask my mom and jeweler.
  8. Get a tattoo. Not gonna happen, I know. But it's nice to think about it. ;)
  9. Reconnect with my old friends. I started yesterday. I contacted one guy so far but it was nice to at least read about what's new.
  10. Have fun. Most of all I just wanna have fun. I deserved it and that's what summer's all about.
All of this and much more!

05 July, 2014

There's nothing stopping you...

Hello :)
I haven't informed you that I won't be talking about college for quite some time since I finished my first year and I have three months of freedom. I think I really deserved it and I also think you deserved a break from my college problems. I'm ready to live till the summer ends.
This time I chose a topic that I've thought about quite a lot but my friend reminded me of it the other day. You can see those motivation pictures everywhere. They're all pretty much saying the same thing. "There's nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams and wishes." It would be great to think like that all the time. And you should always chase your dreams because that's the only way to truly be happy. But let's be realistic for a moment here. Of course there's something stopping you. Money, free time, family, society... You name it. Even if it seems like there's nothing, you will always know of some strings that won't let you do exactly what you want. Most of those posters are about traveling, finding a new life for yourself... Well, we would all like to travel and see the world. Unfortunately, few of us ever get the chance. Again unfortunately, I'm not one of them. And I kinda made peace. But don't tell me it's easy to pack your bags whenever you want and just go somewhere. Money, people? Also, there's nothing stopping you from finding your true love. Um, yes there is. First of all, I don't have all the time in the world that I can spend wondering around my town looking for my soul mate. Second... I've been talking to my friend just now about this particular topic. I admitted that I ask myself "What's wrong with me?" too often. Why? Because I personally think that I would be a good girlfriend. Of course, that's so subjective so I'm not really a good person to talk about this. But, people always say appearance is not important. I agree. But we have to be honest here. Appearance is the first thing you see on someone. Either it attracts you or not. I know I don't really go under the "perfect standards" of a girl but I wouldn't say I'm that ugly. Hell, uglier people found somebody. (Not trying to offend anyone. I really hope you'll get this the right way.) So it must be my (any my friend's) personality. I'm sure of it. But I have friends. Great ones. And they seem to like me. Why can't a guy see that? I'm just wondering... Anyhow, I got of of my topic. To conclude, very few people get to live their dreams. There's always something in the way. Even when you're not making stuff up just so you wouldn't have to deal with reality.
Yeah, so you say...

01 July, 2014

Facebook picture review

Hello people :)
Today I'll show you one picture I found on Facebook recently and this girl on it has become quite popular due to the text she wrote beneath her portrait. To begin with, I'm going to summarize what she said. It goes like this... "I warn you in advance for this picture may contain to much fat. Only skinny people are allowed to show their naked body. Well, it's my body, not yours. This picture is for a man who called me fat, for my former trainer who called me too fat to ride a horse, for a girl who thought I would be pretty only if I lost few pounds. It's for a girl who bullied me in middle school. Most of all, it's for me. Me embracing my body and myself as I am." I, of course, butchered it. She said it more nicely and powerful, but you get the point. So, let me start my dilemmas here. Just to warn you, I won't be talking about how you need to love yourself and stuff like that. I'm only going to concentrate on what others wrote as comments on Facebook. Everybody said how she's beautiful, has a nice smile and all that. And I'm not going to argue with that. But, let's be honest, most of them would laugh at her or turn their heads away form her if they saw her on the street. It's the truth. Another thing that caught my eye was one comment that said that if she was skinny, people would call her slut and attention whore. On one hand I can see that happening because people are, including myself to be honest, judgmental. Then I read one comment saying that, unlike most of those other girls, she's making a point here. She's standing up for herself. And we should all respect and admire that. So, what is it? I can say now that I totally approve (not that I have anything to approve) her being "naked" here for making a stand. But I also would say why do people, no matter their weight, have the urge to take half-naked pictures and post them anywhere?? I don't even know my opinion on all this... I salute her for being brave and for accepting herself as she is. On the other hand, she could have done it with her clothes on. (I realize that picture without clothes sends stronger message here...) Your opinions?
P.S. You can find her whole caption on Humans of New York (on this link).
By the way, this is her.