30 December, 2015

NYE problems

Hello :) NYE is approaching fast, isn't it? Well, like in all crucial moments I found so many problems and I think writing them down will help me see the bigger picture. So here I go. I told you about a party last year and I wasn't sure if I should go or not. (Post here. I actually recommend you to read it because it's the same situation.) Anyway, that same group is celebrating NYE together and I'm, again, kinda invited. To sum up the post in the link: they're older than me, we know each other but do not hang out, I wasn't invited by the host (again) and it's kinda small and private party. So, after a lot of thinking about it, I decided to go. If you really knew me, you would know this is a major and huge (yes, that big) step for me. I find reasons not to go every few minutes - from not knowing to dance to being problematic with food,... But I don't really want to spend NYE at home so I try to fight myself and convince myself to go. So far, I have no idea which one of me is winning. Never mind. In case that I do go, I have to wear something. I have to put on make-up. I have to do something with my hair. (I don't have to. I want to.) And I have nothing. I tried on all my dresses right now and non of them fit me anymore. Great. We kinda have dress code so I should wear a dress. (It's friendly gathering and nobody is making me wear a dress, but girls are all together on this and I don't want to stand out. That's me.) Now, my only hope is that my tailor is home tomorrow and she'll make my dress fit me in like 3 hours. And I washed my hair two days ago. And it's starting to get greasy but not so much. But too much to go like that. And I refuse to wash it often as I'm training it to grease less (if that's possible). And I know I'll wash it tomorrow but I'll hate it. And shoes. I don't have heels to go with this dress. I'm doomed. I know these are basically lame problems, but for me, in this time of the year, they're a big deal. And the make-up problem. Should I go with the dark red lipstick? Or just red? Or nude? Should I highlight my eyes or my lips? No make-up? Oh my God!! Why am I so stressing about it? 
To calm me down, talk a bit about your plans for NYE. Hair, make-up, outfit, place, people,... Comments below.
I have no idea.

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