28 March, 2016

Life update: Final year

Hello :)
I know I wrote (here) that I won't be as active and now I'm posting every three days but it's the holidays and I kinda owe it to myself to get a break and to you guys to explain what's actually going on.
So, I've also wrote about how this is my last year of college (wrote it here). This is so exciting and so terrifying at the same time. I'm so looking forward to getting my degree; I can't even express how much! I'm also really scared because I won't be able to prolong any of my courses if I need to. I have to finish my last year within deadline. I did that for all my previous years, but as this is the end, I'm automatically panicking. I did a calendar from this date to the end of my year. I wrote down all important dates, including exams, paper deadlines and some birthdays as I tend to forget those stuff. Now that I did this, it doesn't seem as complicated as I thought it would be. I think I'll have more than enough time if I actually get to work someday. I'm doing one thing at the time and I'm taking all obligations how they come. I already know my schedule will get messed up once I start my college practice so I'll try to do more stuff now that I'm mostly free. (I already know that I won't do sh*t. Yeah, that's me.)
What all of this means for my blog? I'll try to post normally as long as I can. Once I realize I should have started my work ages ago, I'll mostly post "Today" posts and "Movie review"s because when I take a break from studying, I watch TV.
Also, I'm planning on starting to workout again. I wrote a post back in the days (find it here) of how I worked out. So, I'm thinking about doing all the same exercises as I did back then. Also, I'm planning on starting to run. As the days are getting warmer, this seems like a good idea. But I need to find a partner because me doing it alone will most certainly end with me getting an ice-cream and going home.
And one more thing. I'll try to update my blog a bit, so you should be able to find my new pages according to some categories really soon.
So, this is basically the entire update. Not much is going on, but these stuff are consuming all my thoughts and time.
What do you think?

25 March, 2016

My friend Dora

Hello again :)
It took me a while, but I'm writing a new post to "My family and friends" series. Intro post is here.
Today I'm writing about my friend Dora. So, I've met Dora in the first grade of high school. I sat in front of her, and little by little, we started talking and getting to know each other. After a while, we started going out together almost every day after school and most of the weekends and on events that were happening. Pretty soon, we were best friends. She knew everything about me and I knew everything about her (didn't I?). I was a bit confused kid, I found problems where there weren't any and she could have easily blown me off when I started the same "problem" for the 100th time. But she didn't. She listened to all my "love problems" and bullsh*t I went through and she always found some advice for me. She is such a positive person, so optimistic. Funny, kind and helpful. Since the moment I met her till now, she has grown so much. She has become an adult and has pretty great view on the world. I'm only glad I moved in the same direction and now we can be both children and adults together. Both of us are moving on with our lives, but we're moving on in the same direction so I don't think there is a point where we fall apart. I hope there isn't. Unfortunately, we see less of each other as we went to different colleges, but I'm glad we're still paying attention to our friendship because I think we're too good to be broken by some schedule differences. She is also smart, mostly patient and understanding. I don't know what I did to universe to give me such a friend, but I'm glad I did it. We're friends for 7 years now. That's almost half of my life (it's exactly 1/3 but half sounds better). This gives me comfort and I do believe we'll stay close for a long long time. There's so many memories and as I'm writing this, I'm getting flashbacks and I'm constantly smiling. I love our moments together. There are lots of pictures (maybe too many for normal standards) of our time, but nothing is as strong as feelings I get when thinking about our friendship. I hope you're lucky enough to find somebody like I've found my friends. Also, I hope Dora has similar feelings and thoughts as I do. If not, this post is useless (haha).
So, without further ado, I love you.
Yes. And that's why we love them.

22 March, 2016

Today: 22.3.2016.

Doing: college papers, Easter shopping, studying...
Mood: I was OK during the day, now I don't know...
Favorite person: my mom
Thinking about: finals - this is also a reason why I probably won't have time to write here (I'll do my best to be as active as I can)
Missing: warmer weather (c'mon spring!!)
Loving: that Easter is right around the corner
Hating: college work (!), winter clothes
New discovery: mayo in your hair will help! (gross, but works)

18 March, 2016

Movie review: Brooklyn

Hi :)
I saw a relatively new movie called Brooklyn so here's my review. As usual, first comes the plot with spoilers (duh!) and then my impressions without spoilers. That part should tell you whether you'd like to watch it or not.

Plot: The movie starts with Eilis, young woman who works for rude Ms Kelly in her store. Eilis lives with her mother and sister Rose in southeast Ireland. Her sister thought that Eilis should have a better future, so she arranged her to go to the US to work and live there. On the ship to the US, she met a woman who helped her with her sick stomach, gave her some advice on sharing bathrooms and how to act when she gets in the US. Also, she directed her to Brooklyn as it is a home to many Irish people. She finds accommodation at an Irish boarding house where she dines with landlady and four other young ladies. She often exchanges letters with her sister which makes her extremely homesick. One night she decides to go out on a dance where she meets Tony, Italian guy who soon becomes her boyfriend. This development makes Eilis more comfortable in the US and she thinks she could live a happy life there. After some time, Eilis gets visited by Father Flood who tells her Rose died. Eilis decided to go back home, but as Tony is afraid she wouldn't come back, he persuades her into marring him. At home, Eilis keeps her marriage a secret. Because nobody knew this, her best friend introduced her to an eligible bachelor Jim and they start to spend more time together. You can see they start to like each other but nothing happens. Finally, Eilis is confronted by Ms Kelly who knows she is married. Eilis then realizes what kind of people are in her town and decides to tell the truth to her mother and goes back to Tony in Brooklyn.

My impressions: So, the movie is set in the early 1950s. This would usually be a hint to not watch a movie (for me!), but I saw the trailer and I really liked it. I love the fashion, the customs and the differences between Ireland and the USA. I also really liked the fact that girls had their own choice and guys acted like real gentlemen. I was a bit annoyed with Irish accent (I'm American English type of girl; no offence to anyone), but, at some points, their accent made the scene even better. There's comedy, romance and drama all in one. I also liked the lead male role (that's always a plus). The only thing I didn't like is the fact that I kept on waiting for some big twist or something to happen and I think I never got it. When something happens (not gonna say what), you still have a feeling like it's all the same... Anyhow, I didn't love the movie, but I really liked it! Also, there's only one, but awkward, sex scene. Just in case you wanna watch it with your parents...

13 March, 2016

GG review: The Waldorf's

This family consists of of Blair, her mother Eleanor and her father Harold. As the show progresses, Eleanor is remarried and she introduces her husband Cyrus. Also, Harold is remarried and he introduces his husband Roman. Of course, there's Dorota, much needed maid. As all other families, the Waldorf's seem to have it all and are presented like the perfect and powerful family in the public. As usual, the truth is not that bright.
  1. Blair. She looks tough on the outside and tries to show everybody she's not to be mess with. We meet her in her perfect world - having glamorous parties, being a boss in school and having a perfect boyfriend, Nate. Blair probably has the most insecurities out of everybody in the show. That's why she's often having fights with, mostly, Serena as she look at her as her worst competition. Also, she is pretty confused when it comes to dating. She expected to have a perfect relationship so she dated Nate, and later prince Louis (prince!). Finally she realized not everything has to be perfect so she fell for Chuck and they have a son together. I know almost everybody liked her, but I didn't. Although she protects her close ones when an outsider tries to hurt them in any way, she does too much bad stuff to them herself. There's too much scheming and lying with her. Also, although I love the fashion, she dressed like she's 30-year-old queen and not a rich teen girl. Calm down. 
  2. Eleanor. She is introduced as harsh mother and perfectionist as she is always telling Blair how to wear something. Eleanor is an elegant lady, working and owning her clothing line "Waldorf Designs". It often seemed like she cared more for everything else more than she did for her daughter. She proved that when she decided to leave her teen daughter and move to Paris with her new husband. She eventually turns around and tries to help Chuck and Blair to be together. Also, she passes her company to Blair when she finally sees Blair has a great sense of fashion.
  3. Dorota. She is Blair's second mother. She is loyal, caring and funny. She's always there if Blair needs help, even in scheming. This is why Blair trust her the most. We have seen couple of times proof that she was more of a mother to Blair than Eleanor ever was (pregnancy, Chuck, wedding...). Personally, Dorota is one of my favorite characters. Also, she is probably the only character who hasn't had enemies.

10 March, 2016

Last finals!

Hello :)
I don't know if you know, but I'm currently on my final year of college. I have three more months of this torture and I'm out. (I'll probably take additional 2 years, but I'll be done with this part in three months.) As every year, finals are getting to me. But now, I'm more stressed than I ever was. So, here's the deal. We go to college for 3 years and then we write a paper on some subject and then we're done. The problem is, I'm not interested in any of the topics. Furthermore, I have to choose a professor that's gonna guide me through it. And my teachers are, let's say, useless. I went for an advice and I got bitchy responses and a teacher telling me I'm not gonna make it. That's exactly what I needed now. Thanks. As I walked out of her office, I just sat in the hallway for about 20 minutes. I couldn't breathe properly, I was so freaked out. I thought I would have all the answers once I actually got out there and started asking questions. But no! People are telling me I'm gonna do fine, it's all gonna be OK. Well, thanks, but that's not really helping. If anything, it's only putting more pressure to perform really well as it's expected from me to do so. And deep down I kinda know I'm gonna do this, but I don't want to just do it. I want to do it well, so the professor would be proud. So I would be proud. I need guideline and help which I'm not getting. My friends picked their topics two weeks ago. And I have just a week more to figure out how I'm gonna do this. Also, I really want to do one topic now that I researched it more, but I'm not sure I'll be able to write 50 pages on that. And I love that professor, but I'm also kinda scared of him. He seeks perfection and won't take bulls*it. And he doesn't like stupid questions. Well, all I ask is stupid to him because he knows it all and I'm a newbie here. I can't explain how stressed I am. I haven't slept properly for two weeks. I'm shaking most of the time. All I think about is this. Even if I'm with my friends, or watching TV, or anything else, I'm thinking about this. I did some research about my potential topics but it gets a lot more complicated once you really start to do it. I'm mostly disappointed in our college system and how they handle students in their final year. Also, I'm angry at myself that I waited for two weeks only to start panicking now. Great.
Help me!!!

04 March, 2016

Top 4 love movies that are not so lovely!

Hi :) There are some movies which are classified as love, romantic ones. I'm here to state the opposite. Before I start anything, I have to say that I do not have anything against these movies, in fact, I loved most of them. But there's something that makes me questions their love genre. Also, some of these were books before making, so I'm referring to books too, obviously. One more thing. Not all of these are stated to be love movies by the authors or critics, but by people. And have in mind that my love story has to end: "...and they lived happily after."
  • Romeo and Juliet
I know this is one of the most popular stories out there and all talk about big love between Romeo and Juliet. The truth is this. They met at the dance, they got engaged the same night and decided to get married. Their families were so against each other they would do anything to get their own way (arranging marriage for Juliet). As the plan failed, they all died. Along the way, some more people died. So, that's a good plot for a love story...
  • Titanic
Information to all people: Titanic is not just a movie. It actually happened. OK? Good. So, Jack and Rose (Leo and Kate who we adore, btw) met on a ship. She was rich and engaged; he was poor, having fun with his friend. In just few hours, they went from strangers to lovers, promising their love to each other. The ship started sinking, they almost died inside. They got out only for him to freeze and sink to the bottom of the ocean (he could have fitted on that door, Cameron!). With only two days (was it two days?) of knowing each other and lots of death in the end, this had to be on my list.
  • Dirty Dancing
It's all happening at the summer resort. Johnny and Baby meet when Baby "carries a watermelon" and he's a dance instructor. They begin their relationship as strictly business one as they have to perform a dance. As they spend more time together, they fall in love. They have some problems with her father and accusations that he stole something. As the movie goes towards the end, Johnny leaves and comes back for the last dance. Although is's obvious they're in love (after 2 weeks of knowing each other), but they won't last. They part their ways after the last dance. (Surprisingly, nobody died in this movie...)
  • A Walk to Remember
Ah, Nicholas Sparks movie. Landon and Jamie (Shane and Mandy) meet in high school. She was invisible for so long, until Landon needed help. As they spent more time together, Landon fell in love with Jamie. This feelings and the whole relationship world was new to Jamie but she felt the same. After some ups and downs, they decide to get married so Landon could make her wish come true. It would all be rainbows and unicorns if Jamie wasn't so sick. She dies in the end and we're left with tears in our eyes. (Basically the same plot as The Fault in Our Stars.)

OK, I put this together and now I wanna rewatch all of these. I hate to say these are love movies usually for two things: these characters die or they have known each other just a bit too short for it to be a real love story. Despite all of this being said, I love these movies and I love the Johnny-Baby, Landon-Jamie and Rose-Jack relationships, I just wouldn't call it a love story. If this made any sense to you.
Let me know what you think of these movies and is there some other movie you would list here. Any feedback is well appreciated :)
Rate and comment below. Thanks!