29 September, 2015

How do you eat?

Hello :)
I warn you not to read this if you are hungry or dieting!
This is a totally random topic but I actually spent a lot of time today thinking about how people eat. It started with chocolate but now it's a far more versatile topic. So, how do you eat chocolate? We'll assume that you have a normal chocolate bar. Do you eat each cube separately, do you take a row and than eat cube by cube fast enough that the chocolate doesn't stick to your fingers or you take the whole chocolate and eat it like a sandwich? Also, do you like to chew on chocolate or do you like to melt it in your mouth? As I'm writing this I realize how weird this is, but I'm so in this dilemma today. If you were wondering, I like to eat each cube separately and it takes a long time because I love to melt it and really taste the chocolate. I'm a chocoholic (I just learned that this is actually a word and a real condition). There is also other food to be discussed. For example, candy (bonbons). Do you chew them or melt them? I know it depends on the bonbon, but which one do you prefer? Next is chicken, an actual food. It's considered kinda rude to eat chicken with a fork and knife in my country; we eat most of it with bare hands. Do you ever eat pasta with ketchup? It's actually popular in my area. Tasted kinda weird at first but it's really tasty. What else? Eggs. Fried or scrambled eggs with cheese or with potatoes (french fries)? That's only for potato-lovers and I can not really tell you that it's tasty. I can't put those two flavors together. Ice-cream. (God, I want an ice-cream now.) If it is in a bowl, do you like to eat it "normally" or you like to let it melt and than "drink" it? I like a bit of both. At first I eat normally and, of course, by the end the rest of it melts and I really like that part too. This post is really getting weird so I'll wrap it up with a question: Do you have some weird or unusual habit of eating something or does your country or family has some unwritten rule how to eat something? Do tell me. (You can comment anonymously below.)
Thank you :*
P.S. Here is a delicious photo *__*
Feast!! Bon apetit :)

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