08 October, 2015

My mother

Here's a second post to my Family and friends theme. Intro post here.
So, my mom. She is my sunshine. That should be enough to describe her. She is always there for me. She is always on my side, no matter what. I know that it's not easy for her every time to do that, that's why I appreciate it even more. Of course, we have arguments (fights sounded so harsh) every now and then, but we make peace really soon. Maybe it's because we're so connected and we can't live one without another. She annoys me, I annoy her. And we still love each other. That's how it goes. The truth is, she is my (and the whole family's) rock. We couldn't make it without her. She keeps everything in order. She does everything and she does it the best she can. And we do not give her enough credit. It's like she is supposed to clean, cook, go here and there, do this and that... But she's not. She does that and she says she doesn't mind but I know her. She would rather be cuddled in bed watching TV. We are certainly not saying "Thank you" enough. I'm trying to change myself in that way, but it's hard after all these years (I know how this sounds right now and this probably makes me a terrible child). She is so modest, simple, calm,... She is everything that is good. She is independent, not shy at all, strong, caring, understanding,... I know this is mostly every mom, but from my point of view, this is her. And she is so proud of me. I can feel it. The only thing that scares me is that she has this big expectations for my future and I'm afraid I will not be able to accomplish everything she wants me to be. (To be clear, she wants me to succeed in my college/job, have a family,... Basically everything I want.) I'm always trying to prepare her that my future might not go as we all planned and it's like she won't even accept the possibility. On one hand, I understand she doesn't want to give up the idea of me being great, but on the other, she needs to realize that life doesn't go by plan. The hardest thing to deal with is my mom crying. I don't see her often, I think I only saw her crying like 5 times in my life, but those times are really the hardest. Being a rock all the time can't be easy. She has to break some time. But I can't handle it. I won't accept it. Also, her being sick. How can a mom be sick?!? Not to make this a post too long, I'll wrap it up with only one sentence: Thank you, mom! Love you.
Gotta love mom!!

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