03 November, 2015

Four elements

Hello. :)
How often do you think about the four elements: fire, water, earth and air? I won't go into history with this, even though we all know these are mentioned in ancient Greece (maybe somewhere else too). I was thinking the other day which was my favorite. I know there are methods (which I don't actually believe in) to discover your element. I was just thinking about it without any deeper meaning (well, not deep enough). If I could choose, I would be fire. This is, of course, on daily basis. Why? (What am I talking about?) I would be fire. It is powerful enough, but can still be contained. That is something I want to be. This is something I like in people. I want to be powerful, I want to mean something. Not necessarily so people would be afraid of me, but to be heard when I talk. To be seen in a mass. Basically, I want to matter. And fire matters. It is powerful, but actually very sensitive. Fire can be put out with water, sand, foam, by reducing oxygen (probably some more methods). This is also something I want to be. I want to be sensitive. I want to have something that will pull me back to the ground. Cause that's what's making me human. I want people around me who know when to back down. And people who have something that will remind them that they are not at the top. If you take a look at the other elements, in my opinion, they don't have it. They are not what I want to be and what I want "my people" to be. All three of them - water, earth and air - they are just too powerful. Water can't be stopped. It finds every single little hole and ruins everything on it's way. Just look at all the floods. Yes, of course, water is essential for life, but these all are and I'm not talking about that. Earth. It's somewhere in a rang with water. If earth wants, it can destroy everything. Remember earthquakes? Yeah. Air is a bit less powerful, I think. Wind can blow really hard and it can be destructive, but there are always buildings that can't be destroyed by it. I see it like that. There are not many stuff reminding people that they are not alone and they need to take others into consideration. I know I just said wind can be stopped but we can only hide from it. We, people, can not stop it. And it's terrifying.
Now, that's how I think. This is maybe a weird topic but I came to me the other day and I've put a lot of thinking in it. Do you ever think about stuff like this? And do tell me what's your opinion on this below in the comments. Also, you can rate this post. Thank you :*
Earth. Fire. Water. Air.

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