30 September, 2015


Hey :)
I've been so caught up in my stuff that I forgot to check something. I have more than 4300 views here and I thank you so much for it. Of course, I always wish there were more, but - baby steps.
I especially want to thank those people who keep coming back!

Please do comment which topics you would like to read about or do you wish me to do something.

I was planning on doing a Q&A posts. I will need 5 questions for each post which you are free to leave in the comment. I really hope this will be my new thing!

Also, I want you to check out this blog (Royalty Beauty) if you're into beauty, fashion and nails. There are some stylings, nail designs, beauty tricks... Well go and see for yourself.

As soon as I buy a good camera with ability to film for more than 8 minutes, I'll be posting short videos of, basically, everything.
*One more thing, I need a good (and free! if possible) program to manage videos so if you know any please do tell me.
Comment below (I think you have to click on "no comments" if you didn't open this post separately) and tell me everything you want to tell me.
That's about it.
Have a nice day.
Bye :*
TY so much!!!!!!!!

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