31 October, 2015

Sleeping disorder

Hello you all :)
Before I start this, I want you all to know that I know sleeping disorder is an actual disease and I'm not trying to make fun of anybody nor I wish to insult anyone in any way. Can I start now? Great. Oh, yeah. Also, before I start, I know I don't really have a sleeping disorder, it was just the perfect simple title to write. Now I'm starting. While I was in elementary school, I could stay up for hours and hours. Of course, as long as my parents would allow me to (till some age I don't remember). This became normal in high school. I would stay up really late and get up really early. And the great thing was I had no problems with it for four years. I would be a person going to school directly from a party. (This actually happened only twice.) Anyhow, 4 to 5 hours of sleep would be just enough for me. I'll just say that I slept for 17 hours and 50 minutes in a week (school trip) where a normal person sleeps for around 56 hours (7 days x 8 hours of sleep each day). I didn't have any problems or side effects. (I'm not saying you should try this neither that this is good for you. I worked like that.) I felt great being able to live like that. Of course, I liked it, so it had to stop. It all changed when I got into college. Every year has a different schedule and neither one of them was really good for me but they weren't too bad either. I have no idea what has happened but I don't have those superpowers of not sleeping any more. I will stay up late and I will get up early just because I have to. I did it before. The difference is, I get tired during the day and I didn't use to have that feeling. I would usually go through a crisis at one point in a day and afterwards I would be ready for whatever. Now I get tired and that feeling stays with me until I get to bed. Of course, then I can't fall asleep because my mind is messed up. I'm dead tired and my eyes hurt when I close them. Does this happen to anyone else? Of course, I'm blaming college for all of this. Haha. Maybe it's because the classes are really boring and either really early in the morning or late in the evening. Of course, there are those which last whole day. Oh, they're my favorite. With all this being said, I bet you're thinking I sleep in every chance I get. Wrong! I never sleep. OK, that's obviously a lie. I still sleep around 5 to 6 hours a day (sometimes more, sometimes less). I am tired but I don't sleep. Personally, I think sleep is a waste of time. And I can't sleep during the day. My brain knows it's day outside no matter how dark my room is and I can't sleep. And I don't want to. I have a night for that. And I like to stay up late watching something or reading. And I like to get up early so I wouldn't lose a day. So I'm, in general, tired. (But I'll never let it stop me from doing anything! I always overcome my tiredness.)
If you want to share your thoughts on sleep and being tired, please leave your comment below.
Oh, that's me in class. It's everybody actually.

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