27 December, 2015

My grandparents - mom's side

Hello :)
So the saga continues... You can find my previous posts about my family on the right under label "Family and Friends" (So far, I've written about my mom, dad, brother and friends with whom I've grew apart.)
So, my grandparents... Where to start about the people who were actually more like your parents first part of your life? I was with them most of the time before I started school as my mom and dad worked and my grandparents were retired. (God, I miss those times...) Anyhow. My grandma. She is generous and really hardworking woman! She holds everything together, she manages everything. And I admire her for that. But! She thinks she is the smartest person on the planet; she knows everything. I'm not saying she's stupid, but there are things she knows nothing about and still tries convince everybody she's right. And that's so freaking annoying. She is also a bit racist and can't really stand any other religion than ours. (I said a bit racist because she dislikes every other race but wouldn't say anything to people or wouldn't throw anything at them. Get it?) This is so wrong, I know, but it's hard to change old people's opinion after 70+ years. As she gets older, she gets more flaws. She thinks a lot about her past and you can see she is deeply hurt by some things that happened a really long time ago. I think that defines her more than anyone thinks. She tries. And now, my grandpa. Oh, wow. He really had a tough life. He finished 4 high schools just because his family couldn't afford him going to college and he was such a great student. This brings tear to my eyes every time I remember it. Also, going to see his family always reminds me of what he had to go through to get to school/town. He grew up in a small wooden house with 8 more brothers and sisters. They had to get up around 5 o'clock every morning to take care of the animals (village stuff) and to get to school by 8. His 2 brothers were killed in a war, his sister drowned. So far, he lost 6 of his siblings. Now, when I think about hard life - he's lived it. And, after all of this, he's the sweetest person ever! He's loved by everyone. And he really should be. Not to get all mushy, I love my grandparents, of course. They would give anything for me and my brother. And my mom, of course. They try so hard to make us happy and I feel so bad for not spending more time with them, but over the years they became so hard to be around. They fight a lot and they're stubborn as hell. So, I don't really like spending 2 weeks alone with them as I used to. So, that sucks and I hate myself for not calling that often, but I do hope they know I love them. A lot.
I love you.

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